Chapter 60: Clay Giant (1)

Chapter 60: Clay Giant (1)

Su Chen woke up early in the morning, when the sky was just beginning to brighten.

Su Chen stretched lazily as he walked out of the tent. He found everyone already sitting around the table eating breakfast.

“For you. You woke up late today.” Wang Doushan handed him a bowl of porridge.

“What is this?” Su Chen received it and took a closer look.

Inside the bowl was a green, liquidy substance that was bubbling from the heat. It looked as if an extremely poisonous substance had been put inside.

“I tried it already, it’s edible,” Wang Doushan said diligently.

“You made this?” Su Chen asked.

Du Qing spoke up. “I made it. It’s a porridge from wild grains. I placed a few green pine seeds inside, but they unexpectedly dissolved, turning the porridge green.”

As Du Qing spoke, she saucily stuck her tongue out.

Su Chen lifted up the bowl and took a sip before nodding. “Although it looks a bit strange, it is actually quite palatable. All we eat is meat usually, so it’s nice to have a change of pace.”

After eating breakfast, Su Chen and the others began hunting.

Their luck was pretty good. An hour later, they ran into a Wild Mountain Bear.

Wild Mountain Bears were high-tier Vicious Beasts. They were extremely powerful, but against a team of students from the Hidden Dragon Institute, all it could do was wait for its death.

Not long afterwards, everyone quickly took care of the Mountain Bear.

Afterwards, Su Chen and Iron Cliff began to use their own unique method to send the Wild Mountain Bear into the afterlife.

Zheng Xia stood off to the side underneath a tree. As he watched their strange movements, Zheng Xia suddenly said, “Interesting.”

“What’s so interesting?” The others had no idea what he was talking about.

Zheng Xia pointed at Su Chen. “Why do you think their hand movements are different every time?”

Wang Doushan paused for a moment in thought before agreeing, “That is interesting. What kind of movements are they doing? Why is it different every time?”

“Perhaps it’s because when it comes to faith, sincerity is more important than the hand motions they make,” Sun Jizu pondered.

“The problem is that Iron Cliff and Su Chen don’t look like sincere people,” Du Qing muttered.

Of those two one of them thought a lot and the other thought very little, but regardless during conversation they had never once brought up the matter of their faith. No matter how one looked at it, they did not look like religious people.

At that moment, Cloud Leopard suddenly asked, “Have you guys noticed that Su Chen’s cultivation base seems to have gone up recently?”

“Has it?” Everyone asked before saying, “I haven’t felt it.”

Wang Doushan said thoughtfully, “I feel like his aura has become slightly stronger.”

“That’s normal. He has already tempered himself within the Falling Eagle Mountain for nearly ten days, so his aura would definitely increase.” Yan Fuxing flexed the muscles on his chest and said, “I feel like my aura recently has also become stronger lately. Junior Sister Qing, what do you think?”

Du Qing rolled her eyes and turned away from him. Yan Fuxing wasn’t able to get a response out of her, so all he could do was sit on the side and chuckle.

No one knew that what Cloud Leopard had said was right.

In this period of time, Su Chen’s cultivation base had greatly increased from fifty-two Yellow Stars to sixty-three Yellow Stars.

This was all because of his eyes.

One could say that if Su Chen had chosen to pursue cultivation completely instead of following the path of a scholar overlord, then he would only need a hundred days or so to reach the Blood Boiling Realm. After all, his cultivation speed was shocking.

As long as Su Chen wanted to, he could definitely become an extreme genius within the Hidden Dragon Institute with the fastest cultivation speed.

However, Su Chen didn’t choose to do that because that was not his goal. To him, the greatest benefit of his eyes was that it saved him a lot of cultivation time.

For this reason, Su Chen wasn’t worried that they would figure it out.

As long as they weren’t able to discover it right away, he could spend lots of time on his research and average out this rapid increase, making it so that no one would realize the truth.

The only person who could expose him was actually Iron Cliff.

The Cliff Race had a very difficult time cultivating. Because of Su Chen, however, his cultivation base had progressed roughly at the same rate as that of other humans or even slightly faster. After all, Iron Cliff didn’t need to spend every day researching, so during the day he would still spend time cultivating.

However, others would only be shocked by Iron Cliff’s “genius” rather than thinking of Su Chen or their prayer method. After all, Su Chen’s advance was quite slow, dispelling any suspicions that others might have of him.

After finishing his prayer method, Su Chen and Iron Cliff returned back to everyone’s side.

They conversed among themselves for a bit as they walked. Just as they were beginning to search for their next target, they heard an enraged howl off in the distance.

This howl was as loud as thunder, echoing throughout the forest. It rumbled past the clouds, reaching everyone’s ears. Clearly, the person or animal letting out the howl was extremely infuriated.

What was that?

Everyone froze.

Cloud Leopard and Su Chen both jumped atop a thick pine tree and gazed off into the distance.

They saw a yellow giant tilting its head back to the sky as it let out an infuriated howl. It was extremely tall, and even Iron Cliff would look like a tiny speck compared to it. Large chunks of clay and sand, which made up its body, were falling off of its body from time to time.

“Is that one of those Clay Giants?” Du Qing’s shocked voice sounded out from behind Su Chen.

The Clay Giants were not of the Beast Race. They were purely, from head to toe, elemental lifeforms, but they had an innate ability to control Origin Energy. They were a vein of the Origin Race known as the Elemental Race.

The Elemental Race didn’t have high levels of intelligence. Most of the time they acted muddleheaded, always moving on instinct. Although they were very large, they never teamed up, and they were generally few in numbers. Thus, they didn’t have any power on the Primordial Continent.

However, they were physically very powerful. The strongest Elemental Race individuals were as powerful as Demonic Emperors.

The Clay Giant in front of them had supposedly been brought back by the Headmaster of the Hidden Dragon Institute from one of his vacations. It was still in its youth, and after its growth had been sealed, it had been placed inside the Thousand Ashes Gorge for people to temper themselves against.

If the Dragonfish was the overlord of the Ancient Maila Lake, then the Clay Giant was the overlord of the Thousand Ashes Gorge. It was the most powerful existence even among all of the top-tier Vicious Beasts.

Thankfully, Clay Giants were usually lazy. As long as their territory was not encroached upon, they were usually not dangerous.

Su Chen’s team had a few run-ins with this Clay Giant while traversing the Thousand Ashes Gorge, but they did not provoke it.

Unexpectedly, today someone had angered the Clay Giant.

Within the forest, a group of people was furiously sprinting forwards, the Clay Giant hot on their heels as it howled in anger.

The person at the very front was Treebow Zhang Sheng’an.

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