Chapter 137: Powerful Ambush

Chapter 137: Powerful Ambush

He took a deep sniff of the scent that was borne to him on the wind.

“That’s the smell of a human for sure!” Burke said in a low voice.

He quickened his pace towards the mountain.

Burke enjoyed killing!

Burke relished the scent of blood!

Burke wanted to completely wipe out the annoying group of humans!

His excitement and speed continued to grow as he constantly repeated this to himself.

Finally, he arrived at the base of the mountain.

There, he found a young human standing in place.

The human was very small, like a tiny bean sprout, but he began to yell provocatively at Burke.

“Come at me you useless meathead! I’ll kill you!” Zhao Xin yelled at Burke as he gestured disdainfully at him.

Burke’s lips curled back to form a smile.

Burke did not grow angry.

That was because Burke did not get angry with people who were already dead!

He laughed, his mouth opening like a deep chasm.

Then, he pulled the giant axe off of his back and rushed Zhao Xin.

Even though Zhao Xin was only being attacked by a single Ferocious Race individual, he felt as if he was facing an entire army.

He stood there and watched as the Ferocious Race youth charged at him like a wild bull, dust flying up in his wake.

Zhao Xin hurriedly retreated, simultaneously unleashing a torrent of needles.

The Ferocious Race youth laughed. The inscriptions on his chest began to glow crimson, and a powerful torrent of energy exploded forth, covering him completely. The rain of needles bounced off of his body like it was made of stone, clattering off of his body. The massive stone axe sliced down towards Zhao Xin.

A hundred feet!

He was still a hundred feet away from Zhao Xin when he unleashed his attack. The axe slammed directly into the ground.

The ground began to split and crack, rushing directly towards Zhao Xin’s feet.

In response to this attack, Zhao Xin leapt into the air, the Golden-Eyed Eagle appearing behind him, Eagle Spreading Its Wings taking him high into the sky.

Burke smiled savagely. The inscriptions on his feet began to glow, and Burke forcefully pushed off the ground.


The ground spiderwebbed beneath his feet as he flew into the air.

The frightening rebound allowed him to close the distance between him and Zhao Xin. His stone axe chopped down once again, the turbulent air surrounding it giving off the sense that the axe could obliterate anything in this path.

Just as that axe was about to cleave Zhao Xin in half, Zhao Xin suddenly increased his speed. His body flashed with a brilliant light, flying backwards with an unprecedented speed and avoiding the blow.

Burke landed on the ground violently. The axe slammed into the ground again, creating a crater upon impact, sending large chunks of earth flying everywhere.

Zhao Xin’s face was ashen. He glided for a distance before landing back on the ground and immediately booking it in the opposite direction. He did not forget the duty he had been entrusted with, so as he ran he continued to provoke Burke, “Come at me you bastard!”

Burke, however, was in no hurry to chase after him.

He continued to sniff the air, and his eyes squinted slightly. “The wind smells a bit different...... there’s more than one person here!”

He glanced at his surroundings, constantly sniffing as he searched for any traces of another human.

Zhao Xin was agitated. He knew that he wasn’t the Ferocious Race youth’s opponent, but he still gritted his teeth and turned back, blasting a column of light from his palm.

Burke flipped the head of his axe around. The column of light slammed into the axehead, sending a shower of sparks flying upon impact.

He stared at Zhao Xin, who had returned, and tilted his head. “You’re worried for your friend?”

Zhao Xin froze.

Burke laughed.

The Ferocious Race was crude and wild, but they were not idiots!

He howled, “What useless camaraderie!”

The inscriptions on his body began to glow bloody red again.

Massive waves of energy surged forth, and Burke recklessly charged towards Zhao Xin, the ground trembling beneath his feet.

“DIE!” Burke howled as he swung his axe down at Zhao Xin.

Zhao Xin hurriedly dodged.


The battleaxe barely missed Zhao Xin, but the energy roiling from the axe’s surface still slammed into Zhao Xin and sent him flying.

He was blown into the air like a willow leaf.

Burke leapt into the air, not waiting for Zhao Xin to descend. He struck down at Zhao Xin with earth-shattering momentum.


The waves of energy coming off the axe slammed into Zhao Xin with a thunderous explosion, and it was as if the heavens themselves were about to collapse.

One blow!

Just one blow!

Blood flowed from every orifice of Zhao Xin’s body, his life-force seeming to flicker in that moment.

If he hadn’t put up a barrier at the last moment or activated a defensive Origin Tool, that axe strike would have killed him right then and there.

Zhao Xin fell heavily to the ground as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Burke also came crashing back to the ground like a massive boulder, sending dust and chunks of earth everywhere.

Burke yelled as he stomped forwards, “Your weakness astonishes me, human!”

He spun the axe in his hand and put it on his back. “I only need one hand to put you down.”

Zhao Xin stood up, gritting his teeth as he gripped the blade in his hand tightly.

The inscribed totems on Burke’s arms began to glow.

Zhao Xin struck out with his blade, the surface of the blade shining brightly.

Burke punched out with a single fist. “Not good enough!”

His iron-like fist slammed into the blade, causing the blade to flash with color.

An instant later, the blade shattered into tiny miniscule fragments, forming a cloud of metal powder in the air.

Even though it wasn’t an Origin Tool, Zhao Xin was still stunned that it had been destroyed in a single blow. The force from the blow continued through the blade and spread to Zhao Xin’s chest, causing Zhao Xin to spit out another mouthful of blood and retreat.

He fell on the ground, unable to crawl back to his feet for some time.

“Useless trash. If every human is as weak as you, this trip will be quite boring,” Burke growled.

Zhao Xin clutched at his chest as he stood up. “You sure talk a lot.”

He stood up unsteadily. “Don’t forget that you haven’t managed to kill me yet.”

As he spread his hands, countless needles shot forth like rain, shooting at Burke.

Even though Burke was powerful, he would still be seriously injured if these needles were to pierce his eyes.

Thus, Burke lowered his head and shut his eyes, his arms raised above his head as his chest began to glow again, his body instantly hardening like it was made of adamantine.

The sound of metal clattering on metal once again rang out.

A brief moment later, the rain stopped.

Burke lowered his arms. They had been covered in swathes of red dots, but had not sustained any substantial injury.

Burke laughed, “What a weak attack.”

Zhao Xin replied, “I didn’t expect it to be of much use against you. I just......”

His voice suddenly lowered.

Burke couldn’t hear what he said at the end. “What did you say?”

“I said......” Zhao Xin suddenly laughed and yelled, “You are an idiot!”

A sudden sense of danger surfaced in Burke’s heart.


Burke whirled around to unleash a punch behind himself.


Burke’s punch slammed into the ambush from behind.

An instant later, Burke’s arm, which was as tough as iron, snapped like an old, rotting tree branch.

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