Chapter 110: Women Are Hard To Understand

Chapter 110: Women Are Hard To Understand

After understanding the peculiarities of Fata Morgana, Iron Cliff couldn’t help but sigh in praise, “This technique surpasses the common category. It should be considered an extraordinary-tier Origin Skill, right?”

Origin Skills were usually split into four tiers: common, extraordinary, legendary, and nightmare.

At the Blood Boiling Realm and below, most cultivators used common Origin Skills. An Origin Skill like Fata Morgana could be considered extraordinary in its own right.

Su Chen shook his head. “I have no idea. After all, this technique is still new and hasn’t been ranked yet. However, I don’t really see much point in ranking Origin Skills from high to low anyways. After all, the same Origin Skill can have drastically different effects depending on the user. For instance, I have learned the Horizontal Mountain Zhu Clan’s Heavenly Wolf Finger. It was unbelievably powerful when Uncle Eleven used it, but it’s not even as good as my Erupting Firehawk when I use it.”

Su Chen had truly mastered the cultivation technique behind Heavenly Wolf Finger, but the legendary-tier Origin Skill from the Slyheart Demonic Emperor Zhu Clan was extremely ineffective when Su Chen used it. It took most of the energy in his body for him to launch the finger strike, which was only marginally more powerful than the Erupting Firehawk. Originally, Su Chen had hoped that he could increase his efficiency once he was able to reach a breakthrough in his understanding of the bloodline. However, the breakthrough he had made didn’t strengthen his consciousness or improve the Heavenly Wolf Finger at all, forcing him to give up on the technique.

“Then...... Master, will you be selling it in the Dreamrealm?” Iron Cliff asked.

His tone carried a bit of worry.

Su Chen laughed, “Are you worried for me? Don’t worry, I will not sell this technique no matter what.”

Fata Morgana was going to become Su Chen’s assassination card. He would not sell it no matter what.

He also had no lack of money.

Su Chen hadn’t even told Wang Doushan about it yet. The only people who knew about Su Chen’s mastery of Fata Morgana apart from Iron Cliff were Shi Kaihuang, Cloud Leopard, and Zhu Xianyao.

The only reason the latter knew was because Su Chen reckoned that her memories were going to be wiped one way or another, so there was no danger in her knowing.

Because of this, Zhu Xianyao became the person who knew the most about Su Chen’s secrets.

She was the person who was stunned the most by Su Chen.

At first, Zhu Xianyao thought that Su Chen was just a wily guy who had gotten lucky and had delusionally tried to milk everything he could out of Kaihuang’s Heaven, which was built on the work of Shi Kaihuang. Later, she felt that Su Chen was a schemer, using the Zhu Clan to root out his enemies and then harming the Zhu Clan afterwards. Even later, she felt that Su Chen was someone who lived in a fantasy world vainly attempting to break through the bloodline restrictions.

But the success of Fata Morgana had rocked Zhu Xianyao’s world, more so than any consciousness-type Origin Skill could possibly do.

Her view of Su Chen had completely changed.

She had not expected it to be possible for anyone to reach the point of being able to extract the intricacies and power of a Bloodline Nobility Clan and then use it on a commoner so that someone without a bloodline could also use a powerful Origin Skill.

She personally saw how Su Chen eagerly studied every piece of knowledge the Zhu Clan possessed. She watched as he threw everything into researching these bloodlines as if he were burning money; watched as he failed time and time again yet never threw in the towel. She also witnessed how he had succeeded.

In that moment, a thought surfaced in Zhu Xianyao’s head for the first time: Perhaps he really can create a technique that doesn’t require a bloodline to reach the Yang Opening, Light Shaking, Spirit Burning, Thought Materializing, or even Emperor cultivation realms.

Talented men always attracted the attention of women.

Zhu Xianyao didn’t notice the hatred she had for him slowly disappearing even though her view of Su Chen was beginning to change.


“Is this what you mean by Soul Frequency? When two people are attuned to the same Soul Frequency, their thoughts will be linked, and they will appear in a dream world. Interesting. So if that’s the case, then wasn’t the Dreamrealm constructed based on the same principles?”

Su Chen and Zhu Xianyao were out on one of their walks along the river in the Hidden Dragon Institute discussing consciousness-related knowledge.

Zhu Xianyao shook her head. “The Dreamrealm is actually a space that physically exists, but it is still considered to be an Illusion Realm. It exists in between the physical world and the void, and it is an existence that we have no way of understanding. It is like a void to our corporeal bodies, while it is real to our consciousnesses. The Lord of the Dreamrealm isn’t actually the creator of this space; he is just the person who manages it. But that person is extremely powerful. Supposedly, his vitality has been connected with the Dreamrealm already. As long as the space is not destroyed, the Lord of the Dreamrealm cannot die.

“So that’s how it is. Then if Fata Morgana were to expand and connect the dream worlds of multiple individuals, would I be able to mimic the conditions within the Dreamrealm?” Su Chen asked.

Zhu Xianyao was speechless. “Expanding Fata Morgana so it becomes like the Dreamrealm? You really are a dreamer.”

Su Chen said indifferently, “I just think that the dream world will seem more realistic and be more powerful under those circumstances. I don’t need to reach that kind of level per se, but at the very least it is a possible direction that I can take Fata Morgana in.”

“Don’t you think that’s too big of a leap?” Zhu Xianyao was slightly caught off-guard by Su Chen’s train of thought. After all, he had just finished Fata Morgana, yet he was already thinking about where to take it next.

“Is it? I think that it doesn’t count for much when compared to bloodline-less cultivation techniques for all seven cultivations realms. Besides, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It’s because the goal is so far away that I need to get going a little faster,” Su Chen sighed, his expression one of “time waits for no man”.

His words weren’t particularly grand or visionary, but Zhu Xianyao was still struck by his words.

She stopped walking and gazed at Su Chen, her large eyes shining. It was unknown what she was thinking.

“What is it?” Su Chen stopped and asked upon seeing Zhu Xianyao’s strange expression.

Zhu Xianyao thought for a moment before she asked, “Su Chen, I will be leaving in a month. Will you wipe all of my memories from this period of time then?”

Su Chen nodded in confirmation.

He had already learned the Sorrow-Erasing Baptism. Although its level was a bit lower because he didn’t have the bloodline, there wouldn’t be any issues as long as the other party cooperated.

“Could you make some changes to the ending we agreed on?”

“How do you want to change it?”

Zhu Xianyao tilted her head in thought before replying, “The original plan was to have Madame Yue and me together...... I want you to change it to yourself.”

“Me? Why do you want it that way?” Su Chen was shocked.

He was only wiping Zhu Xianyao’s memories and replacing them with a lie in order to extricate himself from the Zhu Clan’s conflict.

Thus, if he were the one that Zhu Xianyao remembered, it wouldn't bring him any benefits. All it would do was reestablish the connection between himself and Zhu Xianyao.

Zhu Xianyao lowered her head. “I just wanted to ask if you could.”

Su Chen hemmed and hawed, thinking of a proper response, “That....... that might not be very appropriate.”

A wave of sorrow surged into Zhu Xianyao’s heart. The little Miss’s temper flared as she said, “Fine, then don’t change it.”

She turned around and stalked off.

Su Chen was thrown for a loop by her sudden tantrum. He couldn’t understand what had caused her sudden outburst. He muttered to himself, “Women...... are hard to understand.”

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