Chapter 68: Pursuit (2)

Chapter 68: Pursuit (2)

Once he had entered this three hundred foot radius, Su Chen was no longer forced to passively endure Zhang Sheng’an’s blows.

Now that he had the ability to counterattack, there was no way he was going to let Zhang Sheng’an attack as much as he wanted to.

As he watched the Erupting Firebird fly towards him, Zhang Sheng’an was begrudgingly forced to fly into the air.

The Erupting Firebird barely scraped past his feet, slamming into a nearby tree and sending out a wave of flames.

Although it hadn’t wounded him at all, it had put a lot of pressure on Zhang Sheng’an’s mental state.

This was the first time that Zhang Sheng’an had been forced to dodge.

He was almost immediately forced to take evasive action again.

Su Chen charged forwards before he suddenly leapt into the air, grabbing a handful of leaves on his way up. He shot them out before landing on the ground.

A flurry of leaves whistled through the air, flying towards Zhang Sheng’an like darts.

Flying Flower Hands.

He had to admit that the Gu Clan’s Flying Flower Hands was really easy to use. Even blades of grass or small pebbles could be used to attack. There was a large number of them densely packed together, forcing Zhang Sheng’an to swing his bow at them as he retreated.

Although he had failed to harm Zhang Sheng’an two times in a row, Zhang Sheng’an was pressured to the point that he had no time to attack Su Chen.

Su Chen took advantage of this opportunity to close the distance even further.

He was faster than Zhang Sheng’an in the first place, and after this chain of attacks, the distance between the two of them had decreased again, changing from three hundred feet to two hundred eighty.

Although it was just twenty feet, the pressure placed on Zhang Sheng’an only continued to increase.

Su Chen attacked again.


A massive fireball shot forth.

The Fireball.

When compared to the Erupting Firebird, the Fireball was much weaker, but it also had its benefits. It formed very quickly and expended very little energy, so using it was more convenient.

Su Chen had already realized throughout the course of his pursuit that the key was to harass Zhang Sheng’an constantly, giving him no room to attack. His more powerful attacks took longer to activate, so they weren’t as useful in this situation. On the other hand, these simpler techniques were sufficient to disrupt Zhang Sheng’an’s movements, allowing Su Chen to create opportunities for himself.

Zhang Sheng’an exhaled forcefully as he struck out with his palm, forcefully dissipating the Fireball.

Su Chen closed the gap by another ten feet.

He swung his hand, sending a fistful of rocks flying towards Zhang Sheng’an.

The pebbles shot towards Zhang Sheng’an like metal balls, forcing him to shift to the side and dodge.

Su Chen drew closer.

An Origin Energy Flying Dagger morphed into a streak of azure light as it shot towards Zhang Sheng’an.

A few of them still remained after Su Chen had killed Li. He never had an opportunity to use them until today.

Zhang Sheng’an was helpless. He had no way of avoiding this blow in midair. He let out a yell, and a green barrier of light appeared around him, blocking the blow. He borrowed the force of impact to retreat. As he flew backwards, his right hand drew the Tree Demon Bow, and an Anguish Arrow whistled towards Su Chen.

Su Chen couldn’t dodge, but he had no desire to dodge.

If he tried to dodge, the gap that he had worked so hard to close would begin to widen again.

Thus, he charged directly towards the Anguish Arrow.

He pulled out an Origin Energy Talisman and slapped it. The Origin Energy Talisman transformed into a yellow suit of armor, blocking the oncoming arrow.

The Anguish Arrow exploded on Su Chen’s body, generating powerful waves of black Qi.

Su Chen did not feel fear or shrink back. He continued to charge forwards courageously.

One arrow!

Two arrows!

Three arrows!

Each arrow was aimed to pierce his consciousness and take his life.

Su Chen, however, ignored them and continued to charge!

His armor flickered, but that did not prevent his unstoppable momentum.

Two hundred thirty feet.

Two hundred twenty feet.

Two hundred ten feet.

Su Chen advanced thirty feet after the three arrows in a row. Finally, the distance between them was two hundred feet.

Su Chen then flipped over his hand. A large wave of Origin Energy Bullets formed and then whistled through the air.

