Chapter 39: Entering the Dreamrealm (2)

Chapter 39: Entering the Dreamrealm (2)

Apart from the three large halls for information, knowledge, and missions, the Dreamrealm Castle had a few other services available.

There was a Hall of Competition for Origin Qi Scholars to engage in theoretical combat.

Origin Qi Scholars could also find all kinds of amusement and entertainment. The best services were provided here. Although the services were all illusory, the feeling they gave was very real. Origin Qi Scholars could come to lose themselves in pleasure after a long day of cultivation. Here, nothing was lacking.

There were many sources of pleasure in the Dreamrealm that Origin Qi Scholars could freely use to amuse themselves. Su Chen had personally tried some of them out. He sat inside an imperial temple and watched fairy-like women sing and dance. Many of these pleasures simply couldn’t be found in the real world.

It wasn’t important whether these kinds of audiovisual pleasures were real or not. Thus, in the Dreamrealm, they had developed to an extreme.

It could be said that in the dream realm, there were only things that one couldn’t imagine, not things that one couldn’t see.

In a certain sense, amusement and pleasure was the main use of the Dreamrealm. Information and knowledge were secondary.

In any case, although this place was simply an illusory network, there were many things that could be done here. As Su Chen followed behind the Dream Spirit, he felt his horizons being broadened.

“Is it possible to cultivate here?” Su Chen asked.

“This is the Dreamrealm. Apart from information, it is impossible to change anything that is real. Thus, cultivating in this place wouldn’t result in any physical changes to your body,” Lulu replied.

Su Chen thought for a moment and then said, “What if it was an Origin Skill that didn’t require any physical change? Such as an Ancient Arcana Technique.”

Dream Spirit Lulu giggled while covering her mouth. “What a clever guest. Very few people discover the hidden value of the Dreamnet so early. You’re right! The Dreamnet is very good for cultivating Ancient Arcana Techniques. Many Origin Qi Scholars who cultivate Ancient Arcana Techniques like cultivating here. However......”

A mischievous and crafty expression appeared on her face.

“However, what?” Even though he knew that what was coming might be a trap, Su Chen still couldn’t help but jump in headfirst.

“If you want to cultivate Ancient Arcana Techniques, you will be limited by an insufficient amount of Origin Energy.

Su Chen was stunned. “Isn’t this the Dreamrealm, where things come into being through one’s imagination? How can there be an insufficient supply of Origin Energy?”

If there was an insufficiency in Origin Energy, there wasn’t much of a point in cultivating Origin Skills in the Dreamnet.

“The creation of a world requires setting up certain rules. The existence of rules allows the realm to continue to exist. A world with absolute freedom does not exist. Even in a place like the Dreamrealm, there must be restrictions for there to be order. This place already contains a place for competition. If the amount of Origin Energy was unlimited, then there would be no fairness to speak of when it comes to competing. Thus, when the Lord of the Dreamrealm created the Dreamrealm, all of the Origin Qi Scholars received a restriction on the Origin Energy available to them so that everything is closer to reality. Of course, since this is an illusory realm, there should be some conveniences available. For instance, in the Hall of Competition, Origin Qi Scholars who have expended too much energy but want to immediately resume battle, regardless of whether they won or lost, can request for their Origin Energy to be replenished. The Hall of Competition can then restore the Origin Energy they expended. Of course, there is a fee associated. The same goes for being injured. If you are severely wounded, but you don’t want to wait for the wound to naturally heal, you can request accelerated healing. The Dreamnet will charge different fees depending on the severity of the injury.”

“So you’re saying that the amount of Origin Energy is intentionally bottlenecked to profit off of it more easily?” Su Chen began to understand.

The Dream Spirit covered her mouth and giggled, “There’s no need to put it so bluntly. The Hall of Competition and the cultivation arena themselves are free to access. Without services that charged fees, how could the Dreamnet continue to exist? And how would all of us Dream Spirits continue to survive?”

Su Chen was speechless. “Fine. So how is the recovery fee calculated?”

“Every Dream Droplet can recover an amount of Origin Energy similar to ten low-grade Origin Stones. How about that? Pretty cheap, right?”

That really was quite cheap.

But if this restriction didn’t exist in the first place, who would need to recover their Origin Energy here?

This was basically equivalent to trading one real penny for ten fake ones.

