Chapter 40: Nightmare

Chapter 40: Nightmare

Upon opening his eyes, Su Chen saw that it was already light out.

A night of beautiful dreams!

Within the Dreamrealm, Su Chen was unable find the answers that he was looking for. Too few people were taking the path that he was, and he could only rely on himself to answer his own questions.

After coming out empty-handed, Su Chen cultivated for a bit within the Dreamrealm. He also crammed for the studies that he had neglected, particularly the Origin Energy Bullets and Whitetower Teleportation. He had learned these two Origin Skills quite a long time ago, but he had never familiarized himself with them because of the lack of time.

If he had a higher mastery of the Whitetower Teleportation earlier, perhaps clearing the sixth room wouldn’t have been as much of a hassle.

Of course, Su Chen wouldn’t look back on things that had already happened. Every lesson he had learned was extremely valuable.

An entire night of cultivation had allowed Su Chen’s Ancient Arcana Techniques to improve by leaps and bounds. The Dreamrealm was truly a good place for cultivating not only his Ancient Arcana Techniques, but also his calculations and the various experiments he wanted to perform. It had basically doubled the amount of time he could use.

From this day onwards, Su Chen would attend classes and cultivate his contemporary Origin Skills during the day. At night, he would enter the Dreamrealm to practice Ancient Arcana Techniques.

Another half of a month went by. The five chief stewards had finally pooled together enough money.

The delivery of 250,000 Origin Stones greatly improved Su Chen’s mood.

He could now buy large quantities of ingredients again.

However, there was always a hidden sense of unwillingness that came with giving up experimental subjects.

Whatever. In any case, he had pretty much done everything he could to their bodies, and if he lost them, that was that. Shi Kaihuang was worried that Su Chen would sink into a vicious cycle of experimenting on humans; thus, Su Chen decided to live quietly for a period of time to demonstrate to Shi Kaihuang that he wasn’t obsessed.

Only by thinking in such a way was Su Chen able to resign himself to part with his beloved experimental subjects.

The exchange was set to be in a small forest in the Falling Eagle Mountain - since Su Chen had captured them from the outside, the exchange naturally couldn’t take place within the tower.

The five chief stewards were late to the exchange. By the time they arrived at the agreed-upon location, they found Bai Ou and the others sitting dumbly on a large stone.

They originally thought that when Bai Ou and the others saw them, they would react with excitement and even curse them out for waiting so long to save them. Unexpectedly, the five Young Masters didn’t even seem to react upon seeing their chief stewards.

Their gazes were confused and lackluster. There was no anticipation or excitement that their chief stewards were there. They tilted their heads upwards before turning to gaze elsewhere.

“Young Master!”

The five chief stewards charged forwards as they yelled, each grabbing hold of their own clan’s Young Master.

“Young Master, what’s happened to you?” the Yu Clan’s Chief Steward hugged Yu Zhen as he yelled.

Yu Zhen glanced at him expressionlessly before continuing to sit there in a daze.

The other four were in a similar condition.

Chief Steward Yu howled in rage, “Su Chen, get out here! What did you do to our clans’ Young Masters?”

“Don’t get so excited. They were just knocked around a little bit, so they are behaving apathetically. Give it a few days and they should be back to normal.” Su Chen appeared in front of them as he spoke with a gentle smile, holding a small pendant in his hand.

The chief stewards turned their furious gazes on Su Chen. Chief Steward Bai said in a low voice, “Su Chen, we will be the ones to determine what you’ve done to our clans’ Young Masters. One day or another, those torments will land upon your own head!”

“Is this how you begin your negotiations?” Su Chen replied carelessly. “Indeed, the slave bears the same temperament as the master.”

“So what? Su Chen, are you going to try to take them back with you right in front of our faces?” Chief Steward Zhang harrumphed.

In truth, as chief stewards of Bloodline Nobility Clans, they all had quite high cultivation bases. Each one of them was a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator who had awakened their bloodline. Su Chen was alone facing ten of them. Even if their Young Masters were unable to make a move, the chief stewards were confident that they could defeat Su Chen in a five-on-one battle. The reason why they had arrived late was because they had scouted out the surroundings beforehand to prevent Su Chen from trying anything funny. Only after determining that there was no additional setup did they appear.

The killing intent in their hearts rose as they stared at Su Chen. They were already beginning to secretly signal one another with their eyes.

