Chapter 112: Distribution

Chapter 112: Distribution

One season followed another, and half a year had gone by in the blink of an eye.

After sending Zhu Xianyao away, everything returned to normal.

Su Chen completely immersed himself into his research.

Even though he no longer had the Zhu Clan’s bloodline, he still had the Zhang Clan’s, the Hong Clan’s, the Zhong Clan’s, the Zheng Clan’s, and a multitude of other bloodlines he could research.

To Su Chen, the battle at Red Pinewood Forest was like a giant treasure chest. It had given Su Chen too many Origin Skills, too much knowledge, too many cultivation resources. When considering the massive wealth that Kaihuang’s Heaven had pulled in, he now had the freedom to research as he pleased.

With money, his research progressed rapidly, as did his results.

In just half a year, Su Chen already began to reap a ton of benefits.

Today, Su Chen called Wang Doushan, Du Qing, Sun Jizu, and Jin Ling’er over to his Origin Energy Tower.

“Oh, everyone’s here?” Wang Doushan was always the last one to arrive.

His fat body shook with laughter upon seeing the group of people already gathered in front of him.

His harmless appearance and silly laughter gave people the impression that he was just an airhead, but only in true battle would people discover his shrewd, vicious side.

“Su Chen called us here for some reason without telling us why,” Sun Jizu said.

This was the first time that Team Bright had gotten back together ever since Zhang Sheng’an’s death.

“Anyone want to make a wager with me? I think it’ll be good news,” Du Qing laughed.

“What good news? The Six Great Clans gave up on the investigation?” Sun Jizu asked. He did not know that the people from the Six Great Clans had already been wiped out, so he had lived in a constant state of unease for the past half a year.

But ever since that investigation, the Six Great Clans had seemingly fallen silent, and he had gradually begun to relax.

Su Chen’s sudden meeting caused his originally calm state of mind to suddenly become agitated again.

“Hey, this matter should have been settled a long time ago. Do you really need to be so cautious about everything?” Wang Doushan said impatiently.

“I'm just worried is all,” Sun Jizu mumbled to himself.

Jin Ling’er sighed, “Don't worry. Su Chen should have already taken care of the Six Great Clans. He didn't call us here about that.”

“How do you know?” Du Qing asked.

Jin Ling’er didn't say anything, and Wang Doushan seemed to be thinking about something.

Thankfully, Su Chen didn't make them wait for too long and quickly emerged from his research room.

He smiled at everyone. “Oh, you guys are all here already! Sorry for making you wait.”

Jin Ling’er hugged her shoulders as she replied, “As long as it's not bad news, we don't mind having to wait for a bit.”

Su Chen was startled for a moment before he realized what was happening. “Did you think that I had called you all together for that matter?”

The others all glanced at each other.

Su Chen laughed bitterly, “Sorry for scaring you. It has nothing to do with the Six Great Clans. Don't worry about them; they've already been taken care of and won't bother us in the future. I called you all here to share some good news.”

“What good news?” everyone asked simultaneously.

“The end-of-year competition will be happening two months from now. I assume you will all be attending?”

Everyone nodded.

“I’d imagine that your rankings won't be too high,” Su Chen added.

Everyone began to laugh loudly.

Of the people gathered here, not many of them had good rankings.

Du Qing and Sun Jizu weren't worth mentioning. They were all commoners without a bloodline, and their level of strength was among the weakest within the Hidden Dragon Institute

Jin Ling’er was still unsuited for battles on a stage, so there was no point mentioning her either.

Cloud Leopard was indeed very powerful if he was involved in a life-or-death battle within a forest. However, he was not as skilled at battling on a stage. To him, battles that were not fought to the death were pointless.

Wang Doushan was still the top performer. He reliably entered the Dragon Transformation List’s top 100 every year, and the only reason he hadn’t gone further was because he never used his Origin Tool on stage to preserve its secrecy. Otherwise, he probably could have reached even higher standings.

Nobody understood what Su Chen was getting at by bringing this up now.

Su Chen walked to a cabinet in the corner of the room and pulled out a few jade slips from it. “Recently, I’ve been doing some research. I trust that these will be helpful to you. Hopefully, your strength will increase, and you can make some more headway in the rankings.”

“Oh?” Upon hearing this, everyone's interest was piqued.

“There's no hurry. Let's do it one at a time,” Su Chen laughed.

He pulled out a jade slip. “Du Qing, this is for you.”

Du Qing grabbed it and glanced it over. She muttered without thinking, “Soaring Eagle Weightlessness?”

