Chapter 15: Iron Cliff’s Strength

Chapter 15: Iron Cliff’s Strength


The Origin Formation Disk was shattered into pieces.

Inside a small room in the Hidden Dragon Institute, Pan Hao viciously threw the Imaging Disk onto the ground. His face was almost purple with rage.

He gazed at the person in front of him, squeezing two words out from between his tightly gritted teeth.


Su Chen sat with his legs crossed, his expression one of nonchalance.

Unruffled by the screams, Su Chen said, “No worries, you can slam them around as much as you want. This one was given to you for that express purpose, after all. If you want, I can take out many more.”

Pan Hao sucked in a breath of cold air.

He glared at Su Chen viciously. “What exactly do you want?”

“10,000 Origin Stones and we’ll forget about this matter,” Su Chen replied.

Between extortion and revenge, Su Chen had chosen extortion.

This was a necessary attitude for anyone who wanted to accomplish great things. It was important not to act on emotions and impulses, instead relying on a practical assessment of the situation.

To Su Chen, extortion was much more meaningful than simply getting revenge.

“You want to extort us?” a Hidden Dragon Institute student to Pan Hao’s side said darkly. “Are you not afraid we’ll just skin you alive right now?”

Su Chen coldly laughed, “Please, do your best. This is the Hidden Dragon Institute. If you few can really kill me here, I suppose there’s nothing I can complain about.”

“You......!” The student was just about to make a move when Pan Hao grabbed him, restraining him.

“Don’t fall for his trap. You’ll only be discovered by the inspectors and we’ll all be heavily punished,” Pan Hao replied.

“So we should let him behave so arrogantly?” A few of the students glared at Su Chen furiously.

If looks could kill, Su Chen would’ve been cut into a thousand pieces by now.

Pan Hao stared at Su Chen for a long time before saying, “Su Chen, hand over all the Imaging Disks you have, and everything that happened will be forgotten. If you don’t comply, my Pan Clan won’t give you a moment of peace for the rest of your life.”

Su Chen gazed at Pan Hao as if he were looking at an idiot. “You’re still trying to scare me? Do you really think you sound threatening to me? Or perhaps, do you really believe I’m scared of the Pan Clan?”

He stood up and walked up to Pan Yue until their faces were almost touching. He drew out every syllable as he spoke, “I don’t need to dispel any enmity between me and the Pan Clan, I don’t believe your promise, and I don’t care about it. Give me the Origin Stones. How your Pan Clan wants to take revenge is up to you. I’ll deal with whatever you can throw my way.”

Pan Hao was so angry he began to hyperventilate.

After calming his breathing, he nodded. “Okay, only 10,000 Origin Stones, right? We’ll throw what we have together and give it to you.”

“Throw it together?” Su Chen revealed a disdainful smile. “Oh, you must be mistaken. I said each person owes me 10,000 Origin Stones.”

“SU CHEN, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” Pan Hao and his six helpers screamed in unison. They were all infuriated.

What Su Chen was asking for was not 10,000 Origin Stones, but 70,000!

70,000 Origin Stones! Did Su Chen think Origin Stones were worthless?

Even members from Bloodline Nobility Clans would have trouble procuring that much money all at once.

Su Chen coldly laughed. “No worries, you can take your time gathering the money. You can pay me in installments. The first 10,000 Origin Stones will ensure nothing bad happens in the next three months. See, I’m pretty reasonable, aren’t I? It shouldn’t be hard to gather 10,000 Origin Stones in three months, right? In 21 months, you will deliver the final payment. But I’m warning you - if something happens to me within this period of time, the Imaging Disks will immediately be released.”

Pan Hao glared at Su Chen. “How can we trust your word?”

“That’s your problem. Did you know it was extremely difficult for me to relinquish the idea of getting my sweet revenge? Reason told me to ‘sell’ these Imaging Disks to you, but the fury in my heart was constantly pushing me to release it, satisfying the craving in my being to have my revenge. If you don’t agree, my reasoning will have been for naught, but I’d be quite happy. From this point of view, I’d rather you not agree to cooperate with me so I can show this beautiful video to the world.”

He clearly enunciated each word as he said, his fury mounting. “I’ll publish the disgusting, embarrassing behavior of you and your friends in front of everyone. They’ll feel like they were right there watching it happen. You will become the laughingstocks of the Institute, leaving behind a shadow in your hearts. If that happens, you will be ruined!”

“NOOO!” All of them began to yell in fear.

If Su Chen really went through with it, a heart shadow would probably really form.

