Chapter 100: Risking It All

Chapter 100: Risking It All

Even as Ma Renze charged forwards, Uncle Eleven backed up immediately.

He retreated towards Su Chen as he reached out to grab Su Chen’s hand.

Uncle Eleven was actually quite intelligent. In such a short period of time, he had realized that Su Chen was the crux to all of this. As long as he was able to grab Su Chen, he would be able to force Ma Renze to stay his hand.

Thus, he took the first opportunity he had to grab Su Chen’s hand.

But just as he moved, Su Chen also moved.

As if he had anticipated this a long time ago, Su Chen pulled out an item.

A scroll.

He tore open the seal.

A golden light began to surround his body.

Uncle Eleven’s claw was actually unable to break through the barrier.

“Ten Thousand Lives Barrier? How extravagant!” Uncle Eleven coldly harrumphed.

Su Chen had prepared to point that he had brought a protective scroll along with him.

Su Chen had originally pretended to cooperate so that the Zhu Clan wouldn’t search his body. This was also why Su Chen had chosen to deceive the Zhu Clan rather than threatening them into action - he needed to preserve his own combat strength.

Uncle Eleven’s strike was ineffective. Ma Renze charged forwards, noiselessly punching out with his fist. The punch did not seem very threatening, but it actually carried a powerful killing aura with it as it swooped towards Uncle Eleven’s face.

The Red Tide surged, counterattacking the punch.

As the two of them tangled with each other, Su Chen suddenly laughed darkly at Zhu Xianyao.

His laugh contained a deep meaning hidden behind it. Zhu Xianyao’s heart trembled. “You......”

“There’s no point in just waiting around anymore.” Su Chen directly attacked, charging towards Zhu Xianyao as he released a punch.

Zhu Xianyao retaliated, albeit still stunned. The Red Fox Palm sent a wave of red Qi towards him with quite a bit of momentum, but Su Chen completely ignored it, charging right through Zhu Xianyao’s attack as he continued to advance.

The Red Fox Palm landed on the Ten Thousand Lives Barrier and were instantly neutralized.

If the Ten Thousand Lives Barrier was able to block an attack from a Light Shaking Realm expert, how could a mere Qi Drawing Realm cultivator shatter it?

The only reason Su Chen was attacking now was because he wanted to quickly finish off his opponent while his barrier was still active.

His sharply swung his palms through the air, echoing with the sound of thunder as he stabbed towards Zhu Xianyao.

Zhu Xianyao attempted to hurriedly retreat in surprise. Her palms seemed to fill the sky as she gazed at Su Chen alluringly. It was the Zhu Clan’s mesmer Origin Skill!

In the previous battle, most of the members from the Six Great Nobility Clans all had cultivation bases higher than hers, so her mesmer techniques were useless. Now, she had finally found an opportunity to use it on Su Chen. Although the Ten Thousand Lives Barrier was powerful, it could not prevent soul-type attacks. Zhu Xianyao focused on defending, not attacking, concentrating all of her power into a mesmer-type attack.


The mesmer light finally congealed and shot forwards.

Su Chen froze in his tracks for a moment.

But just as Zhu Xianyao let out a sigh of relief, believing that she had succeeded, Su Chen suddenly charged forwards, slamming into Zhu Xianyao like a bolt of lightning. He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her to the ground.

“No!” Uncle Eleven furiously yelled. He endured one of Ma Renze’s strikes as he lashed out at Su Chen.

Unfortunately, the Ten Thousand Lives Barrier was still effective, helping Su Chen forcefully resist the blow. Su Chen had already explosively put Zhu Xianyao into the ground. Her beautiful, delicate face suddenly became intimate with the ground, and a sizable hole had been drilled into the ground.

Zhu Xianyao painfully cried out. Su Chen picked her back up by the neck, grabbing her tightly, and then slammed her into a nearby tree. The impact was so violent that Zhu Xianyao could feel her organs rattling inside her. Immediately afterwards, Su Chen unleashed a flurry of vicious punches into Zhu Xianyao’s midsection.

One punch after another.

The barrage completely wiped out any remaining will to fight that Zhu Xianyao had. She was completely unable to defend herself, and her body went limp.

Su Chen finally let her go and said coolly, “Sorry, treating my opponents mercifully is basically being cruel to myself. Even though you truly are very pretty, I couldn’t go easy on you.”

Zhu Xianyao stared at him angrily. “Why were you able to avoid my mesmer techniques twice in a row?”