Su Chen casually replied, “You’re making me look like a villain! How could I snatch my classmates from their own clan members? I already told you, they were roughed up a bit during their travels and their consciousnesses are still recovering, but they’ll recover soon. If you don’t believe me, look for yourself......”

He lifted the small pendant in his hand.

Everyone present glanced at the pendant. The pendant was in the shape of a six-sided star. It slowly swayed back and forth on the chain.

As they gazed at the swaying pendant, they felt their consciousnesses slowly drifting.

Chief Steward Yu was the most powerful one. He had a cultivation base in the high layers of Qi Drawing and was one step away from reaching the Blood Boiling Realm. The strength of his consciousness was also the highest.

In the moment that his consciousness wavered, he immediately detected that something was wrong. He yelled, “Something’s not right! That pendant is not normal! Don’t look at it!”

Just as the five chief stewards were reigning in their consciousnesses, they suddenly felt a sharp pain at their backs.


The five chief stewards suddenly stumbled forwards as a fountain of blood spurted forth from their backs.

When they turned around, they found Bai Ou, Yu Zhen, Bai Yihong and the others all holding daggers in their hands, staring at them coldly.

The five of them never would have even considered that their own Young Masters would retaliate against them. After taking a closer look at their Young Masters’ eyes, which were staring daggers at them, they finally realized that their Young Masters were being controlled. The pendant’s true target was not them, but their Young Masters.

The five chief stewards yelled, “Su Chen, you’re despicable!”

Su Chen gazed at them coldly. “Your fate has been determined by your own hand.”

If the five chief stewards hadn’t intended on killing him, Su Chen wouldn’t have used this tactic to deal with them.

But since they wanted to kill him, Su Chen wouldn’t sit still and wait for it to happen.

Every last resort that Su Chen had prepared was only put into play by the decisions of his opponents. If possible, Su Chen would have preferred to avoid this outcome.

Su Chen continued to gently sway the pendant in his hand as he said, “Wipe out the nightmares in your hearts.”

This was the Bewitching Technique that Jin Ling’er had taught him. However, it was nowhere near as powerful as the Jin Clan’s Bloodline Origin Skills. First, he needed to control the targets and then constantly exert his influence on them. In addition, he also needed a special object to complete his control over them.

Even though it wasn’t particularly well-suited for battle, to Su Chen it was already enough.

Under the direction of Su Chen’s pendant, Bai Ou and the others charged towards their own clan’s chief stewards.

Because they were the Young Masters of their own clans, the five chief stewards didn’t dare retaliate. All they could do was dodge as they yelled, “Su Chen, if you dare to kill us, our clans will not let you go!”

Su Chen smiled sarcastically. “You must be mistaken! The one killing you is not me, but your own Young Master. In addition, even if I was the one that killed you, so what? You are just dogs living under the care of your clans. I cannot wantonly kill the Young Masters of these noble clans, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t take care of a few dogs. Trust me, even if you die, nothing will come of it. To your clans, everything is fine as long as the Young Masters are safe and sound.”

The five of them finally felt despair.

They had been ambushed and were already badly wounded.The five chief stewards were unable to endure the furious combined assault from the five Young Masters, toppling over one by one until they had all died.

When the final one fell, Bai Ou and the others stood there silently, as if nothing had ever happened.

Su Chen walked over to them and spoke as the pendant in his hand swayed, “The nightmare has been suppressed. It’s all over. You may now return to the Hidden Dragon Institute and continue to live your lives. Remember, there is no longer any history or enmity among us. Everything that happened in the past is something that you are unwilling to bring up. Allow those unpleasant memories to be buried. If there are people who are trying to force you to remember those matters, they are trying to reawaken the nightmares in your hearts. These nightmares will swallow you whole, causing you to sink into an eternal darkness. If you don’t want that to happen...... then fight back. Kill anyone who tries to reawaken your nightmares.”

“Kill anyone who tries to reawaken our nightmares,” the five of them simultaneously responded.

Su Chen nodded his head. “Alright. Go ahead and live out your own lives now.”

The Bewitching Technique could not control a person for a long time. As time passed, the technique’s control would eventually lose its effectiveness. However, the fear that Su Chen had planted in their hearts would not dissipate easily. In the coming days, the five of them would not harbor any intentions of becoming Su Chen’s enemies ever again.

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