Chapter 47: Adamantine

Chapter 47: Adamantine

What Cloud Leopard said shocked Sun Jizu.

However, he jumped onto a nearby tree as soon as he could. He glanced in the northwest direction and his body clearly froze in place.

He yelled to the people below the tree, “Two Giant Adamantine Apes are headed in our direction two kilometers out from the northwest!”

Giant Adamantine Apes were high-tier Vicious Beasts. Their strength was roughly equivalent to a low-layer Blood Boiling Cultivator.

Team Bright might be able to take on one of them, but battling two simultaneously was not easy.

In particular, Zheng Xia and the others had gone all-out against the Mountain Demon, expending a significant amount of Origin Energy.

Even Zheng Xia’s expression changed. He barked, “Hurry and take care of that one and we’ll leave!”

Cloud Leopard slashed out using the Thunder Blade at a nearby tree.

With a howl, the Mountain Demon was sent flying from the tree. Before it even touched the ground, it became the recipient of Su Chen, Iron Cliff, and Wang Doushan’s warm hospitality.

Cloud Leopard said, “There’s no need. After all, it’s just two Giant Adamantine Apes.”

Yan Fuxing began to yell, “Just two Giant Adamantine Apes? They are both high-tier Vicious Beasts, and...... and......”

He was too ashamed to utter the words “and we expended too much Origin Energy”.

Although he appeared extremely majestic and dominant when battling, the way that he spoke made him seem a bit dumb and silly.

Cloud Leopard coldly laughed and wanted to retort, but Su Chen sent a strengthened Erupting Firebird at the Mountain Demon, ending its life before it could jump to another tree. Then he said, “Were those two Giant Adamantine Apes headed our way?”

Sun Jizu froze for a moment before nodding.

Su Chen said, “They were attracted by the commotion. Although Giant Adamantine Apes are large oafs, they have a sensitive sense of smell, allowing them to follow our scent. Their temperaments are very poor; if they want something, they will chase relentlessly after it. Unless you plan on running away for a very long time, it’s best to just take care of them.”

“Two high-tier Vicious Beasts are not easy to take care of!” Zheng Xia directly identified the most prominent issue.

“While one person attracts the attention of one of them, the rest can take care of the other one. Is seven-on-one good enough?” Su Chen asked.

Zheng Xia knitted his eyebrows. “Taking them down one at a time? It’s not impossible, but the person responsible for attracting the one will be in danger. In addition, the Giant Adamantine Apes have already formed a pair, so it might not be so easy to separate them.”

Su Chen pulled out vial of medicine. “This is the Beast Drawing Medicine. It serves as a strong attractor for most Vicious Beasts. I will use it to attract one of them while you deal with the other.”

The eyes of Zheng Xia and the others lit up.

However, Zheng Xia still resisted. “But if that’s the case, you’ll be the one in danger.”

“No worries. You should know that an alchemist has many cards up his sleeves,” Su Chen laughed. “If I really can’t hold out, I still have this.”

Su Chen pulled out another vial of medicine.

Beast Repellant Medicine.

This was not the fake medicine that Yan Wushuang had tried to give him before. Su Chen had personally concocted it.

Upon seeing Su Chen casually pull out so many medicines, Zheng Xia was speechless. The gaze he used to look at Su Chen with changed slightly.

Originally, Su Chen was just a cowardly and greedy person in his eyes, but now it seemed that at the very least the term “cowardly” could not be applied to him.

He stared at Su Chen, genuine gratefulness in his eyes. “Since that’s the case, then I’ll leave it to you. Delaying the Giant Adamantine Ape for the time it takes a single stick of incense to burn should be enough.”

“No problem,” Su Chen smiled.

“Fine. Jizu, check to see how close the Giant Adamantine Ape has gotten,” Zheng Xia said.

“Half a kilometer out,” Cloud Leopard interjected before Sun Jizu could even return to the treetops.


“Do I still even need to look?” Sun Jizu asked, slightly befuddled.


The Giant Adamantine Apes arrived very quickly.

These massive apes were almost twenty feet tall. Strictly speaking, they could not be considered giant beasts. The name “Giant Ape”, therefore, was slightly exaggerated, and their name did not exactly reflect reality.

However, the Giant Adamantine Apes possessed a bloodline that contained a trace of an ancient giant beast’s bloodline. A few Giant Adamantine Apes could surpass the Vicious Beast stage and become Demonic Beasts. They would become real Giant Adamantine Apes, at which point their bodies would really become massive.

