Chapter 49: Kill

Chapter 49: Kill

The piercing cry of the Firehawk was met by an infuriated howl from the ape.

When the smoke dissipated, a frighteningly large wound had appeared on the giant ape’s body.

The Giant Adamantine Ape’s Adamantine Body made its body as tough as a rock, but the powerful torrent of energy easily penetrated its body like a hot knife through butter. The massive wound on the ape’s body was deep enough to expose the white bone underneath.

But a moment later, the ape’s wound began to close automatically.

This guy’s recovery ability was abnormally powerful.

Even so, the Giant Adamantine Ape was infuriated.

Before this point, no person had ever given it such a serious injury before.


The giant ape’s body seemed to inflate slightly as it let out a primal howl.

It charged towards Su Chen, the ape’s massive body casting a shadow upon Su Chen’s body.

Upon seeing that the ape had increased in size again, Su Chen let out a quiet cry of surprise.

The Giant Adamantine Ape was considered “Giant” because it contained traces of a Giant Beast in its bloodline. As it grew, its strength would continue to increase.

The most obvious indicator of an ape’s strength was its body size.

The larger they were, the more powerful they were.

Twenty feet was one of the weaker existences among all the Giant Adamantine Apes. While it was much larger than humankind, this was quite common amongst Vicious Beasts. It was still quite a distance away from being considered a Giant Beast.

However, their bloodline allowed them to grow constantly.

Giant Adamantine Apes were easily angered, and rage stimulated their bloodlines, allowing them to increasingly awaken their bloodline’s power and become more powerful.

That was exactly what had happened. The Giant Adamantine Ape was enraged because of the pain. This activated the sliver of its ancient bloodline, causing its strength to increase.


It let out an enraged howl as it charged forwards, its speed much greater than before.

Su Chen hurriedly retreated. Flames appeared in his hand as he sent forth another Firehawk.

“Go!” Su Chen shouted as the Firehawk flew forward.

But this time, the Firehawk did not transform into a torrent of flames. Rather, it flew towards the ape in hawk form. As if it possessed intelligence, its sharp beak latched onto the ape’s previous wound. That place was not protected by the Adamantine Body, allowing the Firehawk to tear off a large chunk of flesh.

The giant ape swung its arm downwards as it howled in pain, slamming it into the Firehawk. However, the Firehawk was completely formed from Origin Energy flames, so it was not a genuine lifeform.

Su Chen had learned this technique from Smoke.

Although Su Chen’s Firebird was powerful, everyone’s strength had been increasing, resulting in the Firebird slowly being left behind..

Shi Kaihuang had taught Su Chen with his finger strike what “scope” really meant.

His future prospects would be limited if he continued to rely on the Erupting Firebird’s temporary power.

Thus, Su Chen was always trying to figure out how to strengthen his Erupting Firebird.

During the Red Cloud Slope battle, Smoke’s battle method gave Su Chen some insight as to how to improve his Erupting Firebird.

Smoke’s flames could congeal into a genuine substance. Rather than a one-time attack, the flames could become individual existences and attack repeatedly. Although the skill’s explosive power per attack decreased, the skill lasted for a longer time. In addition to having better harassment abilities, it could also absorb fire.

At that moment, the giant ape’s attention was drawn away by the Firehawk. It temporarily wasn’t paying attention to Su Chen.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Su Chen formed another Firehawk.

Another unique characteristic of the Firehawk was that multiple could exist simultaneously.

Firehawk after firehawk flew forth from his hands, their flaming wings flapping as they dived towards the giant ape.

The Giant Adamantine Ape furiously swung its arms through the air. The many Firehawks seemed like meteors that were constantly falling from the sky. The ape almost looked like a dancer on a stage lit by fireworks and lanterns.

As the Firehawks were struck by the ape’s powerful arms, the flames that made up its body would decrease, shrinking the Firehawk itself.

Upon losing its ability to remain cohesive, it would explode.

Every time a Firehawk exploded, it would leave behind a small wound on the Giant Adamantine Ape’s body.

Although these injuries were not severe, they accumulated over time.

