Chapter 159: Exterminate

Chapter 159: Exterminate

Danba sighed as he watched Mendiano die.

Even though he had expected Mendiano to die, there was just nothing he could do.

He Yuandong pulled off Mendiano’s ring, then returned and said, “The mission was successful.”

“Thanks for your hard work,” Su Chen replied with a warm smile.

Then, he looked at Danba. “It looks like it’s our turn now.”

Danba stared at Ferraro and Mendiano’s corpses before suddenly saying, “Can you wait for me to take care of their corpses? I’m worried that no one will take care of them after I die.”

“No problem,” Su Chen replied.

Danba walked over and moved Ferraro and Mendiano’s corpses to the side. Then, he began to dig.

He dug very slowly.

Based on his strength, he could have probably blasted a huge hole in the ground with a single punch.

But Danba didn’t do so. Rather, he used both of his hands to dig a small ditch.

The four of them weren’t in a hurry. They watched as he slowly carved out a small hole in the ground.

But for some reason, Su Chen felt like something was off.

After he dug for some time, the hole was finally of a suitable size.

Danba placed the corpses inside, then began to cover up the corpses.

After replacing the last bit of dirt, he glanced at Su Chen. “You were the one who proposed the idea of a Takusha, right?”

“Yes.” Su Chen nodded.

“Can you tell me your name?”

Su Chen froze for a moment. “I am called Su Chen.”

Danba nodded. “I will remember this name and tell my fellow clan members you were the one who got Ferraro and Mendiano killed.”

Su Chen’s eyebrows knitted slightly. “I don’t think there’s a need for that. After you and I start to fight, there will only be one person remaining. Either you will die, or I will.”

“But the one who will survive will be you, is that right?” Danba suddenly laughed.

Su Chen froze. “You don’t have any self-confidence? Or you think that I am stronger than Wang Doushan?”

Danba shook his head. “This has nothing to do with who’s stronger or weaker. Actually, you weren’t planning on ever giving me a fair fight in the first place, were you?”

Su Chen remained motionless.

Danba continued, “You are very smart. First, you only sent four people against the three of us, making it seem like there were no possible schemes you could set up. Then, you arranged for two fair fights. Based on a normal train of thought, the third battle between me and you would likely be fair as well. However, you chose this moment to be underhanded...... There won’t be a third duel. Right now, I’m facing a 4v1. If you all swarmed me at once, I would lose.”

Su Chen shook his head. “Why do you have to interpret it this way? Look, I’m still here, and I’ll still fight you.”

“Of course. Of course, you will still challenge me to a Takusha,” Danba coldly laughed. “But that will be just to delay for time so that you can call for reinforcements, and you will use our battle to expend my energy. You and I will truly have a fair battle. You will definitely lose, but you won’t die. However, my condition will have declined because of my battle with you. If those three were to surround me at that point in time and then further reinforcements arrive......”

Danba spread his hands. “I’ll be dead for sure, right?”

A trace of panic could be seen on He Yuandong, Gu Qingluo, and Wang Doushan’s faces now that their plan had been seen through.

Su Chen remained as expressionless as ever. “No matter what, none of this has yet to happen. I could just say that you’re slandering me.”

“Whether it’s slander or not is very simple to determine.” Danba suddenly smiled.

He leapt backward and said, “I reject your Takusha challenge!”

As a Ferocious Race youth, he had actually refused a Takusha challenge!

In that instant, Su Chen sighed heavily. “I knew that there were some smart individuals in the Ferocious Race. Brothers, it looks like the reinforcements won’t arrive in time. We’ll have to strike ourselves.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand, and the four people began to press towards Danba.

Yes, Danba was absolutely correct. This had been a scheme from the very beginning.

The first two battles were all fair, but the third battle wouldn’t be.

Su Chen’s challenge to Danba was merely to exhaust some of his energy and delay for time so that Danba wouldn’t find an opportunity to escape.

Because of this, he couldn’t let Danba just reject the Takusha and leave.

He was going to kill Danba!

“Let’s go!”

Following this low bark, the four of them charged at Danba.

Gu Qingluo charged the fastest. She activated her Snaking Mist Steps to jump a long distance. A wave of frost slammed toward Danba.

The reason they had brought Gu Qingluo wasn’t because she was Su Chen’s girlfriend, but because her Waterstar Chill could seal off the surroundings and delay the opponent.

To prevent Danba from escaping, they would have to slow him down first.

Even so, Danba had made preparations. Right as Gu Qingluo struck out, Danba waved his arm. Countless grains of sand flew into the air towards Gu Qingluo. Each grain of sand carried a shocking amount of momentum.

Gu Qingluo was completely caught off guard. She couldn’t pay any more attention to Danba. Instead of using the wave of frost on Danba, she had to use it to deal with the oncoming grains of sand.

