Chapter 91: A formidable unexpected guest

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 91: A formidable unexpected guest

“The match this time is definitely very much worth seeing.”

“That's right, it's surely going to be more spectacular than the match last time between Agate Lake Academy and White Stone Academy. The girls from Agate Lake Academy are all pretty good-looking, that Nikita is also indeed pretty, but such a one-sided match, one person sorting out the whole team on the other side, it's really a little too boring.”

“I didn't think Golden Lion Academy would actually throw in the towel.”

“That's just as well, otherwise we'd have to wait a very long while before seeing the duel between Iron Forest Academy and Holy Dawn Academy.”


Previously, in the opinion of almost every academy in St. Lauren, the match most worth looking forward this year, the hottest match, should have been the confrontation between Iron Forest Academy and Divine Shield Academy.

Before the match between Divine Shield Academy and Holy Dawn Academy, Divine Shield Academy, Agate Lake Academy, and Iron Forest Academy, were publicly recognized as powerful teams at the same level, while the teams from the other academies weren't of the same quality as these three.

The hottest match last year was precisely the match between Iron Forest Academy and Agate Lake Academy. The match ultimately came down to the last man on both sides, and Ferguillo qualified his team only after defeating Sofia.

Agate Lake Academy's drawing luck was very good this year however, avoiding the side of the brackets with Divine Shield Academy and Iron Forest Academy. Agate Academy's next opponent was Western Shore Academy. Western Shore Academy was merely a team at the same level as White Stone Academy, without a celebrity figure at the level of Ferguillo and Ivan, so Agate Lake Academy's qualifying was already a foregone conclusion.

The only suspense, the thing most deserving attention, became the confrontation between Holy Dawn Academy and Iron Forest Academy.

That was why, when the day for the the match finally came, the spectators gathered toward the Dragon-Battling Arena were even more numerous than the crowd that went to watch Agate Lake Academy on that day!

“Ferguillo! Ferguillo! Ferguillo, we'll always support you!”

“Ayrin! Ayrin! You're the strongest! Ayrin! Ayrin you're the cutest!”

Ferguillo had a large amount of fans even outside of Iron Forest Academy because of his special calm temperament, added to his showing in the tournament the previous year. Outside the Dragon-Battling Arena, there even many girls who came separately from other schools and formed Ferguillo's elite battalion. They were already madly shouting their slogans before team Iron Forest even made its appearance.

And what no one imagined was, whether it was because he was a mere freshman but showed such an astounding performance, or because of his silly yet lovable personality, there were actually many girls coming from other academies who formed Ayrin's fan club in the square outside Dragon-Battling Arena. They faced Ferguillo's elite battalion and shouted their rallying cry, not to be outdone, making the atmosphere very fiery.

Several boys from some academy said, very depressed when they witnessed this scene, “You don't have to do that right? Really? You weren't so energetic even when cheering for members of your own team.”

“Exactly, what are they competing for, they don't look like virtuous ladies at all. They really don't show any taste,” a girl also mumbled on the sideline.

The several male students immediately had a very good impression of this girl, but the moment they turned their heads around and were going to strike a conversation, this girl already harrumphed and said to herself with little stars shining in her eyes, “Not like me, I like them both! Ferguillo's really too cool, Ayrin's really too interesting, too cute, and he's full of energy!”

The faces of these boys were suddenly full of black lines!

“They're here! They're here! Team Holy Dawn and team Iron Forest are both coming!”

Someone shouted all of a sudden on the square outside Dragon-Battling Arena. In a split second, countless people started shouting and shrieking. The crowd flocked toward the entrance of the tunnel reserved for the tournament's contestants.

“So many people came this time?”

Ayrin leaned on Moss, his eyes still looking hazy from sleep. He jumped in fright when he saw a large crowd rush their way all of a sudden, the scene entirely different from the previous match.

“Why are there so many people?” He was still a little confused.

Hearing many voices calling for Ayrin, Gerryn couldn't resist turning his head around and say, “You're already a celebrity among academies in St. Lauren, and you're still a freshman. The number of your fans will only go up from now on.”

Compared to the cold contempt they met with in their previous matches, the present fervent atmosphere surrounding them made him also feel the glory as a member of team Holy Dawn. He also clearly knew that Moss, Ayrin, and Chris were the ones who brought such a change about. So, at this time, as an old member of the team, he couldn't help but feel respect and gratitude for Ayrin and the others, even if he knew that there would be less and less opportunities for him to take to the field from this day onward.

“Are these people blind or what. I'm such a brilliant martial god, handsome and fascinating, but these girls actually aren't even shouting my name, they're shouting Ayrin's name instead!” Stingham's face turned suddenly green when he heard so many surrounding girls cry Ayrin. “I hate you Ayrin!”

