Chapter 161: Charging Through

Chapter 161: Charging Through


A battleaxe thudded against flesh, causing blood to splash through the sky.

A Vicious Beast fell to the ground.

Su Chen walked over and began to absorb the motes of Origin Energy that floated out of the Vicious Beast’s body.

As large quantities of Origin Energy entered his body, Su Chen could feel his body changing.

He felt as if the Origin Energy in his body had reached its peak and was about to overflow

This implied that Su Chen’s cultivation base had reached the peak of the Qi Drawing Realm.

Yes, after two days of diligent hunting, Su Chen had finally completed all of the necessary preparations before making his breakthrough. Next, all he actually had to do was charge past the bottleneck.

To reach the Blood Boiling Realm, he needed to light his heart lamps.

Lighting one’s heart lamps involved refining oneself and concentrating one’s Origin Energy so that the heart lamps would begin to shine, illuminating one’s heart as well as the principles governing magic usage.

After succeeding, one’s body would be completely reborn from one’s internal organs all the way outward, almost like a rebirth.

Once a person’s cultivation base reached this level, their lifespan would increase by another hundred years. The person’s usage of Origin Energy would be more efficient and powerful, and their recovery ability would be much faster as well. In the past, Su Chen had to use secret techniques to speed up his body’s slow recovery process. However, if he were to receive a heavy injury now, as long as his body didn’t disintegrate, Su Chen could utilize his own Origin Energy to help him recover. Finally, one’s bloodline strength would increase, allowing one to truly demonstrate the power of one’s bloodline.

In reality, the meaning of “the body and internal organs becoming clear” was referring to lighting one’s heart lamps. A person’s understanding of their own body would greatly increase, and a person could better treat their own injuries and save themselves from trouble.

But to accomplish this step was no small feat. It required all kinds of preparations.

Thankfully, Su Chen had made adequate preparations for charging into the Blood Boiling Realm. After reaching the peak, he headed directly for the stone mountain, not wasting any time.

After arriving at the mountain, the clever Jiang Hanfeng came to greet him. “Third Senior Brother, two more people have arrived. It’s Zhou Juanjia and Tang Ming.”

“Juanjia and Tang Ming are here? That’s great,” Su Chen said with delight.

Zhou Juanjia’s arrival meant that the little purple-scaled beast could be put to use.

Tang Ming’s arrival was even better. He was the only student out of the forty of them who had a Demonic Emperor Bloodline. In the past few days, he had also killed a Ferocious Race youth on his own.

In terms of pure combat ability, apart from Wang Doushan when he hadn’t lost any fat, Tang Ming was the strongest.

However, even though Tang Ming was very powerful, his personality was very arrogant, and he had some trouble getting along with others. Thus, he was only number 7. Tang Ming had sulked about this for a few days.

Apart from these two, four more students had also arrived during the past few days. They were the tenth-year students Xie Qiming, ranked fourth, and Yu Mengnan, ranked 15th; and the ninth-year students He Niliu and Duan Jiangshan, ranked 25th and 26th, respectively. He Niliu and Duan Jiangshan were like Tang Ming. Their strength was quite impressive, but they had personality issues. He Niliu’s personality was lazy, and he didn’t like having responsibility. Duan Jiangshan was bossy and arrogant, and he liked starting things. Thus, they were only assigned numbers ranging in the twenties.

Thus, Su Chen wasn’t surprised at all when Jiang Hanfeng said, “Tang Ming, He Niuliu, and Duan Jiangshan have started to go at it.”

In any case, Qi Weiyan was responsible for internal affairs. If anyone was going to get a headache about it, it would be her.

Su Chen felt very grateful that he hadn’t been assigned to manage personnel.

The more people there were, the more issues there would be.

Getting many people, each with their own unique personality and temper, to play nicely with each other was no easy task. It required not only different tactics but also patience.

Su Chen had many tactics, but he didn’t have much patience.

Time was extremely valuable!

Thus, he didn’t bother worrying about that. All he said was, “With the arrival of those six, as well as the deceased Zuoning, Jianfu, Meng Shi, Wende, and Zhao Xin who hasn’t returned yet, the only people we haven’t heard from yet are Zhao Xinze, Zhou Donglai, and Li Baiyu.”

“Juanjia says that number thirty is already gone,” Jiang Hanfeng sighed.

Number thirty was Zhou Donglai, one of the ninth-year students.

Another confirmed death.

Su Chen sighed as well.

In reality, he also understood that after being in the ruins for so long, any of their fellow students they hadn’t been able to contact yet didn’t have much of a chance of surviving.

