Chapter 99: Demon Sealing Needles

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 99: Demon Sealing Needles

“He actually won in a frontal contest of strength!”

“That full-bearded Holy Dawn teacher is 'Barbarian Knight-Errant' Minlur?”

“Is it that brute force arcane master who can shred huge monsters with his bare hands, the one who pursues the road to ultimate strength?”

“What's the relationship between Ayrin and him?”

A clamor rose in the stands, but even more people subconsciously covered their own mouths, unable to make a sound for a long long time.

Sunlight sprinkled on Minlur and Ayrin's figures, one big and one small, painting a strange picture of hot-bloodness in harmony.

Many people replayed again and again Ayrin's incomparably resolute and explosive punch in their minds. This was a scene that many people would probably never forget their entire lives.

“So explosive, so vigorous. I think I'm falling in love with him already,” a girl couldn't stop herself from whispering, there in Agate Lake Academy's stands.

“You bimbo! There are many with also formidable strength in the nationals, are you going to fall in love every time you see one?” Several people around immediate scolded her. “Do you want to be a tramp?”

“But these guys are each bulkier than the next, they don't look at all as cute as him.”

“Then better think of a way to beat Charlotte first.”

“Holy Body Ignition...” While the Agate Lake girls fooled around, an exceptionally eerie cold expression flashed in Rinsyi's eyes in his corner of the stands.

“A freshman with a single open gate has this kind of strength already. It seems your bloodline is very special. In that case, it seems I really have to turn you into a cripple if we ever meet in the tournament field. Kid, you must still be unaware of the cruelty of the arcane masters' world.”

“It's Barbarian Knight-Errant Minlur's 'Holy Body Ignition?'” Wilde turned around and looked at Ferguillo.

“There's no trick to it. Any arcane masters can learn can learn 'Holy Body Ignition,' as long as they have stamina reserves far above ordinary levels, and the courage to challenge the edge of death.” Ferguillo nodded and said, his tone still indifferent, “But a mere beginner-level arcane master with one open gate can already overwhelm Lambert so thoroughly using this secret skill's explosiveness, this can only mean that his physical strength is at the level of dragon bloodlines. He will certainly still have enough strength for the next fight. Also, since he managed to hide this method of his in the previous fight, you absolutely can't lower your guard in the next fight. It's very possible he still has another hidden ace up his sleeves.”

“Got it.”

Wilde breathed in deeply and nodded, about to go on stage.

“Don't think too much.”

Just at this time, Ferguillo suddenly added, “Don't go thinking that he's a mere freshman and that you're going to help me handle the rest of them after you deal with him. The only thing you need to think about is that it's your victory as long as you can defeat him. Even Ivan lost to him, you can regard him as an opponent at Chris' level.”

Wilde's steps paused for a slight moment. He didn't turn his head back, merely nodded in silence, then kept walked forward to the center of the field.

“It's indeed 'Blue Wasp' Wilde. In another school, he would be a commander-level figure!”

“Iron Forest Academy only has Wilde and Ferguillo left now before we even realized it.”

“Holy Dawn Academy seems like it suddenly became fearsome this year.”

“What Blue Wasp Wilde, isn't he just a deputy who lost at my hands.” Stingham harrumphed when he heard the discussions in the stands around him. “That said, it seems Ayrin was pretty right, it's better for me to stay low-key against a team of this level. When I meet an extraordinarily powerful team and suddenly display my amazing skills, that's when countless girls will start worshiping me.”

“Haha!” Stingham sank into who knew what new delusion after mumbling a couple sentences to himself. He put his hands on his waist and guffawed out loud.

But then he instantly felt something wrong again and immediately shrank his body back. He glanced left and right: “Low-profile, keep a low-profile. I can't attract attention to me before amazing the world with a sudden demonstration of my awesomeness.”

“...” An evil shiver suddenly ran through the members of team Holy Dawn around him.

“Stingham,” Carter suddenly said at this time.

Stingham raised his head and looked at Carter in front of him. “What?”

“Don't look down on Wilde.” Carter smiled faintly at him. “He's not as bad as you think. You have to understand something. Usually, for arcane masters ambitious about their future, they definitely won't expose their real level or use their most powerful arcane skills in an ordinary battle in peaceful times.”

“What do you mean?” Stingham blinked, then understood immediately. “You're saying that he let me win on purpose the last time he fought against me? He didn't go all out?

“How's that possible! I trounced him so badly that time!”

He immediately waved his hands, fiercely shaking his head at the same time. “How's that possible. Following your logic, doesn't that mean that Ferguillo was also hiding his strength when he fought with me?”

Carter smiled and didn't say anything.

Belo adjusted his glasses and chuckled coldly. “Even an idiot can tell that that's what teacher Carter meant.”

“What are you saying, I'm even worse than an idiot?!”

When Belo talked, he often had an arrogant and impulsive expression that seemed to itch for a brawl. The slow-on-the-uptake Ayrin basically turned a blind eye to these expressions of his, but last time even Moss couldn't endure Belo's look, to say nothing about Stingham right now. He immediately started cursing, “You wanna die?”

