Chapter 34: Human Experimentation

Chapter 34: Human Experimentation

From this day onwards, Cloud Leopard also began to basically live in the Origin Energy Tower.

Shi Kaihuang was actually quite a generous old man. After all, he pursued the dream of the human race’s rise to prominence, and did not have any selfish thoughts when it came to cultivation. Thus, although he didn’t accept Cloud Leopard as his disciple, he did not object to Cloud Leopard coming to live in the Origin Energy Tower or studying here.

Without a status as a disciple, Shi Kaihuang wouldn’t specifically teach him the Origin Talisman Energy Formation. After all, it was a tool used to analyze Origin Energy Talisman combinations. On the other hand, Cloud Leopard was permitted to learn any contemporary Origin Skill. This was the difference between giving a person a fish and teaching a person how to fish. Su Chen was a disciple, so he was taught how to fish. Cloud Leopard was a guest, so he wasn’t taught how to fish, but he could eat as much fish as he wanted to.

This was Shi Kaihuang’s temperament. Any other instructor would consider this to be putting the cart before the horse. Why would you not teach your own disciples any Origin Skills, but allow those who aren’t even your disciples to freely learn said skills?

Both Su Chen and Shi Kaihuang viewed this as entirely par for the course. If they didn’t have a heart that encompassed the heavens, how could they achieve an unlimited future for mankind?

Cloud Leopard had basically been dropped into a sea of good fortune, and Su Chen was very happy for him.

To Su Chen, Origin Tool ingredients and other materials were not important. Any materialistic profit he stood to make could be replaced, but there was no substitute for knowledge, which was infinite.

Then where did knowledge come from?

Naturally, it was from performing countless experiments and practice.

Five members of pure Bloodline Nobility Clans were essentially five extremely rare and precious specimens. After bringing them back with him, Su Chen began to contemplate how to best use and allocate them in order to maximize their value.

His first goal was to test out his most recent theories about Kaihuang’s Heaven.

Shi Kaihuang’s understanding of Origin Energy Talismans and their effects on the human body was very deep, but he had his own limitations.

Most importantly, he was already in the Light Shaking Realm, but he was developing a bloodline-less method for Qi Drawing Realm cultivators to reach the Blood Boiling Realm.

He wasn’t in the Qi Drawing Realm anymore, so it was hard for him to apply his research to himself. Without special eyes that could see Origin Energy, he could only use the Origin Talisman Energy Formation to make calculations, making it incredibly difficult to avoid deficiencies.

With these five people and Su Chen’s eyes that could see Origin Energy, Su Chen could save both himself and Shi Kaihuang a lot of effort. Su Chen’s calculations would definitely speed up a lot.

His goal was to analyze these five peoples’ bloodlines to see if he could study them and utilize them, just like when he was attempting to study and extract the Bloodline Origin Energy Substance of the Soaring Snake Bloodline.

Kaihuang’s Heaven was a technique that allowed one to break through in cultivation layer without a bloodline. However, just a cultivation breakthrough alone was not enough. One also needs to have an appropriate set of Origin Skills.

If Kaihuang’s Heaven was like a trunk, then bloodline-less Origin Skills were the branches and leaves.

Without a trunk, the branches and leaves wouldn’t exist.

He was also using this opportunity to practice his alchemy and investigate different kinds of medicine, raising his own skill in concocting medicine. He could also analyze a few new medicines such as the Bloodline Ancestral Medicine.

If Shi Kaihuang knew about his train of thought, he would definitely rebuke him for being absurd.

If he was trying to go down the path of terminating bloodlines, then he should focus on that. Why try to research the Bloodline Ancestral Medicine?

Wasn’t that the same thing as fighting against himself?

But Su Chen didn’t think that way.

Whether he did it with a bloodline or not, they were in essence both different methods of utilizing Origin Energy.

Su Chen pursued bloodline-less cultivation in order to give every human an opportunity to cultivate so that the human race would have a stronger foundation. They would have more power to combat the Beast Race. His goal was never merely to eliminate those with bloodlines.

Everything existed for a reason. If certain sources of power could be used, it was unwise to give up on them so easily.

Su Chen used this kind of thinking to divide his five experimental subjects and then began experimenting on them.

Every day, he would first draw three vials of blood from each person and then mix in different ingredients or medicines and observe the reaction. This was his secret to researching the Origin Substances of various bloodlines. If he didn’t have enough blood, he would simply draw more.

Next, he began to form Origin Energy Talismans according to the Origin Energy conduction needs of Kaihuang’s Heaven and inserting them into his subjects’ bodies. He would then order them to revolve their Origin Energy and observe the ensuing changes.

He was combining theory with practice.

The Origin Talisman Energy Formation was just theory. Only when it was tested experimentally could it be considered complete.

Finally, he began to analyze the Bloodline Ancestral Medicine.