Su Chen stopped thinking about this problem. He asked, “Have the newest teams been formed?”

“That’s precisely what they’re arguing about. He Niliu and Duan Jiangshan don’t want to separate, Ye Qiming and Yu Mengnan don’t want to separate, and Tang Ming and Zhou Juanjia don’t want to separate either. However, there are six of them; to make two groups of three, one of them definitely needs to be split up. None of them are willing to relent, so Tang Ming and the others began to fight. Weiyan is currently trying to keep the peace. Since you’re back, I came to ask you for help.”

When Su Chen heard that, he turned around without even looking. “That’s none of my business.”

Internally, however, he was puzzled. Yu Mengnan and Zhou Juanjia were both girls; it was understandable that they weren’t willing to part with their protectors. What reason do you two, He Niliu and Duan Jiangshan, have for not splitting up?

He suddenly seemed to think of something and trembled. For that kind of thought to come to him, it seemed that he really was a bit too excited about breaking through into the Blood Boiling realm. Unforgivable.

He quickly walked into his own research station and then said after a moment of thought, “I will be closing these doors for about half a day. No matter what happens, don’t let them come and disturb me.”

As he spoke, he entered his room and sealed the entrance.

After entering the room, Su Chen pulled out some ingredients and began to concoct medicine. He had prepared the ingredients a long time ago, which were just waiting to be used.

After concocting the medicine, he made his final preparations for breaking through. Naturally, the technique he was going to use was Kaihuang’s Heaven.

To most users, Kaihuang’s Heaven would only have a forty percent chance of succeeding. However, the inventor of Kaihuang’s Heaven would naturally have a much higher chance of success. Su Chen estimated that he had about an eighty percent chance of success.

Even so, there was still a possibility that he could fail.

If he were to fail, all of his preparations would have been for naught. Most importantly, he would have to wait another half a year before being able to try again.

Because of this, Su Chen’s movements were very careful to avoid making any missteps.

Within the stone room, Su Chen began to focus all of his attention on breaking through.

Outside the stone room, Tang Ming and Duan Jiangshan were still arguing.

“Tang Ming, don’t think that you’re special and that you can look down on me, Duan Jiangshan, just because you have a Demonic Emperor Bloodline.”

“My Demonic Emperor Bloodline is something special. If you have the ability, become a Demonic Emperor yourself! When a King meets an Emperor, the King has to bow down. Even if you don’t agree, there’s nothing you can do. Regardless, my student number is higher than yours, and I am also stronger than you. Thus, you have to listen to me.”

“Psh, then can’t I apply the same logic to Zhou Juanjia?”

“The one surnamed Duan, don’t bring the girls into this!”

“That’s just what I want to do. If you use your student number to pressure me, I’ll do the same to her.”

“Then, I’ll use my strength. The one surnamed Duan, don’t blame me for bullying you. As long as you can find someone here stronger than me, I’ll listen to you!”

Just as they were really beginning to go at it, the nearby stone cavern suddenly shook violently.

A blood-colored light shone brilliantly through the cracks in the opening, carrying with it a boundless aura.

“Isn’t that Su Chen’s research lab? What’s that commotion all about?”

Everyone was shocked and amazed.

Qi Weiyan revealed an astonished expression when she saw what was happening. “Why does it seem like...... someone’s breaking into the Blood Boiling Realm?”

“Breaking into the Blood Boiling Realm?” Everyone was badly startled by this proclamation.

Qi Weiyan hesitated for a moment, then nodded. “I’ve seen a student break into the Blood Boiling Realm before, and it involved similar phenomena. But it shouldn’t...... be possible.”

Because she was in her tenth year, Qi Weiyan had seen those who cultivated faster enter the Blood Boiling Realm before, so she wasn’t surprised by it.

But she couldn’t figure out how Su Chen had suddenly charged into the Blood Boiling Realm.

Could I have made a mistake?

Qi Weiyan was still confused when she suddenly heard a loud boom come from the stone cavern.

A brilliant red light began to shine all the way into the sky like a rainbow. This was a sign that someone had entered the Blood Boiling Realm.

A moment later, Su Chen stepped out of the stone cavern imposingly, his skin glowing with a faint luster as if it were slightly translucent. In between his eyebrows was a red mark, indicating that he had successfully lighted his heart lamps and a sign of the heart lamps’ penetrating power. This was the indicator of someone in the early stages of the Blood Boiling Realm.

Su Chen had really broken into the Blood Boiling Realm!

How was this possible?

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Jiang Duanshan turned around and asked Tang Ming, “What did you say earlier?”

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