Chapter 66: Fight to the Death

Chapter 66: Fight to the Death


The Clay Giant’s large foot slammed onto the ground. Yan Fuxing leapt into the air, dodging its stomp.

However, one of the rocks that flew into the air from the impact slammed into his chest. He suddenly found it hard to breathe, and he instantly plummeted to the ground.

Yan Fuxing’s eyes filled with despair as he watched the giant’s foot rushing towards him again.

At that moment, a metal hoop flew over, hooking onto Yan Fuxing and pulling him away, allowing him to narrowly dodge that attack.

Sun Jizu had saved him.

Sun Jizu yelled as he grabbed his hoop out from the air, “We need to move!”

“Where do we go?” Yan Fuxing asked.

“We’ll chase after Zhang Sheng’an! He went that way!” Sun Jizu pointed off in a certain direction.

“Let’s go!” Yan Fuxing yelled.

Without a doubt, they hated Zhang Sheng’an the most out of all the members of Team Soaring.

It was that bastard who had gone out of his way to do everything possible to draw them down with him.

When he escaped, he was also the one with the most people chasing after him.

However, the two of them only pursued him for a short distance before their paths were blocked by another person.

Drought Dragon Jiang Yang[1. Note: I mistranslated this as Morning Dragon previously. It should be Drought Dragon instead. Apologies if this confuses anyone.].

He was the youth who had been sent flying by the Clay Giant’s palm at the very beginning. He did not die, however, and now he was returning to the battlefield of his own volition.

He actually didn’t take that opportunity to leave.

A savage smile surfaced on Jiang Yang’s face as he stepped out in front of them, blocking their path forwards.

He licked his lips. “Two weak chickens. If you have the ability, come and get me.”

Yan Fuxing and Sun Jizu glanced at each other before attacking simultaneously.

The Earth-Cracking Hoops hummed as they flew through the air, possessing enough power to split large rocks.

The Galloping Wind Spear stabbed through the air with a majestic momentum, containing much more power than before.

When faced with the two hoops and the spear, however, Jiang Yang revealed a look of disdain.

“Insignificant bugs,” he carelessly said.

Then, he stretched out his right hand.

He clawed through the air with his hand, which was extremely wide but had very short fingers.

He grabbed the Earth-Cracking Hoops flying in front of him straight out of the air.

The Earth-Cracking Hoops were quite powerful, considering that they could shatter large rocks. However, he was still able to grab them with just this claw, as if that powerful momentum simply didn’t exist. He then swung the hoop through the air, blocking the Galloping Wind Spear before repeating the same motion a second time to knock the second hoop away.

Just by stretching out his hand, he had completely neutralized their attacks.

He tossed the Earth-Cracking Hoop to the side and coldly laughed. “Come on, keep going.”

Sun Jizu stretched his hand out, and the hoop returned to his hand. “Be careful, he’s Drought Dragon Jiang Yang. He seems to be cultivating some kind of stone palm technique.”

Jiang Yang sneered, “It’s called the Stoneheart Palm, the Core Technique of the Drought Dragon Jiang Clan.”

They were called Core Techniques because they were the foundation for many of the clan’s Bloodline Origin Skills. It didn’t mean that the skill was the most powerful, but rather that many other Origin Skills used this “core” to branch out.

For instance, the Gu Clan’s Three Absolutes were all Core Origin Skills. Other Origin Skills existed that built off the foundation of these three skills.

The Stoneheart Palm was the Drought Dragon Jiang Clan’s Core Origin Skill. Individuals who cultivated this palm technique would have exceptionally large hands, but their fingers would become extremely short.

The Drought Dragon was an earth-type Demonic Beast. It was exceptionally good at channeling energy to control the earth’s movement, thus giving it high defensive capabilities. Once the Stoneheart Palm reached the stage of large success, it would become possible to form earth-type Origin Energy, granting the user an extremely powerful defense. It was many times superior to Zheng Xia’s Iron Palms.

He had exchanged blows with Guan Shanying and his talons before. In the end, Guan Shanying’s talons were unable to break through his Stoneheart Palms.

Jiang Yang raised his two large hands as he said scornfully, “Two pieces of garbage without a bloodline. Today, I’ll let you experience firsthand the true power of someone from a Bloodline Nobility Clan. Dense Earth Armor!”

As he shouted this, a yellow armor began to form around Jiang Yang. It was the rock-like armor he had initially used to defend himself against the Clay Giant.

Although his Dense Earth Armor had been shattered in one blow from the Clay Giant, it was because of this rock-like armor that he was able to survive the Clay Giant’s attack.

Put another way, if this armor was strong enough to defend him against a blow from the Clay Giant, its powerful defensive capabilities could be easily imagined. At the very least, he had no qualms about whether it was sufficient to deal with Sun JIzu and Yan Fuxing.

Yan Fuxing and Sun Jizu glanced at each other before charging forwards simultaneously.

Jiang Yang laughed as he waved his arms.

He was not particularly fast, but his defense was even stronger than Sword Rhinoceros Zheng Kuang’s.

The three of them exchanged numerous blows. The sounds of attacks slamming into each other continued incessantly.

With a sudden “BOOM!”, the three of them separated.

Jiang Yang only swayed slightly as he retreated a few steps. Yan Fuxing and Sun Jizu, however, flew backwards seventy or eighty feet before landing on the ground. They simultaneously spit out a mouthful of blood.

