Chapter 62: Clay Giant (3)

Chapter 62: Clay Giant (3)

Three people suddenly attacked Zhang Sheng’an simultaneously from the left, right, and front.

In that critical moment, Zhang Sheng’an suddenly let out a yell.


The thunderous cry sent everyone reeling, slowing their movements.

A small chink appeared for a brief moment in the encirclement.

Zhang Sheng’an was able to grasp that sliver of an opportunity.

In that moment, Zhang Sheng’an clawed in front of him, grabbing onto Golden Cicada Hong Wu. He sent Hong Wu flying forwards, the momentum of this throw sending him flying backwards.

Hong Wu said in disbelief, “Sheng’an, you……!”


A blade swung through the air.

Just as the trio’s attacks were about to land on Hong Wu’s body, Hong Wu’s robe suddenly bulged and expanded as if a sac of air had been inflated, blocking all of their attacks. Simultaneously, Hong Wu flew out from underneath the bulging robe as fast as lightning, leaving behind just the empty robe.

This was the Golden Cicada Clan’s famous Golden Cicada Shedding. It was an absolute escape skill.

However, he had just dodged these attacks when he was suddenly met by Wang Doushan’s Cloud Sundering. Wang Doushan had also escaped from his shackles, but he did not attack at the same time as the other three. Rather, he pounced at this critical moment.

Hong Wu had no way of dodging this attack. He let out a tragic cry as he flew through the air.

At the same time, Su Chen continued to slash unrelentingly with his blade.


The Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf appeared, snarling savagely at Zhang Sheng’an.

Cloud Leopard also stretched his hand out, a serpentine streak of Qi shooting forth from his hand.

Zhang Sheng’an raised his hand. A wall of thistles appeared on his body, stopping the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf in its tracks and also blocking the Serpentine Palm. When Su Chen’s other hand closed and opened, a large Firebird appeared, slamming into the thistle barrier and causing it to disintegrate.

Cloud Leopard pounced forwards, his arm turning into a massive snake that bit ferociously at Zhang Sheng’an.

At that moment, a bloody shadow appeared from the side, blocking the attack. The gushing red wave shined brilliantly. It was Blood Demon Zhong Ding.

He didn’t even have time to speak before Iron Cliff let out a howl, slamming his Iron Mountain Shield downwards forcefully.

At the same time, Zheng Xia and the others had freed themselves with Wang Doushan’s help. They resented Zhang Sheng’an and the others, and thus spared no expense while attacking them. Seven or eight Origin Skills came charging towards Zhang Sheng’an all at once.

Just as Zhang Sheng’an was about to be swallowed up by the wave of Origin Skills, Zhang Sheng’an suddenly swung both his hands, ripping a scroll apart.

A streak of holy light enveloped him. The slew of Origin Skills was completely ineffective against his Holy Light Barrier. “Bastard!” everyone cursed.

Zheng Sheng’an, however, felt his heart squeeze in pain.

This Holy Light Barrier scroll was one of his life-saving trump cards. He hadn’t even been willing to use it against the Clay Giant, but Team Bright had forced it out of him in the end.

Team Bright was also stunned. Zhang Sheng’an had been in peril every step of the way, but he was still unharmed. Of course, Blood Demon Zhong Ding had helped him out, but his ability to adapt was very impressive.

However, Zhang Sheng’an was still willing to bring the Clay Giant towards them even though he had this kind of trump card. He really was a piece of trash.

Flames of rage rose in their hearts, and they prepared to strike out at Zhang Sheng’an again.

“Stop fighting!” Jin Ling’er yelled. “The Clay Giant is here.”

They turned around to find the Clay Giant running towards them.

Everyone immediately ran upon seeing this.

A trace of viciousness flashed across Zhang Sheng’an’s face. “Stay here for me!”

Thistles sprung up from the ground, chasing after Team Bright.

Zhang Sheng’an was extremely proficient in controlling vegetation to restrict his target's’ movements before finishing them off at long range with his bow.

Opponents who could restrict your movements while attacking from faraway were quite hard to deal with, and it was for this very reason that he had been given the nickname “Treebow”. In terms of restrictive methods, he had quite a few tactics.

