Chapter 51: Counterattack (2)

Chapter 51: Counterattack (2)

“We shouldn’t have done that. How am I supposed to face Su Chen now in the future?”

Jin Ling’er cradled her head in her hands in distress as she sat next to the campfire.

“The deed has already been done. What’s the point in complaining?” Zhang Sheng’an laughed nasally.

“If you don’t know how to face Su Chen in the future, there’s no need to see him anymore,” Blood Demon Zhong Ding said.

He was slightly shorter than Zhang Sheng’an and enjoyed standing in the shade of trees, as if the shade gave him a sense of security. However, his words were often extremely loaded.

After pausing momentarily, he added, “After all, you might not be able to see him again.”

Upon hearing those words, those present began to laugh darkly.

Jin Ling’er continued to fret. “I’m beginning to regret joining your team.”

Another youth spoke up, “Hey, Jin Ling’er, do you still not understand why we had to do what we did today? Do you think it was just for this ape? Do you really think our strength is insufficient to catch a decent high-tier Vicious Beast for you to control?”

The youth was wearing a grass-green robe with an eagle embroidered on it, bound by a brocade with an eagle totem on it. He wore a pair of white Peak Soaring Boots on his feet. His long hair was brushed behind his back, and the hair on the left side of his face was swept behind his ear. His skin was snow-white and his lips were rosy. He was a very beautiful male.

He was called Guan Shanying, and he was also from the Three Mountains Region.

In fact, the entire team was composed of students who came from the Three Mountains Region.

For most teams, location was the best indicator of the likelihood a team would form.

Within the Hidden Dragon Institute, many members of Bloodline Nobility Clans would gather into teams based on their original location.

Team Soaring was no exception to this. Zhang Sheng’an had gathered almost all of the most outstanding students from the Three Mountains Region. They were one of the most powerful teams this year.

He had only gathered “almost all” because Ji Hanyan had turned him down.

That woman’s reason for rejecting his offer was incredibly rare: You are too weak. You are unworthy of forming a team with me. I will remain on my own.

This was the biggest setback Zhang Sheng’an had experienced while forming his team.

But this was all besides the point. Jin Ling’er’s eyes widened upon hearing Guan Shanying’s words. “What did you say? Could it be because of me?”

“That’s right, it was because of you.” Another youth spoke up

He wore an azure riding outfit gilded with Vicious Beast patterns. A chain made by stringing Vicious Beast teeth together hung from his waist, and a pair of octagonal boots were on his feet. His hair was in a simple ponytail, and his face was extremely square and adorned with a pair of thick eyebrows and lips. In particular, his massive hands were extremely eye-catching, but his fingers were shockingly stubby.

He was Drought Dragon Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang said, “You and that bloodline-less person are too close, Jin Ling’er. Zhang Sheng’an reminded you before that dragons don’t mix with snakes and phoenixes don’t concern themselves with maggots. People who don’t understand how to choose their friends will never have many future prospects, but evidently you didn’t take those words to heart.”

“Him and I are friends,” Jin Ling’er said.

“You value your friendship too much!” another youth retorted.

The new speaker was quite short. He wore a golden cloak with a wolf’s head embroidered on its chest. The cloak was held together by an azure sash with tiger’s eyes inlaid into it. He wore a pair of deerskin boots, and his hair towered on his head like a crown. His face was round and red, but his pupils were golden. His eyes shined when talking to others.

Golden Cicada Hong Wu.

Hong Wu’s voice was slightly hoarse. “You always think of him as a friend, but has he ever treated you as a friend? Think about it. We told him already that you needed this giant ape. If they treated you as a friend, they should have given the giant ape to you for free, but what happened? We still needed to give them a warning before they unwillingly gave it to us. Can these kinds of friends really be considered friends? You may think of them as your friends, but they might not feel the same way about you.”

“After all, someone without a bloodline is doomed to have limited achievements. Why maintain your relationship with him?” asked a brawny male wearing a dark cloak. Underneath the cloak was a black riding outfit with a Buddha gilded onto it. He wore a pair of knee-high tigerskin boots, and his hair was shaved in a neat buzzcut. His skin was very dark, and his eyes were the size of small copper bells. Intricate patterns were inked on the right side of his face. He hefted the Overlord Spear in his hand, exuding a majestic, manly aura.

He was Sword Rhinoceros Zheng Kuang, the person who had stabbed Wang Doushan with a spear during the Three Mountains Region exam.