Su Chen pulled out a vial of medicine. “Spirit-Sobering Medicine. This can raise the power of one’s soul, and it can also increase my soul’s defensive capabilities. Ever since I discovered that you are from the Slyheart Zhu Clan, I drank a vial every time I met with you. Although it was very expensive, evidently it was worth it.”

Spirit-Sobering Medicine?

Zhu Xianyao had not expected for him to pull something like that off. She was also caught off-guard for some time.

As they spoke, the battle between Ma Renze and Uncle Eleven had reached its climax.


Uncle Eleven forcefully attacked with the Red Tide, enveloping Ma Renze. Ma Renze suddenly turned into a cloud of black smoke before dissipating. When he reappeared, he was behind Uncle Eleven. He punched out, his middle finger slightly protruding as his hand rushed towards the back of Uncle Eleven’s head.

That move was called the Armor-Shattering Awl.

Ma Renze was an assassin, and he was often in hiding, attacking his targets from the darkness. In terms of a head-to-head battle, even Zhang Tingyue was a bit stronger than him, let alone Uncle Eleven, but he was far superior to Zhang Tingyue in terms of offensive capabilities.

The Armor-Shattering Awl was the assassination technique that he was the most proud of. If it landed on the target, it could ignore the protection offered by an opponent’s physical body and directly penetrate the target. It was particularly useful for killing someone with a physically large body.

Yue Wuti had been slain by the Armor-Shattering Awl.

If this battle had taken place earlier, Uncle Eleven would have had many methods available to him to deal with that attack.

Quickly dodging it was the simplest method, but he was seriously injured and it was hard for him to move freely, so he could not dodge it. He could use the Red Fox Blood Tide to force his opponent back and create an opportunity to counterattack, but because he had expended so much energy previously, he no longer had any energy to activate it. He could also protect himself with a barrier since the Armor-Shattering Awl could only penetrate a person’s physical body, not any barriers - which was why it was more suited for assassinations than real battles - but Zhong Shisi’s sword Qi was still wreaking havoc in his body. Uncle Eleven was lacking in strength, and his speed in applying barriers was greatly restricted as a result.

Thus, when faced with this attack, he was completely helpless against it.

When he saw that his killing blow was about to land, a ferocious smile appeared on Ma Renze’s face. At the same time, a trace of despair appeared on Uncle Eleven’s face when he saw Zhu Xianyao being controlled.

He suddenly let out a loud yell. Instead of dodging to the side, he turned around and jabbed out with his finger.

Heavenly Wolf Finger!

As the finger appeared, Uncle Eleven’s vigor suddenly shot sky-high.

In that instant, the Red Fox Blood Tide appeared once again, roiling and tumbling.

The Heavenly Wolf Finger was like a pillar holding up the heavens, shaking the Heavens as it descended towards Ma Renze.


The Armor-Shattering Awl pierced into Uncle Eleven’s body, carving another large hole through him. Ma Renze was also struck head-on by the Heavenly Wolf Finger, and he was sent flying away, his figure once again dissipating into black smoke.

This was his favorite attack-neutralizing Origin Skill, Concealing Smoke. In many life-and-death battles, he had relied on Concealing Smoke to allow him to escape from otherwise fatal situations.

Despite this, the Concealing Smoke had not completely neutralized the Heavenly Wolf Finger’s frightening power. The powerful finger contained a surging momentum like that of an ocean behind it, and Concealing Smoke had only dissipated a portion of it. The rest of the Red Tide continued to surge forwards, spreading out in all directions.

Not good!

In that instant, even Su Chen felt a bit of fear. He grabbed Zhu Xianyao and took her to the ground with him. Thankfully, his Ten Thousand Lives Barrier was still up and blocked the blow.

The forceful waves finally began to subside, and the Ten Thousand Lives Barrier also began to disappear.

The fearsomeness of this attack also caused Su Chen’s expression to change.


A shrill, anguished yell sounded out.

It was Ma Renze.

The black smoke writhed before reforming as Ma Renze’s body.

However, he no longer looked like he did originally.

His body was covered in blood, and he was basically oozing from every orifice on his body, causing him to turn into a frightening blood person.

Upon closer inspection, Ma Renze’s skin had been completely melted off. His face was bloody and marred, and blood seeped through his skin.

Ma Renze lowered his head to look at his body and arms, discovering that his skin had seemingly melted away. He tilted his head back and howled, “NOOO!!”

Not far away, Uncle Eleven continued to stand, one of his arms pointing forwards, but he remained motionless.

A gentle gust of wind blew by.

Uncle Eleven’s body began to slowly disintegrate, turning into ashes which were borne away by the wind.

“Uncle Eleven!” Zhu Xianyao painfully cried out.

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