Chapter 94: Illusion Sword against Arms of Gods and Devils!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 94: Illusion Sword against Arms of Gods and Devils!

“There's nothing much to say, it's just like we agreed, let's fight to the bitter end. Apart from the boss, none of us should even think about leaving the Dragon-Battling Arena standing on our two feet!”

In team Iron Forest's lounge, Wilde took a deep breath in and looked at everyone other than Ferguillo. "Are you ready or not!”

“What else is there to say?” The other musclemen with violence written across their faces all chuckled coldly and mischievously.

“Out of all the teams participating in the tournament, I must be the teacher in charge who has the least to worry about,” the long-braided Lee thought to himself with a little smile.

“In that case, let us set off!” Wilde bellowed.

Ferguillo glanced at these teammates of his and appeared as if he wanted to say something. But in the end he didn't say anything and merely nodded.

“Let's go!”

All the members of team Iron Forest shouted a loud rallying cry, then rushed out of the lounge like dauntless molten iron to the arena outside.

“They came out!”

“The match is about to begin!”

The whole stands cheered and celebrated the moment the members of team Iron Forest bathed under the early morning's sunlight.

A mere few dozen seconds later, Ayrin and the other members of team Holy Dawn also walked out from the contestants' tunnel.

“We only need to win this match, then I'd be able to help Chris fight into the national tournament!”

Ayrin brandished his fist excitedly at the same moment tremendous cheers and acclaims surrounded them. He couldn't help wondering to himself what kind of scene the arenas of the national tournament would present.

“Fight with courage! Brave warriors!”

Holy Dawn Academy's song resonated once again, grander and loftier than in the previous match!

“What the hell are they singing for.”

“This is a match where you do your talking with fists, what use is singing!”

“Beat them up! Pound them into flat cakes!”

As soon as the singing started, countless crude curses fell down from the stands occupied by Iron Forest Academy. Brimming with a violent aura, Iron Forest's muscleheads even smashed their fists on their seats while cursing, smashed the railings. The atmosphere in the stands became very quickly at daggers drawn, to the point that the stands were about to start fighting before the fighting in the tournament field even took place.

Just at this moment, Ferguillo suddenly stretched his right hand out, lifted it high, and clenched it into a fist. Then he took it back and put a finger on his lips, making shushing gesture.

“The boss is telling us to be quiet.”

“The boss doesn't want us to make a racket!”

Ferguillo hadn't spoken any word during this entire process, but the countless violent men from Iron Forest Academy in the stands actually quieted down all of a sudden. Not a single sound came from the entire stands occupied by Iron Forest Academy; they were so quiet you could hear the drop of a pin.

“So cool!”

All the students from the other academies were struck a little dumb all of a sudden.

He actually quieted so many violent men down with such a simple gesture. What kind of prestige did Ferguillo actually have in Iron Forest Academy?

“Watching the match so peacefully is indeed pretty good.” As they watched the teachers in charge of both sides hand over their fighting sequence lists to the referee, such a though flashed in many spectators' minds.


Many people heard Ayrin's voice all of a sudden.

Ayrin waved excitedly both his hands towards stands not far away from him. “Charlotte, you came to watch my match and cheer for me!”

She was really thinking of coming to see Ayrin's match and cheer for him, but being shouted at in front of the entire crowd, feeling all their eyes fall on herself, Charlotte's cheeks reddened instantly with a swish.

“Goddess! You can't really have any relationship with this guy, right?!” An uproar.

At Charlotte's sides, many girls living in the same dorm as her watched her with contemptuous looks, berating her in whispers, “Charlotte, so you really have an affair with a younger boy. Last time he came to give you flowers, but you still didn't admit to any relationship with him! Now look at him get so excited when he sees you!”

“I really don't have any relationship with him...” Charlotte couldn't help but try to defend herself, but these girls actually started commenting already with envy and jealousy, “If it were me, I don't even know how happy I would be. Since he has the courage to shout in front of so many people, that means he's not afraid of people knowing, he has the courage to reveal who he likes, it also indirectly means that you're the only one he's set on.”

“That's right, Charlotte, you might as well manufacture an opportunity then devote your life to him, or else someone else might snatch him away.”

Charlotte: “...”

“He's so close to Charlotte?” On the stands occupied by Agate Lake Academy, many girls were also extremely surprised. “Charlotte's even blushing. So it turns out there's actually such a soft and tender facet to such a stern and solemn female officer-type beauty?”

“No way, I have to grasp this opportunity as well, I can't let Ayrin take advantage of it all by himsefl. Chris didn't pay attention to me at all last time I came to watch the match!”

At this moment, a tall and sturdy boy close to two meters tall, sporting short hair, suddenly stood up in the stands and pulled a big bouquet of flowers from behind his back, shouting loudly at Chris standing there at the edge of the field, his voice overflowing with deep feelings, “Chris, be my girlfriend! I will admire you forever! I will always be your fan!”