“Remember what Ayrin said,” Chris reminded him on the side.

“Oh right.” Stingham immediately flung his head in what he thought to be a very chic gesture. “I'm not going to argue and lower myself to your level.”

“He more or less used all his concealed tricks. I wonder what tactics Ayrin is going to use in this fight.” Carter started smiling. Watching a fight like this that even he couldn't predict, where the result was uncertain even for him, this was a genuine pleasure.

“There can't be any mishap.

“The boss is right, I can't look at him like a freshman, but instead as a formidable arcane master who defeated Ivan.”

“What a powerful expression in his eyes, his aura is so much stronger than the previous ones. Teacher Carter was right, he's really a celebrity-level contestant as well.” With only a single look at Wilde, Ayrin directly started falling back the moment the referee declared the start of the fight.


Arcane particles gushed out of Wilde's hands, producing rustling sounds. Blue streams of air appeared around his arms, like one blue demon tail after another. They quickly condensed and transforming into two narrow longswords as long as he was tall.


At the same moment his two blue wasp swords solidified, Ayrin's back bumped heavily against the walls under the stands, spreading a vibrating sound in the air.

“He's already crashed into the wall, what's Ayrin trying to do?”

No spectator in the stands could understand.

Ayrin actually didn't move anymore. He merely watched Wilde with vigilance, his back leaning against the hard black stone wall.

“So that's how it is!”

Looking at this appearance of his, several girls from Agate Lake Academy suddenly saw the light. “He realizes himself that there's a gap in speed between him and these people from Iron Forest Academy. Plus, Wilde even has a sustained movement arcane skill, speed and agility are his forte to begin with. That's why Ayrin is leaning against the wall, this means he only needs to deal with threats coming from the front, he doesn't need to guard against attacks coming from behind.”

“Indeed, he can somewhat lessen the advantage of speed in this way. Plus, if Wilde attacks with his swords, there's a great possibility he'll slash them on the wall. His swords will be slowed this way, it'll be a hindrance to Wilde.”

“It's really a very smart method. Ayrin's is really more and more adorable.”

“I just don't know if it's going to be useful.”

“Do your best Ayrin!” Imperceptibly, many girls from Agate Lake Academy also became Ayrin's fans, and started to cheer and encourage Ayrin in loud voices.

Wilde didn't show the slightest expression on his face. He narrowed his eyes slightly, a chilly glint flashing across them.

His body moved at a speed hard to detect with naked eyes, only leaving a faint blue light in the air behind him.

“He's coming!”

Ayrin focused his spirit to the limit. There were only the narrow longsword blades in the world inside his eyes.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

He suddenly lifted his hand. A burning Evil Flaming Eye appeared, carrying with it a beguiling aura.

When Wilde approached within five to six meters in front of Ayrin, he suddenly vanished and reappeared on Ayrin's left, then flashed again, and reappeared on Ayrin's left. An arcane master at Ayrin's level had simply not time to react to an instant speed like this.

But just when he flashed on Ayrin's left, the Evil Flaming Eye shot out of Ayrin's hand and directly fired head-on in his direction.


Wilde couldn't understand why something like this happened, because Ayrin's invocation speed was much slower compared to his, unless he had a secret skill like Ferguillo that let him predict his opponents' next movements. Yet his state of mind wasn't influenced the slightest. He closed his eyes at this instant. His swords, like two vibrating wasp wings, cross-slashed like a scissor, slashing on the Evil Flaming Eye.


The Evil Flaming Eye split into four parts. A formidable force also pushed his body away, sending him directly more than a dozen meters behind Ayrin before he could steady himself.

“What's going on!”

Ayrin was ready to counterattack at this time, but there was a sudden bone-piercing chilly pain in his heart. He realized his body was completely stiff and he couldn't control it at all. He couldn't move even a single finger!

Thinking back almost subconsciously, he remembered that just a moment ago, when the Evil Flaming Eye collided with Wilde's pair of swords, a blinding cold flash had also appeared on the pair of swords, causing him to close his eyes for an instant in spite of himself.


Almost everyone realized at this time that Ayrin's body was exceptionally stiff, that he couldn't move. The next second, they saw hair-like strands of blue light faintly drilling out from many parts of Ayrin's body.

“It's already over.”

Wilde breathed in deeply, blisters on his skin born from the flames' scorching. He stretched out a long sword and pointed it at Ayrin.

“It's Demon Sealing Needles!”

Carter's brows furrowed tightly. “This is a arcane skill from Iron Forest Academy originally used to restrain monsters. It stops the flow of blood, paralyzes some energy channels, and makes the enemy totally unable to move. Wilde seemed to have altered this arcane skill. Now it's really too furtive. And it seems like it can even stop the flow of arcane particles!”

“What! Doesn't that mean that Ayrin can't move and can't use any arcane skill at all either?” Moss and the others suddenly paled, exclaiming in unison.

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