Even so, to Su Chen this was still a pretty good location. At the very least, he had found a place that was more suitable for him to cultivate Ancient Arcana Techniques.

But to achieve this, Su Chen first needed to possess a few Dream Droplets.

“Guest, you were registered from the Hidden Dragon Institute. If you don’t want to spend time making or earning Dream Droplets, you can use Origin Stones to exchange for them directly inside the Hidden Dragon Institute,” the Dream Spirit reminded him.

“There’s no need. I want to see if I can earn some on my own first,” Su Chen replied.

“Which hall would you like to go to?”

“Take me to the Hall of Knowledge,” Su Chen replied.

“Knowledge?” The Dream Spirit couldn’t help but bite her lip.

The Hall of Knowledge contained mostly advanced, high-level knowledge. Knowledge that could be easily found in most books would not be circulated inside this hall.

It could be said that every tidbit of knowledge within the Hall of Knowledge possessed its own originality and would be hard to come by in the outside world.

Of course, new knowledge might not necessarily be worth much. For instance, a fourth method of eating a Golden-Patterned Crab or the use of Silverthread Sandalwood as a fertilizer could all be considered original knowledge, but they weren’t worth much.

But even the cheapest tidbits of knowledge were not something that a student at the Qi Drawing Realm could easily understand.

In comparison, most newcomers earned Dream Droplets in the Hall of Information by selling a few pieces of information or news. Of course, the price would be much lower.

They could even visit the Hall of Missions as a last resort. If they were lucky, they might find one or two simple assassination missions.

Of course, as Su Chen’s guide, the Dream Spirit had to remain courteous. Thus, she did not say any words of opposition.

She brought Su Chen to the Hall of Information again.

Su Chen drew near to the hall’s bounty list. All kinds of questions were hung from it.

Su Chen was almost overwhelmed by all the different kinds of strange and fantastical questions on the list..

Some asked about Demonic Beasts, some asked about cultivation, some asked about Origin Energy Formations or alchemy, and still others asked about local conditions and cultural customs. There truly was a myriad of questions.

Origin Qi Scholars who knew the answers could provide them. After the answers had been verified, they could receive their payment.

Su Chen looked through the questions diligently. He quickly selected one of the questions.

“What substitution positions are possible for the Light Revolution Talisman? Excluding the four positions that are already known, twenty Dream Droplets will be rewarded for every additional position that is provided as thanks.”

Su Chen glanced it over, then asked the Dream Spirit, “If I want to provide an answer for this question, what do I do?”

“Remember the question number. Go to the right room and provide the answer and then wait for them to verify your answer. Do you really know the answer? If you are just randomly guessing, you will be fined if your answer doesn’t successfully go through.” Dream Spirit Lulu was somewhat curious.

It was quite rare for a Qi Drawing Realm student to be able to answer a question within the Hall of Knowledge.

“I know two positions,” Su Chen faintly replied. He entered the room to the right.

Two? Lulu suddenly felt dizzy.

He knew two additional positions?

When Su Chen reemerged, his 38 Dream Droplets had been deposited into his Dreamrealm insignia. Two of the droplets had been relinquished as a tax of sorts.

However, Su Chen didn’t stop there. He continued to search for questions that he could answer.

He very quickly discovered a few more. After answering them, he had earned nearly two hundred Dream Droplets.

Su Chen was quite satisfied with his haul. “It doesn’t seem very difficult to earn money here.”

This was his first time earning money in such a simple fashion. Although two hundred Dream Droplets were not much, the Dreamrealm was not the real world, and there weren’t really many places that he could spend it. These two hundred Dream Droplets were sufficient for him to obtain two thousand low-grade Origin Stones to support his cultivation of Ancient Arcana Techniques.

Lulu was stunned into silence by Su Chen.

It was not impossibly difficult to earn money within the Dreamnet, but it also depended on the person.

To most newcomers, there wouldn’t be much of an opportunity for them to display their abilities. Diligently using their consciousness power to form Dream Droplets was usually the path they chose to earn money. Most of the Dream Droplets that existed within the Dreamnet were formed by newcomers.

The Dream Spirit no longer saw Su Chen in a common light after he had obtained two hundred Dream Droplets in such short order.

“So what do we do now?” The Dream Spirit asked excitedly.

“Do you even need to ask? Of course we’ll be spending it.”

Su Chen walked towards the room on the left side, wrote a few questions on it, and hung them up.

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