Zhang Sheng’an added on, “Bloodline Nobility Clans have their own position and respect. Jin Ling’er, we can occasionally get to know and interact with someone without a bloodline to demonstrate our generosity and tolerance, but most of the time we need to maintain our distance. If you get too close to them, they will feel like they can use you and won’t fear or listen to you. They might even think of ways to capsize you...... I heard that Su Chen is Shi Kaihuang’s disciple. Do you know what kind of an old man Shi Kaihuang is?”

Jin Ling’er’s heart trembled slightly.

Zhang Sheng’an continued, “Wanting to break through bloodline restrictions is already a grave offense. It’s already a mercy that we haven’t killed those people yet. This occurrence was just to give him a little lesson. It’s really not that big of a deal.”

“Think it over. Don’t be like Wang Doushan, who stubbornly refuses to adapt.”

Zhang Sheng’an finished with a biting conclusion.

Jin Ling’er finally had nothing more to say.

She fell into deep thought.

Just at that moment, Golden Cicada Hong Wu suddenly turned around and barked, “Who is it?”

The group huddled closer to each other. Even the Giant Ape that was under Jin Ling’er’s control suddenly stood upright, gazing alertly behind them.

A person quietly walked out of the woods, his footsteps incredibly gentle.

“Su Chen?” Jin Ling’er blurted after recovering from her shock.

The person who had walked out of the forest was precisely Su Chen.

Su Chen continued to advance with a leisurely smile. “Ling’er, so you were here! I spent a long time chasing after you.”

Blood Demon Zhong Ding and the others gazed at him with disdain.

Jin Ling’er was caught off-guard by Su Chen’s warmth. She said, “Why were you chasing after me? Do you want the Adamantine Ape back? I’m really sorry about what happened......”

Su Chen interrupted her. “What nonsense are you spouting? You and I are friends. Since you wanted it, why wouldn’t I just give it to you?”

Everyone was stunned by Su Chen’s words.

Su Chen drew near to Jin Ling’er and laughed, “I was just happy to hear that you made it, so I wanted to come talk for a bit with you before I go.”

Jin Ling’er let out a sigh of relief.

Zhang Sheng’an, Zhong Ding, and the others furrowed their eyebrows.

Although they looked down on people without bloodlines like Su Chen, they felt uncomfortable directly offending someone who was acting friendly.

Now that Su Chen had said that he was willing to give up the giant ape and that he had only come to see Jin Ling’er and talk with her, it would be much too tyrannical of them to chase him away or even attack him now.

In reality, every Bloodline Nobility Clan was tyrannical, but even the most tyrannical behavior needed a valid reason.

People who felt compelled to trouble people they looked down upon without discretion or without taking care of their appearances were few in number. Even if they did exist, they would not achieve much because they could be described as “not knowing what’s good for them”.

Thus, no one knew what to do upon seeing Su Chen laughing and talking with Jin Ling’er.

Thankfully, Su Chen knew how to adapt to the situation. He pulled Jin Ling’er aside and said a few words to her before leaving.

Everyone present was speechless upon seeing him come and go just like that.

Finally, Zhang Sheng’an spoke up. “Although this Su Chen is indeed a coward, he at least possesses some intelligence. If he’s always this obedient, then there’s no need for us to trouble him anymore. But Ling’er, my previous statement still stands. It’s fine to know this kind of person, but you don’t want to become too attached to him.”

“I know.” Jin Ling’er replied as she lowered her head.

No one knew what she was thinking.


After leaving Jin Ling’er, Su Chen returned to Team Bright.

He didn’t go far before running into Cloud Leopard, Wang Doushan, and the others again.

Upon Su Chen’s return, Zheng Xia and the others instantly brightened.

Du Qing yelled, “Su Chen, are you okay?”

Su Chen laughed, “Do I not look okay?”

Everyone let out a long sigh of relief.

“You met Jin Ling’er and the others?” Wang Doushan asked.

“Yes, and I chatted with them for a bit,” Su Chen replied.

“That’s all you did?” Everyone was stunned.

Su Chen had sprinted away and grabbed Cloud Leopard just to talk with Jin Ling’er for a bit?

“I also took the opportunity to leave them a small gift.”

“What gift?” everyone simultaneously asked.

“A powder that is concocted from Beast Repelling Medicine,” Su Chen replied. “It gives off the scent of extremely powerful Vicious Beasts, so those weaker Vicious Beasts won’t dare draw near. The effect lasts for an incredibly long time as long as even a little powder is applied to them.”

Cloud Leopard’s eyes lit up. “How long is it effective for?”

Su Chen smiled.

Su Chen said, “I refined a total of eight vials...... It should be more than enough to drive them crazy.”

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