Chapter 61: Clay Giant (2)

Chapter 61: Clay Giant (2)

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

Zhang Sheng’an cursed in anger.

They really did have bad luck!

Calamity had struck when Zhang Sheng’an and his team had been searching for Tunneling Grass.

The Tunneling Grass was a plant with a high amount of spirit power. Mature Tunneling Grass could create their own paths underground and hide in these tunnels whenever they ran into danger, quickly changing their position.

This made them quite difficult to harvest.

The juice pressed from the Tunneling Grass’s roots could be blent and processed into a great raw ingredient for Origin Tools. Thus, its price was extremely high in the outside world.

Zhang Sheng’an and the others had stumbled upon a Tunneling Grass, but it escaped from them underground.

Thankfully, their team was good at pursuing targets. They followed the traces the Tunneling Grass left behind until they arrived at the Clay Giant’s territory.

They originally planned on quickly grabbing the Tunneling Grass before leaving, but unexpectedly the Clay Giant suddenly went crazy, rampaging through the forest.

Zhang Sheng’an and the others were no match for this frighteningly powerful Clay Giant, so they immediately retreated.

Under normal circumstances, the Clay Giant would retreat as soon as it chased the intruders out of its territory, but for some reason the Clay Giant continued to chase after them relentlessly. It was not particularly fast, but every step it took was equivalent to four or five of theirs. The ground trembled underneath the Clay Giant’s massive, weighty strides.

The Clay Giant charged forwards with a towering momentum. It first caught up to Drought Dragon Jiang Yang, the slowest in the group. It swung its giant hand through the air, the wind turbulently flowing around its hand.

Jiang Yang knew the situation wasn’t good. He reacted quickly and thrust his palm out just when the giant’s hand was about to slam into him. He yelled, “RISE!”

A wall of earth appeared behind his back, directly appearing in front of the Clay Giant’s body.

Even so, when faced with absolute strength, this kind of defensive attempt was completely pointless.

The Clay Giant’s massive hand slammed into the earth wall, breaking through it like a piece of paper.

The wall of earth instantly shattered. The giant hand continued through the air. Jiang Yang had no time to dodge, so all he could do was apply an earth-type barrier to himself.


The giant hand slammed into Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang flew through the air like a shooting star. No one knew if he was still alive after being struck by that attack.

The Clay Giant continued to chase them. It had already arrived before Sword Rhinoceros Zheng Kuang, raising its foot to stomp him.

Just when Zheng Kuang was about to be stomped into a powder, a howl of rage pierced the air. A black shadow shot past him, stopping the Clay Giant’s foot in place.

It was the Giant Adamantine Ape. Its body was thick and sturdy like the Clay Giant, but it was much shorter than the Clay Giant. It held the Clay Giant’s foot in place as it snarled in feral rage.

Zheng Kuang had narrowly escaped his death. Jin Ling’er spoke into his ear, “Hurry and run, the Giant Adamantine Ape won’t last long.”

High-tier Vicious Beasts were simply too weak compared to peak-level Vicious Beasts, and the Clay Giant could be considered the peak of the peak. There was no way the Giant Adamantine Ape could last very long.

The Giant Adamantine Ape bled from multiple wounds under the Clay Giant’s assault. Everyone else was so scared that they instantly scattered.

Suddenly, Jin Ling’er cried out, her face draining of all its color.

She said, “The Adamantine Ape died.”

They glanced behind them, only to find that the Giant Adamantine Ape had been squashed into a meat patty by the Clay Giant.

A high-tier Vicious Beast couldn’t even last a few moments before being forcefully beaten to death.

Upon seeing this scene, they felt as if their souls were about to depart from their bodies. They began to run even faster.

In that moment, Zhang Sheng’an’s eyes lit up.

He was good at archery, which required extremely high visual acuity. The adrenaline made it so his eyes were particularly active. He had spotted a group of people nearby looking in his direction, evidently trying to see what was happening.

Zhang Sheng’an recognized a few faces amongst them, causing his killing intent to soar.

“Run that way!” Zhang Sheng’an pointed off in a direction, turning around and furiously sprinting in that direction.

Originally, Zhang Sheng’an would have passed by Team Bright on the right. If he hadn’t changed course, he would’ve passed them (albeit not very far away).

Suddenly, however, they had changed directions, charging directly towards Su Chen and the others.

Zheng Kuang's expression changed. He yelled, “Not good! They’re headed in our direction!”

“Zhang Sheng’an, you bastard!” Wang Doushan howled. “Run!”

Everyone began to run.

However, since Zhang Sheng’an had decided to use them as decoys, how could he let them go so easily? Upon seeing his opponents run, he let out a savage laugh as he slung the bow off of his back. His right hand grabbed onto the bowstring and furiously pulled.

The Tree Demon Bow’s bowstring was made of the Tree Demon’s long hair. When Zhang Sheng’an grabbed onto the bowstring, the small demon on the bow let out a pained, piercing cry.

As the small demon let out a yell, a gust of black Qi began to wrap around the black string, finally aggregating into a long, black arrow.

The black arrow flew through the air. As it flew over to Su Chen and the others, it turned into countless streaks of black smoke that fell to the ground. They wriggled towards Su Chen’s group like small black serpents, preventing them from continuing forwards.

“Zhang Sheng’an, you son of a bitch!”

“If you have the strength, use that damned resentment arrow against the giant! Why did you use it against us!?”

Everyone began to curse him out.

However, everyone knew that Zhang Sheng’an had definitely tried it against the Clay Giant before. It was just ineffective against the Clay Giant’s strength.

Zhang Sheng’an let out a savage laugh. “You’re all just a bunch of worthless people without bloodlines. Who cares if you die? It is your responsibility to give your lives to protect heroes like us!”

Even if there was no enmity between them, Zhang Sheng’an would not have hesitated in the slightest to do something like this in order to shake off the Clay Giant and survive.

As he spoke, he charged towards them, wanting to pass through them and leave them behind to deal with the giant.

Blood Demon Zhong Ding, Jin Ling’er, and the others followed close behind him.

In that instant, Jin Ling’er’s eyes met Su Chen’s.

Jin Ling’er’s heart trembled. She said, “Sheng’an, please let Su Chen and Wang Doushan go!”

“Absolutely not! If you’re going to do it, do it all the way. Letting any one of them go is just going to give us trouble in the future!” Zhang Sheng’an refused.

Since they were doing it, they had to do it all the way to the end. Zhang Sheng’an didn’t believe in half-assing anything.

By the time he finished speaking, he had already charged into the midst of their group. Zhang Sheng’an continued onwards with no plans of stopping.

Just as he flew by Su Chen, however, Su Chen suddenly said, “Did I say I needed you to let me go?”


Zhang Sheng’an was stunned.

Su Chen suddenly motioned with his hand, which was suddenly gripping a long blade.

It was the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade!

He sliced down at the black rope at his feet, cutting the Resentment Rope open.

The blade then sliced towards Zhang Sheng’an.

As he swung the blade, Iron Cliff let out a loud howl.


As Iron Cliff howled, the muscles on his body began to tighten as he furiously strained against the rope. His arms stretched outwards like two massive iron poles; eventually, the Resentment Rope was torn apart. He instantly flew into the air, wielding a giant shield made of Origin Energy as he slammed into Zhang Sheng’an from another direction.

Cloud Leopard simultaneously made a move.

As if it had met its mortal enemy, the Resentment Rope suddenly disappeared from his body. Cloud Leopard charged towards Zhang Sheng’an, leaving behind a streak of light in his wake.

The three of them charged towards Zhang Sheng’an from three separate directions.

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