Chapter 46: Mountain Demon

Chapter 46: Mountain Demon

No matter what, the team had already been formed. Zheng Xia could only harden his forehead and continue to lead his team forwards.

He had no hopes of scoring it big. As long as no large issues arose, he would be very happy as the captain of this team.

The Falling Eagle Mountain was not particularly large, but it was not small either. In particular, its terrain was complex, filled with a vast forest.

Team Bright slowly advanced through the forest, searching for any Vicious Beasts that might be there. Simultaneously, they were on the lookout for any Vicious Beasts that they could not defeat. Life was not a game - you could hunt Vicious Beasts, but you could also be hunted by them.

Sun Jizu was responsible for standing guard.

He cultivated an eye skill called the Unbounded Eye. Because the trees were very lush, the dense foliage greatly restricted their eyesight. The Unbounded Eye could strengthen one’s eyesight and even penetrate through objects that weren’t too thick. Thus, their team would be able to discover Vicious Beasts earlier than they would be discovered.

For this reason, Sun Jizu was often standing on high ground, gazing down at the ground below him.

“Jizu, how does it look from up there?” Yan Fuxing yelled to him.

“No traces of any beasts at least five kilometers out in any direction. I say, where did all those Vicious Beasts go? It can’t be that they ran away because of us?” Sun Jizu replied as he continued scanning their surroundings.

This was just a boastful joke, but to the ears of someone who always took things seriously it sounded very different.

“Not all Vicious Beasts will walk over arrogantly. Many of them know how to draw near without making much noise,” Cloud Leopard said.

When it came to hunting, he always took things very seriously.

“Are you telling me there are beasts that snuck past me that I missed?” Sun Jizu was a bit irritated.

There was no way Cloud Leopard’s reply would improve the situation. He said, “Not yet.”

Sun Jizu glared fiercely at him. He said in a low voice, “Are you saying that you’re certain I won’t see those Vicious Beasts?”

If it were Su Chen, he probably would’ve claimed that he didn’t mean it that way, but Cloud Leopard replied frankly, “Yes!”


If it weren’t for the fact that Zheng Xia had restrained him, Sun Jizu probably would’ve punched Cloud Leopard.

“I hate that kid. He always speaks like he has a grudge against someone. He’s just so naturally annoying,” Sun Jizu muttered.

Du Qing and Yan Fuxing walked together. Evidently, neither of them had a good impression of Cloud Leopard.

They made no attempt to lower their voices. Even Wang Doushan and Su Chen heard them.

When Su Chen gazed at Cloud Leopard, he had trouble stifling his laughter. However, Cloud Leopard seemed to be staring off into the distance completely motionless. A killing intent began to emanate from his body.

Su Chen was stunned. He hurriedly leaned towards Cloud Leopard. “Leopard, don’t pay any mind to what they are saying. They don’t actually have any evil intentions......”

Cloud Leopard interrupted him. “There are two Vicious Beasts six kilometers away.”


Su Chen froze for a moment before jumping onto a nearby tree.

Although he had no eye skills, his Origin Energy seeing eye could penetrate objects as well, so he was also somewhat able to see through the leaves and branches.

Towards the east, there were indeed two Mountain Demons drawing near to them.

Su Chen turned around and said to Sun Jizu, “You’d best come take a look at this.”

Sun Jizu also leapt into a tree and looked in the direction that Su Chen point in. He very quickly saw what Su Chen was pointing at and yelled, “There are Vicious Beasts six kilometers away from us towards the East....... They’re Mountain Demons! How did you discover them?”

His question was aimed towards Su Chen.

“It wasn’t me that discovered them. It was Cloud Leopard,” Su Chen replied.

Sun Jizu was stunned.

Cloud Leopard?

He hadn’t even jumped onto the tree. How did he know that there were Vicious Beasts that far away?

No matter how much doubt everyone had, they all rushed towards the Mountain Demons.

The two Mountain Demons quickly appeared.

They looked just like lemurs that had their faces kicked in. Their face was extremely flat, and their bodies had no hair on them. Their limbs looked like dried out old tree branches.

Mountain Demons were mid-tier Vicious Beasts. They possessed significant physical strength and could conceal themselves within trees. However, they did not have many attack-type skills.

The two Mountain Demons were basically vegetables in front of Team Bright.

The best way to destroy vegetables was to simply trample them and tear them to shreds.

“Four people for each one. Does that sound fine to everyone?” Zheng Xia asked.

