Chapter 88: The menace of evil

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 88: The menace of evil

“Haha, no need to be so polite, what are you talking about, I happened to be there and lent you a hand, that's all.”

Inside the sick ward, Ayrin scratched his head, a little embarrassed. “You can just invite me to eat something next time.”

“Bastard, can something like this be compared to a meal?” He was very grateful to Ayrin, but, lying on his sickbed, Ivan was still very angry when seeing Ayrin looking as if he didn't take his solemn promise to heart.

“Then let's talk about it next time, anyway there won't be that many opportunities to return the favor.”

“Bastard, are you saying that I'm just speaking empty words that aren't even as dependable as a meal!”

“I don't mean that, haha.” Ayrin said excitedly, “The arcane skill you used earlier against that guy was really amazing! Ghost World Projection – Touch of Death, what kind of arcane skill is that, I didn't even see arcane particles spraying out, why's that? Also I felt your body become suddenly lighter when you used this it, why's that?”

Generally speaking, it was rare for arcane masters to inquire each other about the secrets of their arcane skills. It was especially improbable for them to tell someone else about the mysteries hiding inside the arcane skills they regarded as the most important for themselves. But hearing Ayrin's question devoid of deceit, Ivan hesitated a little, then told Ayrin, “This is a silent-type arcane skill. Arcane particles combine with spiritual power inside the body and merge into a special arcane power, then they're directly projected it in the designated area. You felt my body lighten because all the arcane particles suddenly disappeared from it. It's basically impossible to discover the launch of this arcane skill, except if the opponent masters some kind of special arcane perception skill, or perhaps possesses some unique bloodline talent.”

“There are actually arcane skills like that!” Ayrin shouted in surprise, “Since we can't even perceive the appearance of the arcane particles and the ripples of its aura, then wouldn't it be very successful as a sneak attack?"

“Indeed.” Wrapped in bandages like a mummy, Ivan struggled to nod. “These silent arcane skills are extremely rare in the whole continent. There can't be more than twenty types known in the world of arcane masters, and they're usually used by the assassins called arcane assassin masters. The strength of my arcane particles isn't enough yet, I still need to use a verbal chant to summon the arcane power and launch this arcane skill. In other words, with the power of my three open arcane gates, I can barely touch this arcane skill's threshold. I probably need four open gates or more to fully bring out the power of this arcane skill.”

“You're really a high-level arcane master with three open gates already then.” Ayrin exclaimed, “An arcane skill that a high-level arcane master with three open gates can only barely use, this must be a taboo-level skill right? You can grasp an arcane skill like this already, you're amazing!”

“But against you, I actually lost without even showing my strength.” Ivan looked at Ayrin. “I very much can't accept it, that's why I have to have another fight with you in the future.”

“Alright then! An appointment between brave warriors! Come! Let's clasp on it! Oh... You can't move your arm now that you're bandaged like this.”

“...” Ivan and Charlotte were speechless again.

The match between Agate Lake Academy and White Stone Academy was already underway in the Dragon-Battling Arena. Because of the unexpected events at Divine Shield Academy, there wasn't enough time for Ayrin and Charlotte to hurry there and watch.

“Hiss...” Gasps continuously descended from the stands.

Every student of Agate Lake Academy this year wore a v-neck gown as their uniform. These gowns were very in vogue among female arcane masters. Gowns like these were already attractive enough when worn by one or two female masters, let alone several thousand female students of Agate Lake Academy appearing at the same place and wearing them at the same time.

One at to admit at a time like this that beauty was also a lethal weapon, with a power destructive enough to jolt the heart and shake the soul.

However, the gazes of almost all the males in the stands were gathered on a tall figure in the center of the Dragon-Battling Arena.

This was an Agate Lake girl student a full two meters and a half tall!

A giant like this was bound to be robust and sturdy as well as tall. During the era of the War of the Dragons, the giants, all of them three meters tall and above, resembled small moving hills.

However, the present Agate Lake girl possessed astounding height, but still remained very beautiful. The places that should be slender were slender, the places that should be curvy were curvy. This gave off an even stronger and more unique visual impact, gave the crowd the feeling that this girl was the normal one, while they themselves were the ones too short.

With a figure that was both tall and beautiful, and a pretty face, this girl called Nikita, the vanguard for Agate Lake Academy, firmly grabbed the attention of everyone in the stands.

But the shock she brought was far from than limited to only these.

The instant the referee declared the start of the fight, countless arcane particles gushed out of her hands. and merged with arcane power, giving birth to bizarre dark-gold rays of light. While gasps came from down from the stands, a six-pointed star actually formed in front of her!

