Chapter 63: Mutual Destruction

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Chapter 63: Mutual Destruction



Du Qing flew towards the Clay Giant with a shriek, her limbs flailing wildly.

Just as she was about to slam into it, Cloud Leopard flew through the air like lightning, placing his palm on Du Qing’s body. Du Qing’s body changed direction as she narrowly dodged the giant’s attack.

The Clay Giant’s hand scraped past Cloud Leopard’s back, sending a large chunk of his flesh flying. Cloud Leopard cried out in pain.

“Cloud Leopard!” Du Qing yelled.

“GO!” Cloud Leopard howled.

Zheng Xia charged forwards, grabbed Du Qing, and sprinted away.

“AWOO!” The Clay Giant let out an enraged howl behind him.

The fog that had surrounded its head was slowly beginning to dissipate, granting the Clay Giant sight again.

However, its anger had not decreased in the slightest. The entire forest trembled under the weight of the Clay Giant’s rage-filled cries.

At this point, everyone was trying to escape as they dodged the Clay Giant’s attacks. However, they didn’t forget to attack each other at the same time.

Guan Shanying was the fastest among them. If it weren’t for the fact that he cared for his team, he could have easily left the Clay Giant behind.

But because of this, Guan Shanying was also the one who was least afraid of the Clay Giant.

In fact, the opposite was true. The Clay Giant’s pursuit of those damned non-bloodline students caused his blood to boil, filling himself with excitement.

Upon seeing Zheng Xia grab Du Qing’s hand and fly into the air, Guan Shanying let out an evil smile. “Want to leave? It’s not that easy!”

He leapt into the air as if wings had sprouted from his back. After circling around in the air, he flew downwards, charging towards Du Qing.

“Dodge!” Zheng Xia saw this and shoved Du Qing to the side before turning to face Guan Shanying with his two palms.

Zheng Xia’s Iron Palms slammed into Guan Shanying’s eagle-like claws. In that instant, blood spurted from Zheng Xia’s hands. Guan Shanying’s momentum kept his eagle claws moving forwards, pressing Zheng Xia’s palms into his chest and sending him flying.

“Zheng Xia!” Du Qing let out a panicked scream.

“Hahaha!” Guan Shanying tilted his head back and laughed. “Can’t even withstand a single claw of mine? Useless.”

As he spoke, his figure flashed forwards. He reappeared next to Zheng Xia as his hand formed a claw, striking towards Zheng Xia.

Zheng Xia activated a barrier and counterattacked, the two of them exchanging ten or so moves. Zheng Xia’s barrier shattered, and he let out a tragic cry an instant later when his eye was plucked out by Guan Shanying.

Another one of his claws punctured Zheng Xia’s abdomen, leaving behind five bloody holes.

Just when Guan Shanying’s claws were about to sink into Zheng Xia’s brain, a gust of sword wind suddenly surged.

Completely on instinct, Guan Shanying swung his claws backwards, slamming into the Limpid Autumn Sword and generating a resounding “clang” of metal.

Upon closer inspection, Guan Shanying’s fingers were enveloped by razor-sharp metal. No wonder they were so strong.

“Die!” Du Qing yelled in anger. The Limpid Autumn Sword danced passionately, as if reflecting the rage in her heart. The limpid waters had become massive waves.

The talons raked through the air, easily blocking all of Du Qing’s attacks. Guan Shanying was just about to teach that damned woman a lesson she wouldn’t forget when suddenly he felt tremors behind him. He knew the Clay Giant had charged towards him, so he could only let Du Qing go, charging backwards as quickly as he could.

He was extremely fast. If he wanted to, he could easily shake off the giant.

However, he had not taken more than a few steps when he suddenly heard a yell behind him.

A sense of danger surfaced in his heart as he hurriedly dodged to the side.

A streak of sword wind ambushed him from behind. Du Qing was chasing after him with her sword.

Guan Shanying was enraged. He was just about to turn around and kill that woman when Zheng Xia suddenly charged him, unafraid of death.

He had already lost one eye and his midsection was gravely injured. His clothes were drenched in blood, but his movement didn’t seem to be impeded.

Guan Shanying didn’t react in time and was struck by Zheng Xia’s palm. A Blood Palm slammed right into his chest, causing him to howl in pain.

