Chapter 53: Night Vigil

Chapter 53: Night Vigil

Despite their suspicions, they all opened up their pockets to buy Su Chen’s Thunderfire Balls.

There was nothing they could say against its strength; it truly was an incredibly useful lifesaving trump card.

In the blink of an eye, Su Chen had sold thirty Thunderfire Balls. He would’ve sold more, but nobody had any more money left.

Su Chen instantly earned three thousand Origin Stones just like that.

The ape meat was now cooked. They sat around the campfire, eating the beast meat and drinking the wine they had brought with them as they laughed and talked.

Though in the past they had not gotten along well nor trusted each other, as they interacted with each other more and more these small differences gradually disappeared.

The only people who were probably still upset with each other were Du Qing and Cloud Leopard.

That damned Leopard didn’t know how to talk or act politely, causing Du Qing to constantly roll her eyes at him.

Time passed by very quickly.

Everyone was planning on resting.

Just as they were about to enter the tent, Cloud Leopard suddenly said, “I think one of us should stand guard.”

“Stand guard?” Zheng Xia was caught off-guard. “Is there really such a need? Don’t we have the Warning Disk?”

The Warning Disk was a kind of alarm-type Origin Formation Disk. It could detect nearby Origin Energy fluctuations.

If any powerful organisms drew near, the disk would automatically sound an alarm. It was a must-have item for Hidden Dragon Institute students to have when out on a trip.

The Beast Repelling Medicine could also keep Vicious Beasts away, but it was much more expensive, so using it was considered a waste. In addition, it would only affect beasts, not humans.

Cloud Leopard indifferently replied, “Some existences can conceal their Origin Energy and avoid triggering the alarm disk.”

Zheng Xia fell into deep thought.

He was willing to listen to Cloud Leopard, but who would stand guard overnight? Not many people would be willing to do it.

Although Zheng Xia was very steady, he lacked boldness sometimes because of it. He was unwilling to offend others, so all he did in the end was stammer, “This kind of Vicious Beast shouldn’t be very common. I think that our luck shouldn’t be that poor.”

A mocking smile danced around on Cloud Leopard’s lips.

This smile was clearly mocking the fact that Zheng Xia placed his safety in the hands of good luck.

Zheng Xia and the others evidently felt the meaning behind Cloud Leopard’s smirk.

Du Qing said unhappily, “Why do you always have something to say? What kind of ‘veteran’ of the Falling Eagle Mountain are you if you’re so afraid of everything?”

Cloud Leopard indifferently replied, “Real experts don’t fear anything. They act prudently and cautiously at every step.”

Everyone’s hearts jolted when they heard these words.

They wanted to ask for more specifics, but Cloud Leopard evidently didn’t want to explain in much more detail.

“If you think it’s too difficult to choose someone, then I’ll do it. It was my idea, so I’ll take care of it,” Cloud Leopard said.

Zheng Xia felt that this was a pretty good result.

Thus, the matter was decided.

It was already quite late, so everyone went into the main tent to go to sleep.

Cloud Leopard sat alone atop a tree, gazing off into the distance.

After an unknown period of time, Cloud Leopard heard the sound of quiet footsteps behind him.

“Who is it?” Cloud Leopard asked in a low voice.

“It’s me.”

It was Su Chen.

He leapt into the air, landed onto the tree, and then sat next to Cloud Leopard.

“Why are you here?” Cloud Leopard glanced at him.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I came out to talk to you,” Su Chen replied.

After reaching the Qi Drawing Realm, Origin Qi Scholars would need much less sleep. Most kinds of practice and sleeping were actually just methods of cultivation. Ancient Arcana Techniques called it meditation, while contemporary Origin Skills called them breathing techniques.

Su Chen’s eye could see Origin Energy. He could absorb any dissipated Origin Energy directly, which was much more effective than meditation or breathing techniques. Thus, he didn’t place any particular value on this resting time.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“Whatever you want. Conversations are meant to go wherever they go; it doesn’t always have to be about a specific topic.” Su Chen leaned against the trunk of the tree as he adjusted his position so he was comfortable.

Cloud Leopard thought for a bit. “There’s something I don’t really understand.”

“Are you thinking that, based on our strength and the fact that you are very familiar with the Falling Eagle Mountain, we could’ve done it on our own? So why would we need to join their team at all?”

Cloud Leopard nodded his head. “I thought about it for quite some time but couldn’t ever wrap my head around it.”

“Because I want to make a few friends.” Su Chen’s reply surprised Cloud Leopard. “I’ve been at the Hidden Dragon Institute for four years, and I spent every day focusing on studying and researching. I never had enough time to get to know a few more people. Isn’t it a good thing to make a few friends?”

“But them?” Cloud Leopard frowned disdainfully.

“When did you start deciding who to be friends with based on their value?” Su Chen countered, giving Cloud Leopard pause.

Su Chen continued, “They aren’t bad people. At most, they just lack a bit of experience. In addition, not all friendships start off on the right foot. If you don’t even give yourself an opportunity to talk to others, how will you make new friends?”

Cloud Leopard gazed at him with some suspicion.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Su Chen asked.

“I can’t help but feel that this reasoning is a bit forced. It doesn’t sound like something you’d say.”

“That’s what you mean.” Su Chen tilted his head back to gaze at the sky. After a moment of silence, he said, “What if I told you that I want to sell something I’ve been researching for a good price, so I need people to spread the news? What would you think?”

“Do you mean like medicines and Thunderfire Balls?” Cloud Leopard began to understand. “Those reasons make a lot more sense; it’s a lot closer to your natural temperament.”

Su Chen sighed. “I am actually a kindhearted altruistic individual. Why do you see me as a calculating, dishonest businessman?”

“How can you call yourself kindhearted and altruistic when you sold the Thunderfire Balls, which cost less than ten Origin Stones to make, for one hundred Origin Stones? There’s no way I would believe you!”

“Now I feel like you’re wrongly accusing me. After all, I am planning on giving Kaihuang’s Heaven to the entire human race.” Su Chen felt wronged.

Only Iron Cliff and Cloud Leopard knew about the completion of Kaihuang’s Heaven apart from Shi Kaihuang.

Upon hearing Su Chen’s playfully injured tone, Cloud Leopard let out a rare laugh. “Just based on the method you chose to spread it, I think that my assessment of you was pretty accurate.”

“Hey, that - I spent so much to complete it, so it’s only natural that I try to make back the initial cost,” Su Chen laughed in response. “After all, if you give out some things for free, people won’t value them anymore, and they might even make additional demands before they take you seriously. Also, the price that I’m asking for it is really low; it’s already quite generous!”

Cloud Leopard curled his lips. “How noble of you. Instructor might be angry, though.”

Su Chen tilted his head back and laughed, letting the conversation end there.


The Dreamrealm.

Within the Hall of Knowledge, a broadcast informed those present of a new posting.

“For sale: A complete technique for breaking into the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline, pay-per-read. The price is one hundred Dream Droplets.”

“Seller: Cloud Bat.”

“This technique was created by the seller alone. It has already been approved by the Lord of the Dreamrealm. Piraters will be investigated thoroughly.”

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