Chapter 31: Red Cloud Slope (2)

Chapter 31: Red Cloud Slope (2)

This blade of light charged forwards like a white stallion, leaving behind a long scar on the ground.

Although the person wielding the blade was a youth, the blade surprisingly possessed a fierce aura that had traces of being honed on a battlefield. It carried a stately, awe-inspiring momentum with it.

Su Chen, who had only been in the Institute for a year, couldn’t compare to a sixth-year student. Every sixth-year student had received personal instruction for many more years than Su Chen, and had most likely entered the Falling Eagle Mountain many times. Their experience in battle was also quite impressive.

This blade strike set the atmosphere of the battle.

Even so, when faced with this blade strike, Su Chen remained motionless as he gently smiled.

At the same time that this blade strike appeared, a figure suddenly appeared behind him.

Iron Cliff.

He suddenly appeared wearing the Melted Golden Armor, as if he had stepped out from the void. A single step of his had positioned him completely in front of Su Chen.

It was as if a massive door had appeared that completely covered up Su Chen. Iron Cliff raised his left hand and condensed a shield made from Origin Energy.

Iron Mountain Shield!


The blade of light slammed into the shield.

This blade strike that could sunder boulders only burst into an explosion of sparks upon the Iron Mountain Shield.

The shield was completely unaffected. Iron Cliff let out a furious howl in Zhang Zhongyue’s direction.

This howl resounded like the ringing of a giant bell.

At the same time, Iron Cliff lifted the Iron Mountain Shield in his left hand and pulled out the Black Streak Battle Blade in his right hand while charging towards Zhang Zhongyue. As his heavy footsteps landed on the ground, the earth began to tremble. Even though he was the only one running, it was as if an entire army was charging forwards.

Iron Cliff waved the blade in his hand while charging towards his opponent.

Upon seeing this development, Zhang Zhongyue did not panic. He coldly laughed, “You’re courting death!”

A snow-colored light flashed from the blade in his hand. In the blink of an eye, he had stabbed out thirteen times. The streaks of blade Qi weaved and intertwined as they flew forwards like lightning, forcefully impacting Iron Cliff.

Brilliant light exploded as a shower of radiant sparks rained downwards. Iron Cliff howled as he charged forwards with the Iron Mountain Shield. He was able to forcefully block these thirteen violent strikes. He took advantage of the chaos to draw near to his opponent and stabbed out with his blade.

Unlike Zhang Zhongyue, he couldn’t use blade Qi to attack. His battle style was very simple and plain. However, this plain blade strike gave Zhang Zhongyue a threatening feeling.

Alarms began to go off in his heart. He furiously retreated even as he raised the blade in his hand to block.


A resounding clang of metal on metal sounded out. Zhang Zhongyue’s blade was actually knocked aside, but he moved as quickly as the wind. Although he was unable to block this attack, he was still able to dodge the strike as he floated backwards.

After being forced back by such a seemingly simple strike, Zhang Zhongyue was evidently put on the spot. He harrumphed, “Brat, you have some ability. Your grandfather will play around with you for a bit.”

Iron Cliff frowned. He was about to charge forwards when Su Chen yelled, “Iron Cliff, back down, you’re not his opponent.”

Iron Cliff was good at exchanges of force, and his combat style was simply to barge forwards. If he wasn’t even able to force the opponent back, then there was no point for him to have participated in the first place. However, forcing the opponent back didn’t imply that he would win. In terms of pure power, he wasn’t even able to beat Su Chen, much less a sixth-year veteran student. Although it seemed like Zhang Zhongyue had been forced to retreat, it was mostly because he had yet to display his full strength.

Evidently, Zhang Zhongyue was about to get serious. How could Su Chen let Iron Cliff continue to battle?

When Zhang Zhongyue heard this, he laughed savagely, “Can you escape?”

The blade in his hand chopped downwards, creating a streak of blade light that shot forwards towards Iron Cliff. The blade strike surged forwards uninterrupted. Simultaneously, his left hand shot out. “Autumn Drizzle Blade, Drifting Dark Extermination Palm!”

Su Chen shook his head. “Your opponent is not him.”

As he spoke, a blade of light shot out from the forest, slamming into Zhang Zhongyue’s blade and producing a resounding clang of metal.