He counterattacked, leaving behind five more holes in Zheng Xia’s chest. He was about to make more when he discovered that the giant was lumbering towards him again. All he could do was leave Zheng Xia and continue to run.

He was from a Bloodline Nobility Clan. Not only did he possess speed surpassing that of normal people, his talons were also incredibly powerful. If he were to truly display his full strength, even Zheng Xia and Du Qing combined wouldn’t be his opponent.

But because of the Clay Giant, he never had such an opportunity. Every time he obtained an advantage, he was forced to relinquish it.

If he were to run, that would be equivalent to exposing his back to Zheng Xia and Du Qing.

In reality, Su Chen had intended for everyone to focus on running after the Clay Giant had been delayed by the Fog Medicine rather than engaging in further combat.

However, every human being had a temper.

Team Soaring had maliciously harmed them again and again. No one was willing to forgive the other. That was especially true of Zheng Xia, who had lost an eye. His hatred was especially deep. Even if he wouldn't make it out, he was determined to take Guan Shanying with him.

At that moment, Guan Shanying heard the sound of something whistling through the air. Zheng Xia’s palms and Du Qing’s sword charged towards him simultaneously.

“Dammit, still not dead?”

Guan Shanying was infuriated. He didn’t think about how he had been the one to attack them multiple times. All he felt was that those two were incredibly annoying. If he could, he would instantly kill them right then and there.

His talons raked towards Du Qing and Zheng Xia simultaneously.

The Limpid Autumn Sword met with the talon strike, bending the long sword upon impact.

Zheng Xia’s left hand met with Guan Shanying’s right talon. Once again, the talons carved into his flesh; even his wrist had been broken just by this one blow.

However, Zheng Xia’s right hand also slammed into Guan Shanying’s face. “AHHH!” Guan Shanying let out an extremely pained cry. He backed up with one hand on his face while his other hand slashed outwards, warding Zheng Xia off.

When he brought his hand away from his face, he found it drenched in blood. His nose hurt like crazy; most likely, the bridge of his nose had been broken by his palm strike.

Guan Shanying was a beautiful man. Now, his appearance had been ruined, and the beauty that he was so proud of no longer existed. He was about to go crazy.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you…… Thousand Cuts Talons!”

He screeched as he flew into the air, his talons landing on Zheng Xia’s body. Zheng Xia’s body began to spurt out blood from multiple locations, and chunks of flesh were sent flying.

Guan Shanying’s Thousand Cuts Talons were basically carving Zheng Xia alive. Large chunks of flesh were sundered from his body, revealing the pale white bone beneath.

“NOO!” Du Qing yelled in despair.

Zheng Xia howled in pain. He stared at Du Qing in anguish before he leapt forwards, wrapping himself around Guan Shanying. He allowed Guan Shanying’s talons to penetrate his body as he yelled, “Qing’er, attack!”

Du Qing froze.

She was completely dazed. She gazed at Zheng Xia, who was charging towards her, forgetting to even stab out with her sword.

Guan Shanying knew the situation had taken a turn for the worse. He clawed wildly through the air, trying to escape from Zheng Xia’s grasp, but Zheng Xia held onto him, unwilling to let him go. He howled madly, “QING’ER, DO IT!”

Du Qing trembled briefly before closing her eyes and stabbing with her sword.

The Limpid Autumn Sword penetrated Guan Shanying from behind, passing through Guan Shanying into Zheng Xia’s body, skewering them together.


Guan Shanying howled in pain. He had been wounded quite seriously. Even so, Guan Shanying was still able to retaliate, clawing at Du Qing’s face.


Du Qing flew through the air, five bloody marks clawed across her face.

“That strike isn't enough to kill me!” Guan Shanying yelled savagely.

He wasn't wrong. Although Du Qing’s sword strike was powerful, it wasn't enough to take Guan Shanying’s life.

As an Origin Qi Scholar, he absolutely could continue to do battle.

However, at that moment Zheng Xia yelled, “If we can't, what about it?”

He latched onto Guan Shanying and leapt towards the Clay Giant.

Guan Shanying finally realized what Zheng Xia’s plan was. He yelled in fright, “NO!”

Du Qing shrieked, “Big Brother Zheng, don’t do it!”

“Qing’er, take care of yourself!” Zheng Xia yelled.

With this last cry, he grabbed Guan Shanying and flew directly towards the giant’s massive hand.

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