Regardless, they were already extremely large.

Their large bodies granted them great physical power. They did not have any concealment abilities like the Mountain Demons, but they were unimaginably powerful. They could casually pull up a tree by its roots and use it as a weapon, slamming it towards their target; this makeshift weapon was much more powerful than any Origin Skill.

Barbaric, crude, and powerful - those were all words that accurately described them.

They were the body cultivators of the Vicious Beasts, relying on their physical prowess to dominate the mountains.

Once the two Giant Adamantine Apes appeared, Su Chen smeared the Beast Drawing Medicine on himself as they had planned.

The two Giant Adamantine Apes charged towards Su Chen as if they were in heat.

Zheng Xia and the others forcefully restricted one. Furious attacks were the best way to draw aggression. Even the Beast Drawing Medicine could not compare to the stimulation brought on by pain.

The male giant ape let out an enraged howl before charging towards Zheng Xia’s team. Su Chen took advantage of the opportunity to back off, attracting the female giant ape away.

He needed to back off quite a distance. The two giant apes were obviously a pair. If one of them was in danger, the other one would definitely try to save them - the Beast Drawing Medicine emitted a fragrance that Vicious Beasts liked, but it was not able to bewitch and enchant them completely.

The discrepancy in intelligence manifested itself.

While the two Giant Adamantine Apes were together, Team Bright carefully controlled the power of their attacks, focusing primarily on delaying the beasts.

But after the female giant ape had been drawn away, they began to strengthen their attacks.


A pair of vicious rings slammed onto the Giant Adamantine Ape’s body, releasing a dazzling light.

The Giant Adamantine Ape’s skin and flesh were tough, but after being struck it still let out a pained howl.

“Don’t use Origin Skills!” Cloud Leopard yelled. “The other one hasn’t gone very far yet, and it will return if it hears these howls. Wait a bit longer until they’re farther away and then we can attack at full-force!”

“But if that’s the case, Su Chen will be in danger!” Du Qing yelled.

“Trust me, he won’t die,” Cloud Leopard replied.

Du Qing glared at him fiercely, her eyes filled with anger.

Cloud Leopard couldn’t understand what Du Qing’s expression meant when she said, “I was wrong. I thought that you were his friend, but it turns out you don’t care whether or not he lives or dies.”

What? Cloud Leopard was stunned.

Thankfully, Iron Cliff followed up. “Master will be fine. It’s just a high-tier Vicious Beast; he can take care of it.”

Du Qing, Zheng Xia, and the others rolled their eyes at Iron Cliff’s words, none of them taking seriously.

But since Iron Cliff and Cloud Leopard had said so, they could only continue to delay until Cloud Leopard gave the word to attack seriously.


A raging torrent of Origin Skills slammed down simultaneously.

Du Qing yelled, “Go all-out! Don’t conserve any of your strength. The earlier we take care of this guy, the more quickly we can save Su Chen. He won’t be able to last for long.”


Hundred Refinements Pavilion.

A brawny student walked out from one of the rooms within the main hall, a satisfied smile on his face.

The skinny student laughed when he saw this. “Congratulations. It seems you cleared the fourteenth room?”

The student nodded his head in satisfaction. “Yep. Damn, facing four mid-tier Vicious Beasts is really difficult. Thankfully, my He Zhenshan’s Overlord Body Technique reached the stage of large success, allowing me to barely scrape by.”

“Then do you want to try the fifteenth room?” The skinny student, like usual, egged him on. Watching others fail brought him the greatest pleasure.

The brawny student waved his hands. “Forget about it. The fifteenth room contains a high-tier Vicious Beast, equivalent to a Blood Boiling Realm existence. I don’t want to tackle that yet. I’m not like those five monsters. I’ll probably wait until next year to tackle it. Clearing the fourteenth room by the end of my fourth year is already enough to satisfy me.”

Even in a world dominated by Bloodline Nobility Clans, differences in status were not absolute. However, high-tier Vicious Beasts were not easy to deal with.

To the brawny He Zhenshan, the fifteenth room was something that he could only temporarily look forward to.

“There’s six of them now,” the skinny student replied lazily.

“What did you say?” He Zhenshan froze. “Are you saying that, amongst us fourth-year students, another person cleared the fifteenth room?”

“It happened this morning,” the skinny student replied.

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