Although Ulrich’s Bloodline Ancestral Medicine had extremely severe effects, his general train of thought was correct. Ulrich’s experiments were a ray of hope that successfully finding a way to revert one’s bloodline to its ancestral state may be possible.

Thus, Su Chen’s five research subjects would ingest large amounts of Ancestral Medicine daily. Su Chen would observe their responses as their bloodlines were stimulated.

He didn’t need to worry about whether Bai Ou and the others would follow in Lin Yemao’s footsteps. This was because, after they had been tormented, Su Chen would treat them.

Since Bloodline Ancestral Medicines existed, there were naturally Bloodline Shackling Medicines as well.

There were many bloodline poisons that existed, but all had their own flaws. All of them were either not effective enough, too hard to use, or cost too much money.

Su Chen was interested not only in researching Bloodline Ancestral Medicines but also in researching bloodline poisons. After all, he had not forgotten that his greatest enemies were Bloodline Nobility Clans.

Bloodline Ancestral Medicines and Bloodline Shackling Medicines were complete opposites, so they were perfectly suited for side-by-side research.

Finally, Su Chen would use his Soul Eye and Soul-Fixation Technique to stimulate them and then feed them some bewitching medicines.

He did this for many reasons. First, he wanted to analyze how their souls would respond in order to build a foundation for constructing soul-type Origin Skills in the future. At the same time, he could practice concocting those medicines. Second, he wanted to create a few hallucinations in their consciousness so that he could control them. He had specifically learned a bewitching technique from Jin Ling’er for this. As a price, Jin Ling’er forced him to treat her to two meals at the “Sky River Restaurant”. The girl stretched her cheeks out, stuffing herself with food and drink to the point that Su Chen almost felt physical pain.

While he was experimenting on their consciousness, Su Chen would also concoct some soul recovery medicines for them. This was to build a foundation for his eventual concoction of the Spirit-Sobering Medicine.

Of course, because he had just begun, Su Chen failed quite a bit.

By the time he became proficient in concocting soul-type medicines, his subjects would be lucky to not have gone crazy.

In any case, Su Chen’s attitude towards them was that if they had no ailments, he would give them some and then cure them of it. In addition, his cures and treatments were never ordinary. He would always try something new, something unpredictable.

In this way, Bai Ou and the others were doomed to suffer greatly.

They were tormented every single day, day after day.

Even Shi Kaihuang couldn’t stand to watch any longer. He asked, “Does it have to be this way?”

Su Chen replied straightforwardly, “I understand Instructor’s apprehension, but please be at ease. I won’t lose my sense of direction because of this. However, some things need to be done, and some people need to be dealt with.”

“As long as you understand.”

Shi Kaihuang wasn’t actually worried for Bai Ou and the others. Since they wanted to harm his disciple, it was their fault if they died. The Primordial Content was a place where the strong were crowned. This rule was both simple and to the point.

He was just worried that Su Chen would fall into a cycle of searching for new subjects no matter what he did in the future, eventually losing his humanity. Even if his research was successful, it would all be pointless. He would be no different from those who had successfully developed complete methods to break into the Blood Boiling Realm in the past, but selfishly kept it for themselves, hoping to profit in some way from it.

Since Su Chen knew what he was doing, Shi Kaihuang felt much more at ease.

After obtaining Shi Kaihuang’s tacit agreement, Su Chen began to play with Bai Ou and the others with even more excitement. He would perform many experiments in rotation, testing out all of his strangest ideas and conceptions. He was not worried at all about completely ruining them.

Today Su Chen was merrily performing his experiments as usual. He was feeding a vial of medicine that he had just concocted to Zhang Zhongyue as he said, “This is the new White Teeth Medicine that I just analyzed. It should alleviate your symptoms. Oh, it’s White Teeth, not Idiot[1. The name of the medicine, White Teeth (白齿) shares a similar pronunciation as idiot in Chinese (白痴), which is “bai chi”. In addition, the actual meaning of 白痴 is actually more severe than idiot - it’s probably closer to being slow to the point of having a mental illness.], so don’t worry, you won’t become an idiot. Of course, even if you become an idiot, I’ll do my best to bring you back......”

Zhang Zhongyue stared mutely at him.

A few days ago, he had been force-fed a bottle of Heart Failure Medicine immediately after being struck by a Soul-Fixation. He had instantly passed out.

Su Chen used four methods to revive him, but it resulted in a few side effects. Zhang Zhongyue was unable to move without going slackjawed and drooling all over himself, but thankfully this repercussion was not too severe.

Thus, Su Chen continued to analyze how to best treat Zhang Zhongyue.

However, Zhang Zhongyue had long lost all hope. It was very clear that the only reason Su Chen was curing him was so that he could toy around with him again......

Su Chen had just fed him the White Teeth Medicine when he suddenly heard the tower announce that there were people here to meet with Su Chen.

The arrivals were from the Bai Clan, Yu Clan, and a few others.

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