Chapter 14: I’ll Dig the Pit, You Jump

Chapter 14: I’ll Dig the Pit, You Jump

Wang Doushan squinted his beady eyes, his face tightening up. “They here for you?”

Su Chen smiled. “Should be.”

The two of them glanced at each other.

Wang Doushan asked in a low voice, “Who is it?”

Su Chen tilted his head in thought. “Either Pan Hao or Bai Yihong.”

“Bai Yihong?” Wang Doushan asked in surprise.

He could understand why Pan Hao was after Su Chen, but why would Bai Yihong also be after him?

Su Chen roughly explained what happened the day before.

Wang Doushan sighed. “You’re always holed up in your room alone. The one time you do decide to come out, you offend someone? You have quite a high success rate.”

“Perhaps it’s because I have an innately disdainful attitude.” Su Chen paid their tab and was preparing to leave.

“You’re just going to leave? Are you not going to fight them?” the fatty said, his fighting spirit burning.

“Our opponents are coming prepared. It would be unwise to fight them now.” Su Chen made a beeline for the exit of the bar.

Wang Doushan followed closely behind him. “You said our opponents are just a bunch of weaklings. If you don’t teach them a lesson now, won’t everything you just said be for nothing?”

Su Chen was amused. “You seem quite anxious to throw the world into chaos.”

Wang Doushan giggled. “I just want to see how you’ll deal with these weaklings.”

“......” Su Chen stopped in place, pondered for a moment, then returned to the bar.

Wang Doushan thought Su Chen was preparing to face his opponents, but Su Chen walked through the bar and into the kitchen.

An instant later, he returned, an unidentifiable item covered in black cloth in his hand.

Wang Doushan asked curiously, “What is that?”

“Want to know?” Su Chen gestured for Wang Doushan to get a closer look, then lifted back the black cloth. A wave of stench instantly rushed out, snaking its way into Wang Doushan’s nose, nearly causing him to vomit.

It was a large bucket of hogwash.

Wang Doushan was almost knocked out by the smell. “What the hell! Why- what are you planning on doing with that?”

“Just as you wanted. I’m going to be teaching those weaklings a lesson.” Su Chen covered the bucket of hogwash back up.

Wang Doushan stared at him blankly before growing more animated. “You want to......”

Su Chen gave Wang Doushan a meaningful glance, and evil grins formed on their faces. They quickly left the wine bar.

Wang Doushan complained the entire time. “Goddamnit, this stinks. Why don’t you put it in your Origin Ring?”

“If I do that, I won’t ever be able to use my ring again. Hold on, we’re almost there.” Su Chen and Wang Doushan quickly arrived in a small, unpopulated alleyway. He placed the bucket on the alley’s wall and tied a thin piece of string to it. He wrapped the string a few times around a rock he had found and placed it on the ground, forming a simple yet effective trap.

After finishing up the preparations, Su Chen clapped his hands and said, “That’s it. As long as someone comes here, the trap will activate and they’ll be washed in hogwash. There’s no Origin Formation or Origin Energy involved, so even if the opponents use some kind of detection Origin Skill, they have no way of discovering it.”

Although it was simple, it was extremely effective, especially against Origin Qi Scholars.

Origin Qi Scholars used Origin Skills to detect the presence of Origin Energy, but this trap had none. All of their standard techniques were rendered completely useless.

Wang Doushan was ecstatic. “Holy shit, this trap is savage. I’ll keep it in mind for next time.”

“Did you think that was all?” Su Chen laughed evilly.

“There’s more?” Wang Doushan almost passed out.

“Follow me and you’ll see.”

Su Chen and Wang Doushan ran through the alleyway, this time running towards a small river.

After arriving at the river bank, Su Chen pulled out an Origin Formation, hanging it on a tree.

“What’s that?” Wang Doushan was completely bewildered.

“Tell me, if a large bucket of hogwash landed on you, what would be the first thing you want to do?” Su Chen asked.

Wang Doushan instinctively replied, “Of course, I would want to wash it off......”

His eyes lit up in sudden understanding. “They would come to this river to wash themselves clean. And when they do, they’ll fall in your next trap!”

Earlier, he only had respect for Su Chen, but now he was staring at him in awe.

This damned trickster was too good at what he did. He was even able to effortlessly set up multiple traps in a row.

Wang Doushan was just about to ask what the formation did when Su Chen gestured him to be quiet and listen attentively.

Their hearing ability was superior to most people, and they could supplement it with Origin Energy. From a nearby alleyway they could faintly hear someone wailing. Most likely that person had fallen victim to the “stink bomb trap”. Su Chen smiled and said, “Let’s go, they’ll be here any minute.”

The two of them quickly hid behind a large tree.

An instant later, they saw seven people come flying out of the alleyway. The one in the lead was Pan Hao.

“So it was him,” Wang Doushan whispered.

Su Chen was spot on. Pan Hao was a third-year student whose strength was roughly equivalent to Ji Hanyan. Just him alone was enough to deal with the two of them, not to mention with his six helpers. They all seemed to be third-year students.

This was like a lion going all-out to catch a rabbit. Thankfully, Su Chen came prepared. If he hadn’t acted with such caution, he would most likely be screwed. It was even possible this would then be where others would find his corpse.

“This motherfucker seems to have been searching for an opportunity. You’ve only ever left the Institute once since entering, yet he was still aware of it. It seems the Pan Clan hates you to their bones. They won’t take a break until they kill you,” Wang Doushan murmured.

Su Chen gently laughed. “They were prepared, but how could I not be prepared? Did you really think that these preparations I made were all just made up on the spot?”

“So that’s how it is.” Wang Doushan finally understood.

At this moment, Pan Hao and the others had already jumped in the lake. Some of them were naked, furiously cursing as they washed their dirty parts.

They had been completely drenched by a bucket of hogwash. This was an insult that was hard to stomach no matter who they were.

The flow of the river washed away the gross substances on their body, causing a stench to float into the air in waves. Even Wang Doushan was able to smell it.

He waited for a long time, but the riverbank was silent.

He said in surprise, “Why was there no reaction?”

“What reaction?” Su Chen asked.

Wang Doushan was about to go crazy. “Didn’t you set up another trap for him? Shouldn’t he be engulfed in flames or blown to pieces right about now?”

Su Chen indifferently replied, “There wasn’t supposed to be any fire or explosions in the first place. That Origin Formation Disk was never meant to launch any attacks.”

“Then it’s......”

“It’s an imaging disk,” Su Chen replied.

Imaging Disks were a kind of Origin Formation Disks that could record what was happening.

Wang Doushan didn’t expect Su Chen to install an Imaging Disk. He was dumbfounded.

After staring dumbly for a moment, he finally realized what was happening. “My goodness, you’re recording their foolish behavior?”

Su Chen, aren’t you going a bit too far?

Although no real attack was launched, Wang Doushan believed Pan Hao and the others would’ve rather been blown to bits than to have their own foolish, disgraceful behavior revealed to everyone.

“That’s right!” Su Chen nodded. “Which means we have a new problem that needs solving.”

“What problem?” Wang Doushan didn’t understand.

“Should we use this Imaging Disk as a bargaining chip and heavily extort them? Or should we just release the video to the whole Institute, making it so that they can never show their faces in public again?”

Su Chen wore a serious expression, as if he were making a life-or-death decision. “Do I want to extort as many benefits from them as I can, or do I want to have my revenge on them to my heart’s content......? This question is one that is worth considering!”

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