Chapter 189: Conclusion

Chapter 189: Conclusion

Time flowed like water.

Ten years passed by just like that.

Every tenth-year soon-to-be-graduate was probably busy figuring out their future plans. Whether they wanted to or not, they all needed to make their own decision.

In addition to Su Chen, who was going to be dispatched to Clear River City as a Knowledge Executor, the other people also quickly figured out their immediate paths forward.

Wang Doushan would return to Flowing Cloud as a Knowledge Executor as a result of his family's influence. He was originally from Flowing Cloud, and he could continue to contribute to his clan in a mutually beneficial way.

Cloud Leopard was headed to Clear River with Su Chen. This guy’s personality was incredibly stubborn. If he said that he would follow someone, he would go wherever that person went.

This wasn't bad for Su Chen either. Having someone as a helper was never a bad thing.

However, Cloud Leopard couldn't serve as a Knowledge Executor. Instead, Shi Kaihuang had helped him find a spot as a member of the Secret Task Force.

The Secret Task Force was the special group that Yue Wuti had commanded previously. Its main responsibilities were information-gathering, assassination, surveillance, and other missions to keep the country safe. In the end, however, he had been assassinated himself.

Cloud Leopard could obtain such a position in part because of his performance during the training period. His shocking perceptive abilities were noticed by the commander of the Secret Task Force. Shi Kaihuang hadn’t needed to help Cloud Leopard get into the Secret Task Force - students from the Hidden Dragon Institute were highly sought-after everywhere, but Shi Kaihuang had lobbied to get Cloud Leopard sent to Clear River City. However, because there was a mandatory training session after being admitted to the Secret Task Force, he wouldn’t be able to go with Su Chen directly.

Gu Qingluo, like Wang Doushan, was going to return to her own clan after graduating. She became a Knowledge Executor at Longxi.

Yue Longsha was also entering the Secret Task Force. Her father had been the former commander of the Secret Task Force; now, the commander was her father’s former subordinate. Thus, she was directly given the position of deputy commander. She had complete control over an entire branch of the Secret Task Force. As a deputy commander, the amount of influence she would wield wasn’t to be underestimated.

She had chosen the Crow Region as well.

Ji Hanyan was going to Bachuan as a Vice Director there.

Yes, she had actually chosen to become a director as a female. This greatly shocked everyone. When the others asked why she had chosen to take this path, Ji Hanyan replied, “That’s the only way that I can fight more battles.”

Indeed, Ji Hanyan’s personality was still the same.

He Niliu was going to remain in Long Coiling City and work as an official in the Unique Treasures Department. This department specifically collected all kinds of strange objects to explore the mysteries behind them. If the Ferocious Race hadn’t appeared at the Gold River Basin, the ones entering the ruins would’ve been from this department.

Duan Jiangshan was going to the Flowing Gold Fort. Xiao Feinan’s recruitment efforts hadn’t been totally in vain; Duan Jiangshan had already agreed a year ago to join the Heaven’s Mist Army, so all of the pre-graduation procedures had been mere formalities for him.

Wang Xuan’an was also joining an army but not Heaven’s Mist; his uncle was a high-ranking officer in the Flowing Shadows Army, which was why he had chosen that location.

Jin Ling’er was going to the Mirror Department. That place specialized in the adjudication of cases; with Jin Ling’er’s expertise in consciousness techniques, she would be a great fit.

Du Qing was going to Drum City to serve as a secretary. This was a scribe position, and she was responsible for handling the drafting of official missives and the curation of literature from all over the continent. She had chosen such a position even as an Origin Qi Scholar. However, in a world where Origin Qi Scholars dominated, this decision was uncommon but not rare.

Sun Jizu, like Wang Doushan, was returning to his old home. He took up an official post in Falling Water as a magistrate. He had returned to his hometown in splendor. As someone without a bloodline, he was very satisfied that he had obtained an official post.

Jiang Xishui was once again the only exception.

He didn’t receive any commissions. Long Sang Country’s rule that all students needed to work for the country for ten years after graduation seemed to be completely null for him.

No matter who asked him, he would only reply with a faint smile. Only Ji Hanyan seemed to have an inkling as to the reason. On that night, when they were all saying their goodbyes, she had let out a cold harrumph in response to Jiang Xishui’s secrecy.

Finally, the day of graduation arrived.

The Hidden Dragon Institute threw a massive graduation party for all of the graduates.

There was no end-of-year competition for them. They had all managed to walk this path all the way to the very end; there was no need for them to compete with one another any longer.

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were filled with a bittersweet sensation and a reluctance to part.

That night, all of the tenth-year students and teachers celebrated together.

An old instructor said, tears streaming down his face: “Another farewell. We’ve known each other and been together for ten years, but they always leave. Every farewell causes a fresh bout of sorrow, and it’s the same year after year. If possible, I...... will never be an instructor again!”

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