At the same time, Su Chen, He Yuandong, and Wang Doushan had arrived.

Danba hurriedly retreated.

This time, he was really retreating when facing so many opponents.

With everyone chasing him in this direction, they were bound to run past the hole he had dug for Ferraro and Mendiano.

Wang Doushan was first, Su Chen second, and He Yuandong third.

Just as the three of them charged past the hole, Danba gestured upwards vigorously with his hand. A wall of earth suddenly shot up from the ground.

This wall was perfectly timed. It happened to cut off He Yuandong from Su Chen and Wang Doushan, leaving He Yuandong trapped momentarily behind the wall.

Next, Danba struck out. A razor-sharp palm strike shot at Wang Doushan.

Wang Doushan wanted to block, but he found grains of sand flying at him; Danba had concealed a handful of sand in his hands. The handful of sand blinded him, and Wang Doushan’s reaction was a bit slow. Danba took advantage of the opportunity by suddenly reversing directions.

He charged at Su Chen!

He wanted to kill Su Chen!

Even under these circumstances, he wanted to kill Su Chen!

At this moment, Gu Qingluo, He Yuandong, and Wang Doushan were all temporarily occupied with Danba’s attacks. Su Chen was now facing Danba on his own.

Even though it was only a brief moment, Danba wanted to seize it to kill Su Chen!

He launched a fist.

What shocking power!

Violent Origin Energy began to compress as the Totemic Inscription on his body shone dazzlingly.

A Crowned Iron-Feathered Eagle appeared.

Danba unclenched his right fist just as the massive eagle in the sky let out a piercing cry. A column of Qi formed from the sky to Danba’s palm before he launched it at Su Chen.

This strike was no weaker than Ferraro’s Direwolf Flaming Claw; it was actually even stronger.

He wanted to kill Su Chen with a single blow.

There was no time to dodge, and Su Chen didn’t intend to dodge. Faced with this terrifying strike, Su Chen responded in kind with a terrifying strike of his own.

Armor-Piercing Awl!

Since Danba wanted to use the opportunity to kill him, how could he let an opportunity to kill Danba pass?

Their arms slammed into each other, unleashing vast waves of energy before they both flew into the air, spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

In this exchange of blows, both of them were actually equal in strength.

As they flew away from each other, Danba gestured with his left hand, clawing down at Su Chen. Simultaneously, Su Chen reoriented himself and unleashed an Erupting Firehawk, not attempting to dodge.

Bang, bang!

With two explosions, both of them were struck by the other’s attack. While Su Chen had been hit by the opponent’s claw strike, his Erupting Firehawk exploded on Danba’s midsection, leaving behind a bloody wound.

Both of them slammed into the ground.

At this moment, He Yuandong, Wang Doushan, and Gu Qingluo charged over.

Su Chen was trading wounds with Danba precisely for this moment.

Danba, however, coldly harrumphed. He suddenly gestured at a wall off in the distance.

With a bang, the stone wall fragmented. Countless silver sharp discs whistled at the four people.

Most of the discs were headed for Su Chen. At this moment, Su Chen was wounded, and he wasn’t able to react in time.

It seemed as if Su Chen was about to get hit.

“Su Chen!” Gu Qingluo yelled and charged over, Waterstar Chill activating as it froze a large swathe of the silver discs. Simultaneously, He Yuandong charged over, grabbed Su Chen, and rolled. A silver disc scraped past his back, cutting off a chunk of flesh. He Yuandong growled in pain.

Wang Doushan had to focus all of his energy on dealing with the silver discs.

Danba pushed against the ground. A thick swathe of smoke and ash was sent into the air, instantly clouding the environment and making it really difficult to see much in the surroundings.

“Not good! He’s going to run!” Su Chen ignored his wounds as he yelled, charging forwards.

But after charging out of the smoke and ash, he couldn’t find any trace of Danba’s figure.

“He ran!” Su Chen turned around to glance at the cloud of dust and smoke behind him.

That was where Danba had buried Ferraro and Mendiano. Evidently, while he claimed to be burying them, he was actually secretly making preparations. Not only was he able to stop He Yuandong at a critical moment, but he had also almost killed Su Chen and had managed to escape.

“This guy...... we were set up by him.” Su Chen’s expression was steely.

This was the first time that he had been on the receiving end of a scheme.

“I never would have expected that such a tricky fellow would exist amongst the Ferocious Race.” Wang Doushan walked over to him. “Are your wounds okay?”

Su Chen inspected his own wound and said, “It’s not light, but it can be dealt with. I hit that guy with my Armor-Piercing Awl and an Erupting Firehawk; he won’t be able to get far. Tell the others to hurry over and search the surroundings. We absolutely need to find him no matter how far we need to search!”

At this moment, Su Chen seemed almost like a mob boss from a movie, ordering his subordinates to exterminate a wanted target.

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