The next second, the air in the entire arena seemed to ripple.

The six-pointed star vanished, and a body even taller than herself appeared in front of her.

Many people stopped breathing in the stands.

This was a giant silver-white, four meters tall bear standing erect on its two hind legs. Blocks of ice and snow hung on his body, covering it like pierces of armor.

Standing there in the field, all its body radiated an ice-cold, wild and untamed killing intent.

“An Icestorm Bear!”

“This is a giant beast from the snow plains in the northern territories. Even a high-level arcane master with three open gates might not be enough to handle this beast by himself!”

“What's going on, isn't it an arcane skill? This is a real beast!”

The stands erupted after a second of stillness.

Everyone near the the front of the stands could clearly see the heavy breaths of this huge bear covered in ice and snow, its eyes blood-red, radiating an unfriendly and ruthless aura all over, snorting white puffs of air.

“It's a spatial skill!”

“This icestorm bear was originally raised in some place, and this unique arcane skill can establish a special link between the user and the bear, and open a spatial tunnel!”

“What! This girl from Agate Lake Academy is a beast knight?!”

The crowd clamored. On the edge of the field in Agate Lake Academy's preparation area, captain Sofia of team Agate Lake exposed pride and excitement on her face.

With a genius freshman like Nikita, entering the national tournament this year was a hundred percent certain thing!

On the other side, all the members of team White Stone were like ashes.


Everyone saw the first member fighting for White Stone Academy summon his courage and rush forward, but the two pillars of fire his hands sent out merely left two black imprints on the huge icestorm bear's body.

He shouted loudly in fear; the icestorm bear directly slapped his body flying in the air with a huge paw.

White Stone Academy wasn't an especially strong team to begin with. Every one of them felt themselves crumble as soon as they saw this scene.

Dragon-Battling Arena was so noisy that almost no one heard the alarms in St. Lauren. This place seemed to have temporarily transformed into a small country of its own.


A dozen shadows suddenly shot in its direction like bolts of lightning, so fast no one could see them, and encircled the entire arena.

“You guys are too slow.” A lazy voice came from the top of the arena the moment these dozen shadows stopped separately on the square outside the arena.

“Whoosh.” With another air-tearing sound, an arcane master with fiery hair dropped on the roof of arena, carrying on his back two magic crystal blades that could amplify the effect from arcane particles.

“Liszt, we don't have to worry about that guy running inside the arena since you're already here. We can participate in the search now,” this arcane master said, looking with some joy at Liszt in front of him.

“Go then. But since even Morgan's giant volcan can't cope with him, you guys have to search in teams of five at least, or else you'll be in mortal danger,” Liszt said with a nod.

When the fiery-haired arcane master turned around and was about to leave, Liszt suddenly added after a small hesitation, “Oh right, help me notify the royal law-keeping committee as fast as possible and let them send some people to investigate.”

“The royal law-keeping committee?” This fiery-haired arcane master froze all of a sudden, his voice becoming a little weird as well. “Don't tell me you suspect Evil Dragon followers of having something to do with this incident?”

“I wouldn't have needed to come out if not for this suspicion.” Liszt rubbed his chin as was his habit. “We haven't been able to catch that man yet, we already missed the best opportunity to surround and capture him. An opponent of this level is enough to dispatch a specialized arcane team to investigate, whether it's an Evil Dragon follower or not.”

“Alright, I got it.” The fiery-haired arcane master didn't say anything further. A dozen silhouettes broke through the air. He and the these other arcane masters vanished once again from the surroundings of the Dragon-Battling Arena, as quickly as they appeared.

“In the era of the War of the Dragons, there were actually many beast knights like this who could summon huge beasts. Now arcane masters like these are hard to come by, I didn't think another one would emerge from St. Lauren. This girl from Agate Lake Academy should be a descendant of the northern Frost Giants. However, aren't yetis or snow demon wolves the favorite summons of these Frost Giant descendants?” Liszt turned around and looked at the tall girl in the center of the field, his expression becoming inexplicably grave once again. He whispered to himself, “Could their influence have spread to such a degree already, for assassinations targeted against geniuses to appear even in a place like this?”

“That said, an assassination attempt occurred in broad daylight in their academy, and they even let the man run away, and the reason why it failed was even because of a student of our Holy Dawn Academy. Payton and these guys must have really black faces now.” After several seconds, he recovered his expression that seemed lazy even if the sky were about to fall. He muttered. “This guy Ayrin, I really can't see through him.”

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