“What the hell now!”

“We want to watch the match!”

“Who on earth is this guy! Is this not the Hegemonical Cup of Starry Skies Braves, but the Great Confession Convention?”

Many people rolled their eyes in the stands. Even Chris had the urge to pass out.

This tall and sturdy boy was obviously the captain of team Southern Monsoon, Ferdinand.

Apart from the big bouquet in his hand, he and the other four members of team Southern Monsoon also all sported a word on the chest of their respective clothes. Put together, it read “Chris' number one fan club.”

“A bunch of trash. Such a mood in a match, a team with no idea how powerful the teams outside are, with no idea how cruel the matches will become in the future. They're going to die without even knowing how.” Rinsyi laughed coldly in a corner of the stands.

“Alright now, the match is about to start, the first member to fight for both sides get ready!”

“Holy Dawn Academy's Bora, Iron Forest Academy's Justin!”

While Ferdinand was still shouting loud, declaring his feelings and cheering for Chris, the referee finally announced the start of the match!

“It's finally begun!”

“Bora? Yet another new member is making an appearance for Holy Dawn Academy?”

Everyone's attention immediately focused on the center of the field.

“Do your best, brave warrior!”

Ayrin shouted loudly at Bora.

“I will do everything in my power!” Bora nodded at Ayrin and everyone else in team Holy Dawn, then walked toward the center of the field!

“I will win even if I have to die!”

At the same time, a muscleman of Iron Forest Academy with only a patch of brown hair left in the middle, his upper body bared, also rushed forward in the field with a roar, without a single look back.

“It'll be a confrontation between Illusion Sword and Arms of Gods and Devils,” quite a few voices said in the stands.

After Holy Dawn Academys' meteoric rise after they defeated Divine Shield Academy, many people started to give another close look at this team Holy Dawn, so many people knew that Bora finished first in Holy Dawn Academy's selection this time and possessed a very special Illusion Sword move.

In Justin's case, he'd been an old member of Iron Forest Academy for a long time already, just like Wilde, and most people in the stands knew that his strongest arcane skill was “Arms of Gods and Devils.” This was an arcane skill that could form a material armor on the body. Oftentimes, only when the opponent landed a strike somewhere on his body would they notice that spot already covered in armor.

The most important thing was, this arcane skill would also form a metallic fist on his hands that would from time to time shoot out flying knives from its slits.


With the referee's loud shout, this year's St. Lauren's most awaited battle officially began!

“Bring it on. Real men have to fight face to face, they don't run nor hide!”

Justin released a bellow. His body started to accelerate wildly.

The entire ground of the arena suddenly began to shake along with his wild rush.

“These guys usually spends a lot of time training inside these sevenfold gravity gyms, even the density of their bodies seems to have become different!” Moss' clenched hands sweated for Bora's sake. He already saw these Iron Forest people in action back in Iron Forest Academy, but there was an entirely different feel between them acting inside the body-training gym compared to in a normal environment.

Speed, strength, including physical mass, they all seemed to be several times higher!

Facing Justin charging his way like the charge of a real dauntless vanguard, Bora merely bent his body slightly down.

Suddenly, a stone spike fiercely pierced out from below the ground, hitting dead center on the bottom of Justin's foot that was stamping down ferociously.

With a “clang,” sparkles splattered in every direction!

A layer of black metal seemed to have instantly appeared on Justin's sole. He actually broke half the stone spike in one stomp.

Just in this split instant when his body paused slightly, Bora vanished from where he originally stood and reappeared beside him.

Dazzling arcane particles flowed like a stream down from the tips of his right hand's fingers, solidifying into a crystal-like light blue longsword.

This time, the sword in his right hand was a real one. In one pass, he already landed three slashes on Justin's body.

“Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!”

But three metallic noises clanked. What made many people gasp was, patches of metal appeared at the spots the sword slashed, as if they grew out from the inside of Justin's body.

With several irregular patches of metal stuck on his body, Justin now even gave off the demonic feeling of a half-metallic monster.

“You're very fast using both arcane skills and your sword, your strength's also very good.

“But don't you forget something, our Iron Forest Academy specializes in materialization skills.

“No matter how fast your sword, there's still at least a certain distance with me, you still can't beat the speed of my Arms of Gods and Devils appearing on myself.”

Slashed by three consecutive strikes, Justin turned around and looked at Bora behind him. He smiled coldly, and said with intense self-confidence, “I already hold an invincible upper hand, how could you possibly defeat me!”

“That's not for certain!”

Bora's eyes narrowed into slits, astonishing cold rays of light flashing from them.

The moment he said these words, his entire person once again vanished from his spot. He bent down extremely low, almost touching the ground, his entire person sweeping past Justin like a blade razing the ground.

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