It was a simple battle tactic with not much depth behind it. However, no real tactics were needed to deal with vegetables.

“No problem. Let’s get started!” Wang Doushan laughed heartily.

Naturally, Zheng Xia, Yan Fuxing, Sun Jizu, and Du Qing teamed up. Su Chen, Wang Doushan, and the others formed a team.

The groups began to attack the Mountain Demon.

There were no tactics or teamwork. All they were doing was unloading firepower; each person had chosen their single most powerful attack, as if trying to compete with one another.

Sun Jizu wielded a pair of metal hoops. His Earth-Cracking Hoops would constantly change direction in midair upon colliding with each other, and their flight paths were very irregular and hard to predict. They were quite powerful as well, and he could control them as he willed. They would fly back to him after he sent them out, attacking from behind as well. When the hoops flew at their maximum speed, the two rings seemed to suddenly draw out into a hundred.

Du Qing wielded a sword.

Limpid Autumn Sword.

There were probably at least eight thousand people using the Limpid Autumn Sword, if not ten thousand. However, Du Qing’s Limpid Autumn Sword had a unique flavor to it.

She cultivated the Separation Sword Technique and the Cloud Swallowing Absorption technique. Thus, her sword was extremely graceful, and its aesthetic was like that of a clear pond by a quiet village. Her sword cleaved everything that it touches. When it landed on the Mountain Demon, its flesh was separated from its body. If it landed on a finger, then that finger would be separated. If it landed on its heart, then its life would be separated from this earth.

Her sword strokes flowed like water, and when she drew or sheathed her sword there was a artistic grace to it.

Yan Fuxing wielded a spear.

Galloping Wind Spear.

Yan Fuxing had always wanted to join the army. His attitude was that if he didn’t exterminate the Ferocious Race, then he would never return home from the military. Thus, his weapon of choice was a spear. Spears were the kings of the battlefield because they were well suited for large-scale combat. A spear strike could sweep in all directions, and the weapon itself was very proud and overbearing.

Zheng Xia used his palms.

His palms of flesh were as strong as steel.

He was not as fast as Sun Jizu, he was not as graceful as Du Qing, nor was he as overbearing as Yan Fuxing. His movements were very simple and straightforward, but they were extremely effective.

Every palm strike that landed on the Mountain Demon elicited howls of pain.

If their strength was assigned a numerical value, then these unassuming palms of flesh would have the highest score out of all of them.

The poor Mountain Demon howled in pain under the furious assault from the four people.

Of course, it wasn’t without ability to react. Its innate ability to conceal itself in trees allowed it to constantly jump from tree to tree as it dodged.

Unfortunately, mid-tier Vicious Beasts were naturally limited in their strength, so the distance it could dodge was limited. It also had no way of continuously activating it.

The four-man team possessed enough firepower to wipe out the surroundings whenever the Mountain Demon disappeared.

This kind of indiscriminate destruction directly flushed the Mountain Demon out, causing the poor guy no end of troubles.

In comparison to the fury Zheng Xia and the others were releasing, Su Chen and the others were much calmer.

Cloud Leopard was able to instantly discern where the Mountain Demon was when it tried to conceal itself and flush it out. Su Chen and Wang Doushan only needed to keep up with it.

After repeating this process again and again, Su Chen began to understand the Mountain Demon’s unique attributes. Every time it jumped from one tree to another, that tree would seemingly come alive, its branches and leaves gently shaking.

The movements were not large, but to those who were paying close attention it was enough.

By using this method, they were easily able to determine the Mountain Demon’s location and deal with it by expending the least amount of energy.

The biggest benefit to this method was that it conserved the most energy. If other Vicious Beasts appeared, they would still be able to fight at their prime condition.

However, their grandeur was not as great as that of their neighboring team.

Zheng Xia and the others wiped out the Mountain Demon and a large chunk of the neighboring forest. They were able to deal with their opponent even faster than Su Chen’s team. Yan Fuxing stared in Cloud Leopard’s direction, a self-satisfied smile on his face.

Sun Jizu directly said, “Aren’t you guys too slow? It’s just a Mountain Demon, yet you had to expend that much energy?”

Cloud Leopard coldly replied, “It’s better than squeezing out all of your strength just to deal with a regular Vicious Beast. Sometimes, other Vicious Beasts like to get in on the action.

Sun Jizu said disdainfully, “If you’re weak, you’re weak. Don’t try and find excuses for yourself.”

Cloud Leopard replied, “Then good sir, you might want to jump onto a tree and take a look West.”

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