Team Bright didn’t expect that he would still harbor malicious intent even at this moment. They were so angry that their lungs were about to explode.

Zheng Xia tossed out a Thunderfire Ball. The majestic explosion of flames burned the thistles to a crisp.

However, an instant later, Guan Shanying, Zheng Kuang, and Blood Demon Zhong Ding charged forwards. They had a deep-seeded hatred for Team Bright, and they wanted to drag them down with them at all costs.

They originally thought that dealing with a few non-bloodline individuals would be a piece of cake. Unexpectedly, however, every member of Team Bright pulled out a Thunderfire Ball and tossed it towards them.

Blood Demon yelled in panic, “Dodge!”

In an instant, their vision blurred.

Boom boom boom boom!

The ensuing shockwave sent the three of them flying into the air.

Guan Shanying and Zhong Ding had charged the fastest and were also the first to back up. Even so, they were struck by the aftershocks, eliciting a painful whimper.

Zheng Kuang was not so lucky. The ferocious wave of energy slammed directly onto his body, sending him flying.

If it weren’t for the fact that his Sword Rhinoceros bloodline granted him a powerful physique and that the Thunderfire Balls weren’t the best for attacking single targets, he would have already died.

Even so, Zheng Kuang was instantly heavily injured.

Zhang Sheng’an didn’t have it easy either. Although his Holy Light Protection was strong, the members of Team Bright hated him the most, so half of the Thunderfire Balls had been tossed in his direction.

Both his Holy Light Protection and his thistle barrier shattered. Even the Azurelight Chestplate he was wearing had been damaged. In the blink of an eye, he had lost both a powerful Arcana Technique Scroll and an Origin Tool. His heart seized in pain.

They were about to continue to chase after Zhang Sheng’an when the Clay Giant had once again drawn close to them.


It tilted its head back towards the sky and howled as it forcefully stamped downwards with its feet.

Just when its massive foot was about to stomp down, Su Chen suddenly tossed out a vial of medicine towards the Clay Giant.


The medicinal vial shattered upon contact with the Clay Giant’s face, generating a dense fog around its head.

Fog Medicine could be used to generate fog, which could be used for concealment.

However, Su Chen had used it to obstruct the Clay Giant’s vision. Dense fog shrouded the Clay Giant’s vision, and the Clay Giant could only wave its arms and legs, unclear of where its targets had gone.

Su Chen then smashed a Beast Repellant Medicine. The medicine would only have a limited effect on the Clay Giant, but it could at least bother it and lower the chance that they would be pursued. The vapor drifted through the air, sticking a little bit to everyone, which was enough.

“Use this opportunity to run!” Su Chen yelled. Everyone began to run.

“AWOOOO!!!” The Clay Giant let out an enraged howl. It furiously stomped the ground repeatedly, not caring in its rage whether there was actually someone beneath its feet.

Because Golden Cicada Hong Wu had been injured, his movements were a bit slow. In addition, he had just used his Golden Cicada Shedding. He was unable to avoid the giant foot in time and was instantly crushed into a meat patty.

Zhang Sheng’an rolled to dodge the Clay Giant’s foot. Upon seeing that the Clay Giant was charging forwards without any regard for direction, he thought for a moment before he ran in the opposite direction.

Su Chen’s sharp eyes caught this movement.

“Want to run?” Su Chen activated Whitetower Teleportation, instantly teleporting a distance forwards. He appeared behind the giant and charged towards Zhang Sheng’an.

Cloud Leopard’s figure also came flying out of nowhere. Evidently, he was also targeting Zhang Sheng’an.

Su Chen yelled as he charged forwards, “Cloud Leopard, leave Zhang Sheng’an to me. You and the others should leave as soon as possible; we’ll meet back up at Reflection Rock!”

“Okay!” Cloud Leopard replied loudly.

Their moment was interrupted by a piercing cry.

Cloud Leopard turned around to see the source of the noise. He found that, at some point, Zhong Ding had picked Du Qing up and tossed her towards the Clay Giant.

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