Zhang Sheng’an knew the situation was not looking good.

This was the most powerful attack he had been faced with yet.

The closer Su Chen got to him, the more difficult his attacks would be to deal with.

Thus, Zhang Sheng’an used an Origin Energy Talisman to block the attack before pulling on the bowstring again.

This time, he did not shoot an arrow. The Tree Demon let out a piercing cry, and spectre-like anguished spirits began to appear, floating in the air. They all began to cry out and yell at Su Chen.

These yells were extremely piercing, and Su Chen felt a wave of dizziness wash over him, making it difficult for him to advance.

Zhang Sheng’an laughed maniacally. As he laughed, countless anguished spirits charged towards Su Chen, demanding his life. The air was filled with chilling intent.

When faced with this situation, all Su Chen did was pull out a vial of medicine and upend it in midair.

Just like ice crystals meeting the sun’s powerful rays, the anguished spirits began to hiss in fear.

The Three Suns Medicine was specifically used to cure injuries to one’s soul by ghosts and spectres, and it could also be used to repel the anguished spirits.

Although using an entire bottle was a bit extravagant, Su Chen didn’t mind in the slightest.

The anguished spirits retreated.

Su Chen charged!

He closed another thirty feet.

An Erupting Firehawk appeared.

The hawk shrieked as it flapped its wings and charged at Zhang Sheng’an.

Zhang Sheng’an flipped his hand over, tossing out another Origin Energy Talisman that became a web of light, entangling the Firehawk.

He shot out three arrows in response.

Su Chen avoided them by using Whitetower Teleportation to close the gap by another thirty feet.

They were now only a hundred forty feet apart.

Su Chen tossed a Thunderfire Ball at Zhang Sheng’an.

Zhang Sheng’an had witnessed the Thunderfire Ball’s power before. He didn’t dare to forcefully resist it, so all he could do was try and avoid it.

Unexpectedly, this Thunderfire Ball had not been tossed directly at him but behind him, which was also where he was retreating.


Waves of flames surged forwards as the ball exploded.

Another Origin Energy Talisman morphed into a barrier, defending him against the attack. However, he could not avoid the powerful pushing force it exerted on him, and it sent Zhang Sheng’an in the opposite direction.

His opposite direction was where Su Chen was.

The distance between the two of them shortened once again.

A hundred feet!

Zhang Sheng’an knew the situation was not good. His barrier had been completely wiped out by the Thunderfire Ball.

He had yet to defend himself when Su Chen raised his hand.

Flaming Hunter Blunderbuss.


The profound bullets flew forth as the gun exploded.


Blood splattered everywhere as Zhang Sheng’an let out a tragic cry.

Two large bullet holes appeared on Zhang Sheng’an’s chest.

He had been wounded!

He had actually been wounded!

This was his first time being wounded during the entire battle.

Su Chen had closed the distance between them to a hundred feet and wounded him with one attack.

“NO!” Zhang Sheng’an howled, crazed with rage.

He forcefully kicked off of a nearby tree, borrowing this force to retreat. Simultaneously, he began to furiously pull on his bow.

Anguish Arrow after Anguish Arrow flew forwards, forming an endless rain of arrows.

Su Chen pulled out an Origin Talisman, which turned into a shield. He applied a Meg’s Guardian to himself, his footsteps unceasing as he activated the Snaking Mist Steps to its absolute limit and chased after Zhang Sheng’an furiously.

Vines and roots began to writhe from the ground, reaching out to grab Su Chen, who was snaking forwards.

Su Chen scattered them with an Erupting Firehawk as he continued to chase after Zhang Sheng’an relentlessly.

Zhang Sheng’an’s writhing thistles wilted under the flames, unable to slow Su Chen down even a bit. Su Chen managed to close in another thirty feet.

Su Chen activated his Soul Eye and Soul-Fixation Technique in rapid succession. The gap between them was now only thirty feet.

Thirty feet was a very short distance.

Su Chen lifted the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade into the air before bringing it down.

The Wolf Soul howled as it appeared and then charged towards Zhang Sheng’an.

“Zhang Sheng’an, you’re dead!” Su Chen yelled.

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