“HAHAHAHA!” Jiang Yang tilted his head back and laughed. “You really are deserving of your bloodline-less status. You don’t have a powerful bloodline, yet you dare to oppose me, someone from a Bloodline Nobility Clan? You must be looking to die. I’ll grant your wish today!”

As he spoke, he strode forwards, grabbing Sun Jizu by the head and picking him up.

He began to slowly apply pressure. Sun Jizu felt as if his head was clamped in a vice, his head about to explode.

No matter how much he struggled, he had no way of escaping from Jiang Yang’s grasp. His eyes slowly began to bulge, as if they were about to be squeezed from their sockets.

Just as Jiang Yang’s hand was about to burst Sun Jizu’s skull, Yan Fuxing suddenly charged, stabbing out with the Galloping Wind Spear.

Jiang Yang laughed disdainfully. He lifted his left hand, grabbing the Galloping Wind Spear. He completely ignored Yan Fuxing’s attack. Just as Sun Jizu’s head was about to explode, Yan Fuxing suddenly twisted the spear in his hand. The Galloping Wind Spear’s tip suddenly shot out from the shaft, heading straight for Jiang Yang’s eyes.

This caught Jiang Yang by surprise, and the rock-like armor had already sustained numerous attacks. It was no longer very sturdy, and it shattered under the Galloping Wind Spear’s assault. Jiang Yang had no time to block it, so all he could do was try and avoid the blow. The spear tip cut across his face, leaving a deep gash in its wake.

“AHH!” Jiang Yang let out a pained howl.

“Jizu!” Yan Fuxing yelled.

Sun Jizu, who was being crushed to death by Jiang Yang, suddenly swung his arm. Six or seven Thunderfire Balls rolled into Jiang Yang’s clothing.

Sun Jizu had bought the most Thunderfire Balls from Su Chen. Before entering the Hidden Dragon Institute, he had come from quite a large clan, one even better then Su Chen’s. However, he was not as unfortunate as Su Chen; the entire clan basically pampered Sun Jizu alone, and he had never lacked any cultivation resources. Of the original four-man Team Bright, he was the one with the most money, and he was also the one who spent money the most generously.

As the Thunderfire Balls slipped into Jiang Yang’s clothing, Sun Jizu kicked with all his might. He was able to borrow the momentum of this kick to escape from Jiang Yang’s grasp.

He was still flying through the air when he heard the sound of a massive explosion.

A wave of flames surged into the air.

He turned around to see Jiang Yang engulfed in flames, crying out in anguish.

“Ha! Let’s see how you like those explosions,” Sun Jizu laughed.

However, an instant later a powerful yellow light shone from Jiang Yang’s body. Layers of rock suddenly appeared, covering Jiang Yang completely.

The raging torrent of flames was encased by the layers of rock, and the flames were almost immediately extinguished.

“No……way……” Upon seeing this scene, Yan Fuxing and Sun Jizu were dazed.

When the ashes and dust finally settled, Jiang Yang’s fierce, vicious face was once again revealed.

However, this time his graceful appearance had all disappeared.

His clothes had been burned to tatters, and his face was heavily scarred. Even one of his eyes had gone blind. His body was covered with cracked skin and blisters filled with pus; he looked incredibly miserable.

Even so, he was still alive.

He was still alive even after being hit by six or seven Thunderfire Balls!

Unfortunately, the Thunderfire Balls’ ability to deal with single targets was simply too low, and their opponent possessed staggering defensive capabilities and vitality.

“BASTARDS!!!!” Jiang Yang howled in rage.

He had actually been gravely injured by two commoners without bloodlines.


This was an unimaginably great humiliation!

He charged forwards, slamming his palm towards Sun Jizu.

His Stoneheart Palms were very powerful. The blow landed on Sun Jizu’s chest, and the sound of bones cracking was clearly audible. Sun Jizu was launched backwards.

Yan Fuxing yelled as he charged forwards, stabbing his Galloping Wind Spear, which had lost its tip, towards Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang reached out and grabbed the spear shaft before he slammed his palm towards Yan Fuxing.

Yan Fuxing had no time to dodge. All he could do was strike out with his palms and try to defend himself.

With a loud snap, his left wrist was broken.

Jiang Yang continued to advance. His right hand penetrated into Yan Fuxing’s midsection.

“Fuxing!” Sun Jizu cried out in grief and rage upon seeing this.

Yan Fuxing spit out a mouthful of blood.

Jiang Yang savagely grunted, “Die!”

He was just about to shatter Yan Fuxing’s head when Yan Fuxing suddenly opened his mouth. A streak of white light shot out, slamming into his other eye.

Jiang Yang felt his sight disappear as his vision slipped into darkness.

“MY EYE!” he howled in agony. A powerful wave of energy exploded from the hand inside Yan Fuxing’s midsection, sending him flying.

Sun Jizu flew forwards at high speed. The Earth-Cracking Hoop in his hand whizzed towards Jiang Yang’s head.

Jiang Yang turned around and sent his palm into Sun Jizu’s chest, sending him flying again. At the same time, however, the Earth-Cracking Hoop landed around Jiang Yang’s neck and began to shine brilliantly. A moment later, Jiang Yang’s head was severed from his body.

Jiang Yang’s head flew through the air.

Sun Jizu spit out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

“FUXING!” he howled in grief.

Yan Fuxing lay on the ground unmoving, his eyes wide. Blood slowly continued to leak out from his body.

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