Su Chen said, “Your Separation Sword Technique is extremely agile. Fluidity suits your combat style, but you lack a good body technique and cannot support too much strength. Soaring Eagle Weightlessness can greatly increase your speed; when paired with your Separation Sword Technique, it should be especially effective.”

Du Qing was overjoyed. “Thank you, Su Chen!”

Du Qing truly lacked a good body technique because they were extremely difficult to obtain. The ones she could find were all very expensive, and they often did not suit her.

Soaring Eagle Weightlessness came from the Guan Clan. Su Chen had made a few breakthroughs in his understanding of the Guan Clan’s Origin Energy principles after analyzing Third Mother Guan’s Origin Substance, which he had used to develop this body technique. Although it wouldn't grant the user flight like the Guan Clan’s technique could, it was more than enough for raising speed and gliding through the air.

Next, Su Chen gave Sun Jizu a jade slip. “This is yours.”

Sun Jizu said aloud, “Unyielding Waves?”

Su Chen said, “This is a heart technique that helps you control the movement of Origin Energy within your body. Its unique ability is to turn your Origin Energy into waves of force that constantly rush forwards. Your Earth-Cracking Hoops can continue to attack in midair, but your followup is lacking, and your control over them is lacking. It is difficult to maintain and you lack killing power. This Unyielding Waves can make up for your deficiencies and make you much more ferocious when attacking.”

“Great!” Sun Jizu said with excitement!

With this new heart technique, his Earth-Cracking Hoops would at least double in power if not more.

At this point, everyone had already realized what Su Chen had called them here for. They began to grow excited..

Jin Ling’er bounced with excitement as she said, “What about me? What do I get?”

Su Chen replied, “You excel in control, not in direct battle. If I gave you an offensive technique, it wouldn’t be as useful to you. It would at most allow you to perform better on the stage, but it won’t be very helpful in a real battle. Thus, I felt that an escape-type Origin Skill would be more valuable for you. Escape-type Origin Skills won’t increase your strength much, but at the very least you will be able to use them whether you are on stage or in a real battle.”

As Su Chen spoke, he handed Jin Ling’er a jade slip.

Jin Ling’er took one glance at it and yelled, “Golden Cicada Shedding!?”

This was the Golden Cicada Clan’s Absolute Technique.

When everyone heard what Jin Ling’er said, they all suddenly realized something. Weren’t Soaring Eagle Weightlessness, Unyielding Waves, and Golden Cicada Shedding the Guan, Jiang, and Hong Clans’ Absolute Techniques?

Su Chen’s expression didn’t change. “Don’t worry. I made some changes to this skill. You won’t need to lose your clothes to use this Origin Skill, but the escape distance is a bit shorter. However, if you’re controlling someone, that fact might be beneficial to you, and it will also be useful on stage. If we just change the name, I promise no one will be able to recognize that it’s Golden Cicada Shedding.

“You know that’s not what I’m asking about,” Jin Ling’er said quietly.

“That’s all that you need to know.”

“Then what about me? What are you going to give me?” Wang Doushan asked. “Jade Luster Body? Or Blood Clones?”

Su Chen laughed. “Jade Luster Body is more suited for Cloud Leopard, so I gave it to him.”

The Jade Luster Body granted a person an incredible rate of recovery and the ability to absorb life force from nearby vegetation. Cloud Leopard went all-out in every battle and often battled in the forest, so this technique truly suited him.

“As for Blood Clone, although it allows you to create avatars of yourself, it weakens your true form, so it isn’t actually suited for you either. I helped find another more suitable technique for you,” Su Chen said.

“What is it?” Wang Doushan’s eyes lit up.

“Devouring the Heavens,” Su Chen replied.

Devouring the Heavens was the technique Zheng Bashan had used to convert her large fat reserves into life force.

This technique was not a Bloodline Origin Skill but rather a bloodline-less Origin Skill that Zheng Bashan had obtained from elsewhere by chance. Despite the fact that it required no bloodline, it was still extremely powerful - there were people other than Su Chen who could develop powerful, bloodline-less techniques. However, most of them kept it selfishly for themselves.

After learning of Devouring the Heavens’ power, Wang Doushan also became interested. In terms of actual results, this was the most powerful Origin Skill Su Chen had given yet.

“This Origin Skill only has one flaw,” Su Chen said.

“What is it?”

Su Chen sighed, “If you learn this technique, you'll have to give up on ever wanting to become skinny.”


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