Another person had appeared in front of Su Chen.


The youth surnamed Yu’s expression changed upon seeing that another person had appeared. “Something’s not right!”

As he spoke, he pulled out his sword and stabbed out in front of him. The sword light formed a thin strand, but the power was extremely concentrated and powerful.

A sudden cloud of mist appeared from out of thin air and seemed to swallow up the sword streak. As this cloud of mist appeared, four more people seemed to step out from nowhere.

“Not good!” Another elaborately-dressed youth began to yell, “This brat set an ambush for us. We fell into his trap.”

“Liu Hua, Zhongyue, let’s go!” The youth surnamed Yu didn’t hesitate at all. He turned around to leave.

Since their opponent was prepared, the new arrivals could not possibly be of average strength. Although the youth surnamed Yu was confident in his own strength, he didn’t want to do battle under these kinds of circumstances.

Although he wanted to leave, his opponent didn’t want him to.

One of the four people who had appeared laughed, “Since you’re already here, why are you in such a hurry to leave? You’d best stay right where you are!”

As he spoke, he turned into a flaming whirlwind and shot forwards, quickly closing the distance between the two of them. His hands reached out to grab the neck of the youth surnamed Yu.


The youth didn’t even turn around. He swung his sword backwards, producing a dot of sword light that shot towards his opponent’s palm. Although it was just a dot of light, it forced Smoke to temporarily withdraw his hand.

An instant later, however, Smoke hurled five enormous fireballs at his opponent.

Five fireballs in a row!

“Blood Boiling Realm?” The youth surnamed Yu let out a piercing yell. His retreat became even hastier.

“There’s more than one of us,” said an old, hoarse voice.

Copper Deer!

As he spoke, two trees off to the side suddenly began to sprout with countless roots. The roots were just like thousands of tentacles, reaching out to ensnare their opponents.

The youth surnamed Yu was shocked. He flew high into the air, but the roots chased right after him. He quickly reversed in midair, changing directions at high speeds in an attempt to charge in the other direction. However, he discovered that someone was already blocking his way. That person said with an innocent smile, “Sorry, this road is closed.”


The fourth shadow leapt towards Bai Ou.

Night Demon.

The group that had defeated the Shadow Mountain Troops had finally reunited here.

The youth surnamed Yu knew that the situation was not favorable. He said cuttingly, “Su Chen, you and I have no enmity between us. Are you really willing to eradicate us all?”

Su Chen calmly replied, “The ones trying to eradicate seem to be you guys.”

“If you let me go, I promise to never interfere with matters between you and Bai Clan.”

Su Chen replied with an innocent smile, “I think that taking care of you now will put me more at ease.”

The youth surnamed Yu felt a chill in his heart. He declared savagely, “Don’t think that you’re invincible just because you have a few Blood Boiling Realm helpers with you. Those from Bloodline Nobility Clans aren’t easy to bully! Silverwing Falcon, open!

As he cried out, an image of a large, silver falcon appeared behind the youth surnamed Yu. A snow-white light suddenly shone from his body.

“Illusion Demon Wolf, open!”

“Clear Wind Dragonhound, open!”

Liu Hua and Zhang Zhongyue also activated their bloodlines. Waves of powerful energy suddenly began erupting from their bodies.

“Flamewing Soaring Eagle!”

“Illusion Demon Fists!”

“Thousand Gusts of Wind!”

Amidst the reckless howls, the Red Cloud Slope became covered in waves of smoke that spread everywhere. This smoke forcefully resisted Smoke’s flames and Copper Deer’s tree roots. The resulting spectacle was particularly intense.

Even Bai Yihong and Bai Ou began to draw out their clan’s bloodline ability.

Upon activating the Thunder Spirit Bloodline, thunder began to rumble, as if a storm was brewing in the forest.

Everyone began to pull out their most powerful moves. When faced with the explosive power of five Bloodline Nobility Clan members, even Copper Deer and Smoke, two Blood Boiling experts, had to take them seriously.

Only Su Chen stared unblinkingly at Bai Ou while he activated his Thunder Blade again and again. His gaze was incredibly focused as his vision penetrated Bai Ou’s clothing and skin, observing the flow of Origin Energy within his body......

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