“Heart shadow” was just a fancy, mysterious term. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t know of its existence. But when targeted by a relatively powerful consciousness Origin Skill or illusion technique, this shadow would become a weak link, decreasing their ability to resist such techniques.

A worst case scenario was if their bloodline and techniques required calmness and tranquility. Their entire cultivation path would be affected.

Because of this, heart shadows could either have a large or relatively small impact.

Pan Hao was stunned into silence.

He didn’t expect Su Chen to be so fearless. He didn’t put their social status as Bloodline Nobility Clan members in his eyes, even daring to challenge them to battle.

He savagely said, “Su Chen, you know you have offended many Bloodline Nobility Clans today, right?”

“No, the only people I’ve offended is you guys,” Su Chen replied with a slight smile. “That’s because you don’t dare report this back to your clans, right?”

Su Chen stared at the seven in front of him and continued, “Without the support of your clans, you seven are just like weak chickens in my eyes. I welcome you to try and make trouble for me at any time. But believe me when I say, today’s attack was only the appetizer. Are you prepared to face the consequences?”

The seven averted their gaze, afraid to look Su Chen in the eyes.

Su Chen nodded. “Then it’s decided. I’ll give you three days to come up with the first batch of Origin Stones. If you really can’t gather enough, you can substitute them with contribution points. Each contribution point will be worth one low-grade Origin Stone. I’m being quite generous.”

Like hell you are!


Wang Doushan greeted Su Chen as he left the room, asking with concern, “Are you fine? I really was worried they would tear you to pieces.”

“I wish they had. They might have even been locked up for a few days,” Su Chen replied.

“You’re risking your life just for some Origin Stones!” Wang Doushan exclaimed.

“So you’re not afraid to walk next to me?”

“Psh, why would I be afraid of you?”

The two of them returned to the Clear Sky Tower, laughing and chatting as they went.

At the entrance to the tower, they were greeted by a familiar face. It was Bai Yihong.

Su Chen paid particular attention to his finger.

Origin Qi Scholars were quite impressive. In just a day, the broken finger had made a full recovery.

Seeing Su Chen, Bai Yihong folded his fan and asked in a threatening manner, “Where is Bai Qing?”

“Bai Qing?” Su Chen was confused at first, but then he understood. “Are you talking about your servant? He’s resting in my room.”

“Give him back.”

“No problem.” Su Chen transmitted the command with the help of the communication device the Immortal Temple had given him. He could use it to reach out to someone within a fixed distance.

A moment later, Iron Cliff dragged the servant down with him. The servant’s face was covered in black Qi, his expression fatigued and his skin covered in pus-filled boils.

“Bai Qing!” Bai Yihong was shocked. He turned to Su Chen and furiously spat out, “What happened to him!?”

Su Chen replied absentmindedly, “Oh, after he came to my place, he wasn’t acclimated, so I fed him a few medicines. Don’t worry, nothing too bad will happen to him. He’ll recover soon.”

What the hell do you mean by ‘not acclimated’!

Su Chen was blatantly lying to his face. Bai Yihong was about to explode with rage.

After receiving his servant, Bai Yihong said menacingly, “Su Chen, isn’t attacking my servant going a little overboard?”

“I just invited him to be a guest at my place. Since he likes causing so many incidents, I gave him something to chew on.” Su Chen laughed.

“Okay!” Bai Yihong had learned his lesson. He was not as open this time. “Since you invited my servant to be your guest, then I would like to invite your servant to be my guest.”

Su Chen’s eyebrows jumped. “Oh? Iron Cliff, Prince Bai would like you to be his guest.”

Iron Cliff’s face twisted into a cruel smile. “Great.”

Bai Yihong retrieved his fan, then clawed out at Iron Cliff.

Iron Cliff struck out with his fist.


The overwhelming amount of energy from that strike rumbled like thunder, flying forwards with an unparalleled amount of force. Bai Yihong’s wrist cleanly snapped with a “crack” as the overwhelming force collided with his hand. It continued to charge forwards like a dragon, slamming into Bai Yihong’s body.


Bai Yihong flew into the sky like a meteor.

What is going on?

Everyone around stopped dead in their tracks as they saw this development.

Wang Doushan was the first to react. “Origin Qi Scholar? Your servant is an Origin Qi Scholar? And he’s of the Cliff Race?”

Su Chen smiled serenely. “Getting into a contest of force with a Cliff Race Origin Qi Scholar, you’re the first person that has ever been so confident in their ability.”

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