Even more annoyingly, these Erupting Firehawks flew forward in a constant stream as if there were a countless number of them.

The giant ape howled in fury.

Its wounds grew more and more severe. As it progressively lost more blood, the strength began to ebb from its body.

At this point, most of the hair on its body had been scorched off, and burn marks covered its skin. No patch of its skin remained untouched.

Even its powerful recovery ability was unable to withstand the torrent of energy. Its life force had been pushed to the absolute limit. The Giant Adamantine Ape began to wobble, and its footsteps also became much heavier.

In reality, Su Chen wasn’t much better off.

The Erupting Firehawk was larger and consumed more Origin Energy than the original version. Because it was an Improved Origin Skill, it also expended physical energy. In a short amount of time, Su Chen was forced to begin squeezing out the remnants of Origin Energy in his body. While he could replenish the Origin Energy he had spent using an Origin Stone, there was no way for his physical energy to recover.

As Su Chen continued to go all out, he felt himself grow tired, and his face became more and more pale.

“Dammit, isn’t this guy too tanky?” Su Chen cursed. Team Bright was nowhere to be seen. He flipped his hand, and a massive firebird appeared.

At that moment, his physical energy had been completely exhausted. He didn’t have the strength to release another Firehawk.

The strengthened Erupting Firebird slammed into the giant ape’s body, mixing with the uninterrupted stream of Firehawks and creating a fiery-red sky.

Immediately upon releasing this attack, Su Chen’s vision began to swim.

If this wasn’t enough to kill the bastard, he could only use that......

Thankfully, the giant ape was no longer able to ignore its injuries.

This strengthened Erupting Firebird was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Giant Adamantine Ape collapsed on the ground.

It hadn’t died yet, but it didn’t have the energy to get on its feet. Despair could be seen in its eyes as it let out piteous whimpers.

Giant Adamantine Apes did not fall over.

But once it did, it would fall into an eternal rest.

“Whew!” Su Chen finally let out a sigh of relief.

Su Chen walked over after catching his breath..

He pulled out a vial from his storage ring and used it to catch the giant ape’s blood as he muttered to himself, “Don’t blame me. You’re about to die anyways, so you might as well help out the human race...... Your rage strengthens the power of your bloodline? That’s definitely something worth looking into.”

The blood continued to flow from the giant ape’s body into Su Chen’s vial.

Su Chen filled vial after vial and then sealed them using a secret technique.

Blood obtained from a living target still possessed some vitality, so preserving it was extremely important.

After filling five vials, Su Chen pulled out a jade vial and placed it near the giant ape’s heart. He then stabbed the ape’s heart with his finger, filling the jade vial with blood essence that came directly from the ape’s heart.

Heart blood essence was the purest part of a Vicious Beast, and there was only a limited amount of it. Death was imminent if it was lost, so Su Chen had retrieved it last.

As the last drop of blood essence rolled into the jade vial, the giant ape closed its eyes.

Su Chen quickly stored the vial away and then began to absorb the Origin Energy.

Su Chen was not wasteful in the slightest - he drew the beast’s blood and absorbed its Origin Energy.

At that moment, a familiar group of silhouettes appeared a distance away from him.

It was Zheng Xia, Du Qing, and the others.

“Su Chen, Su Chen!”

They had finally arrived.

Su Chen rolled his eyes, but he still replied, “I’m here!”

“Heavens, it’s Su Chen! He’s there! He’s not dead yet, thank goodness!” Du Qing exclaimed excitedly and rushed over.

Her frustration from arriving so late had finally disappeared, and she was finally able to put to rest the fear that Su Chen might have died.

“Su Chen, thank goodness you’re alright...... We’re really sorry. We weren’t intentionally trying to harm you; something unexpected happened. Did you escape from that giant ape? No worries, as long as you’re fine that’s good enough,” Zheng Xia yelled loudly in explanation as he ran over.

But when he got close to Su Chen, he found Su Chen standing before the giant ape’s corpse.

Su Chen was using his unique method to send the giant ape off to the afterlife.

“This...... Heavens......!”

Everyone present was stunned.

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