Walking in the very front together with Carter, Chris suddenly stood on her tiptoes and looked around, then turned her head back and said to Ayrin and the others, “What a coincidence, team Iron Forest actually also came at the same time.”

“Team Iron Forest also came at the same time? Then let's go and greet them first?” Ayrin's eyes lit up all of a sudden, the sleepy haziness vanishing without the slightest trace from his eyes. “I want to see Ferguillo.”

“His eyes lit up as soon as he heard Ferguillo, he really likes men!” Stingham's vision went black as soon as he heard Ayrin's words. “He's getting so many warm welcomes from girls even so, is there still justice in this world!”

“Greet team Iron Shield right now?” Carter blinked faintly. “You're sure you want to do that?”

“Teacher, it doesn't matter right?”

“In that case, let's go and greet them.” Seeing Ayrin without any pressure, and not looking at all like he would make the opponent think he was going to provoke them before the match, Carter couldn't resist smiling and nodding.

“Hm? Team Holy Dawn came at the same time as us?”

“They're coming this way, what do they want?”

At the entrance of the tunnel reserved for the contestants, the two teams who came at almost the same time were only a few dozen meters away from each other. Now Holy Dawn Academy directly walked straight in their direction, so people from team Iron Forest noticed it immediately.

The teacher leading team Iron Forest, a young male teacher with a long raven braid, didn't even have time to talk to Carter not far away from them that an excited voice already said, “You must be Ferguillo right?”


Everyone from team Iron Forest, Ferguillo included, immediately recognized the one rushing out from Carter's side with a face full of excitement as Ayrin.

At the same time, Ayrin was also observing Ferguillo as if his life depended on it.

He saw that Ferguillo's stature was about the same as his. He was clearly the skinniest among those people from Iron Forest Academy, and very handsome. Not only his hair was of a somewhat peculiar pink color, even one of his eyes was also indeed a peculiar pink.

“It's really pink, it's very pretty!” He shouted excitedly once again, just as Ferguillo and the rest stared a little blankly.

“Why...Why did I join a team like that!” Stingham hid at the very back and rolled his eyes like mad. “This guy actually rushed up all of a sudden and praised him for being pretty, don't tell me he's going to declare his love next, right?”

“This guy, he's really just like he was in the match, hot-blooded and brainlessly impulsive...” The same thought popped in the mind of almost every member of team Iron Forest when they looked at Ayrin.

“Hello, Lee!” At this time, Carter greeted with a smile that young teacher with a long black braid who didn't look very robust either. “I didn't think you'd be the one in charge of team Iron Forest this time.”

This young Iron Forest teacher called Lee said with a similarly friendly smile.“Isn't it all because you're the one leading team Holy Dawn, so of course we can't take it lightly.”

Seeing the opposite side's inquisitive expression, Carter smiled once again and explained, “We didn't come for anything in particular, it's just that the kid heard that Ferguillo is very strong and seems to revere him, so he absolutely had to come and greet you before the match begins, have a closer look at Ferguillo.”

“This guy, he's really...” The expressions on the members of team Iron Forest all eased up somewhat. It seemed that facing this guy Ayrin, they couldn't even muster a murderous aura.

“Hello.” Ferguillo faintly nodded in Ayrin's direction.

“This guy really joined team Holy Dawn!” At this moment, Wilde and the others suddenly noticed Stingham hiding at the very rear.


Ayrin already felt that Ferguillo was a good person, but at this same moment, he suddenly felt the aura around Ferguillo become extremely cold all of a sudden. Ferguilo's gaze clearly fell on one side behind him.

He subconsciously turned his head around, and saw a handsome, extremely eye-catching boy slowly walk in their direction, his hair exactly the same kind of dazzling magenta as arcane particles.

This handsome boy had a faint resemblance with Ferguillo, and seemed to carry about him an arrogant and fearsome aura. Everyone in his path naturally retreated far out of the way, forging a path for him like a splitting sea.

“Someone from clan Baratheon?”

“Don't tell me it's Golden Stag Academy's Rinsyi?”

“How could it be him! How could he show up here!”

Whispers of astonishment swayed in the wind inside this square, like the growth of furtive weeds.


Neither Chris nor Stingham knew who this person was, but an intense hostility instinctively arose from them almost at the same time. This was a reaction that would only arise when under the oppression of an extremely formidable opponent.

“So fearsome!” Once again, Moss found himself unable to move under this gigantic pressure. He couldn't stop himself from oozing cold sweat.

“Who is he, he looks really strong!” Ayrin's gaze was also attracted in his direction in spite of himself. Even the blood in his body seemed to flow a little faster on its own. There was a feeling in his entire body he never felt before.

“Ferguillo, are you very surprised?” This magenta-haired boy smiled from far away, undisguised mockery actually showing in his smile and his voice!

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