Chapter 82: The rule of heroes

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 82: The rule of heroes

“Team Holy Dawn isn't Chris' one man show anymore this year.”

“Two powerful freshmen actually came out of the blue. With Chris on top of these two freshmen, they won't be easy to handle anymore.”

“Ivan and Charlotte were too careless though. If Ivan came out all guns blazing instead, it's hard to tell who'd have won and who'd have lost. In the situation from back then though, it was hard to predict that Ayrin would be able to invoke two mighty arcane skills back to back! He even grasped two arcane skills with two entirely different styles like Evil Flaming Eye and Crown of Ice and Snow! A situation like that... Even a battlemaster with three open arcane gates and very rich fighting experience would have been fooled and defeated.”

A row of people walked inside Golden Lion Academy's campus in a heavy mood, chatting between themselves at the same time.

These were precisely all the members of team Golden Lion apart from Stingham.

Holy Dawn Academy defeated Divine Shield Academy. This was definitely the first major upset since the start of the Hegemonical Cup of Starry Skies Braves this year.

They could foresee that many people would be talking for a long time about Ayrin and Moss's sudden emergence in this year's tournament.

When they remembered the many fighting madman-like expressions on Ayrin's face during the match, these people from team Golden Lion even felt a little chill course through their hearts.

Especially at the very end, when he directly stepped on a terrifying poisonous snake to launch his violent attack, it made people feel all the more as if a chilly wind blew inside their stomachs.

“Captain Hansen!”

A familiar silhouette appeared in front of them all of a sudden and shouted, his voice full of emotion.


These members of team Golden Lion suddenly felt their teeth itching. Their opponents were already so strong this year, but this guy, the team's most critical figure, still threatened again and again to withdraw from the team to hide from training. Even at an important time like today when they went to observe an opponent they might encounter in the future, he still ran away by himself rather than move together with the team.

“What's up with this guy?”

In the somewhat blinding sunlight, these people suddenly noticed many bandages under Stingham's coat as he ran toward them, as if he sustained quite a few injuries.

“Captain Hansen!”

These team members all started getting nervous, but Stingham actually rushed straight into captain Hansen's arms and started sobbing bitterly.

“I was in the wrong before. I only realize now that captain Hansen and you guys are really both good people and normal people compared to other teams. That said, you won't need to be distressed about my unwillingness to train in the future... boohoo...”

“Did this guy receive some kind of impetus and is going to turn over a new leaf, going to start training assiduously?” Hanson and the other team members looked at each other and started to feel excited.

“No matter, it's alright as long as you recognize your past mistakes. As long as you and us start doing our best together, we'll surely be able to defeat team Iron Forest.” Hansen patted Stingham's back after a cough and spoke his earnest and heartfelt wishes.

“It's too late.” Overcome by sorrow, Stingham sobbed even louder. “I already have to join a freak team like Holy Dawn Academy. There's really no comparison, why didn't I realize how great captain Hanson and you guys were.”


Hansen and company wondered if there was a problem with their ears. They all started shrieking, “Did you say you're going to join team Holy Dawn?”

“Yeah.” Stingham said with extreme sorrow, “I already dealt with the transfer procedures, I have to head over to Holy Dawn Academy as soon as tonight.”

“Are you crazy?” Hansen shouted after staring dumbstruck for a few seconds. “Did you lose your mind for good?”

“I don't want to either, but there's nothing I can do. I really don't want to join a freak team like Holy Dawn Academy.”

“Are you playing a prank on us?” The eyes of Hansen and the other team members went red. “Did these academy teachers all go mad, how could they agree to your transfer?”

“They didn't want to either at first, but I said my spirit was a little broken, and I might burn some school building at any time if they didn't let me transfer, or sneak into the female dorms at midnight or whatever. Tthey didn't have any choice but to agree.”

“You... Why are you still saying you don't want to join team Holy Dawn then!”

“I really don't want to, but I have no choice, I never saw anyone who could eat this much before... I can only abide by my own promise. Captain Hansen... Boo hoo hoo, I also really want to stay in team Golden Lion!”

“Get lost! What never saw anyone who could eat this much? What the hell are you talking about, you clearly saw how powerful team Holy Dawn was, that's why you're transferring there. It's all to your advantage and you're still acting cute, you actually have the guts to play with our feelings like this, actually dare to transfer to another team when our match is only a few days away! Bastard, we're going to kill you!”

His face beaten black and blue, Stingham followed behind Carter, Chris, and Ayrin toward the Ivy residence district.

“I never expected Ayrin would really be able to make this Stingham transfer here.” In the forest of giant trees, Minlur stood on top of a great tree reaching to the sky and watched Ayrin come from afar, admiration written all over his face.

In the treetops around him, apart from Rui and Ciaran, there were at least seven or eight other elite teachers of Holy Dawn Academy who didn't often show themselves usually.

One with a high-level green dragon bloodline had the innate potential to become a legendary arcane master. There was no telling how many years since a mighty dragon bloodline like this last appeared in St. Lauren. At present, apart from Ayrin's formidable secret bloodline, a dragon bloodline also joined the academy all of a sudden, hence the entire academy naturally attached a heavy importance to it.

“It's conforming more and more to the rule of heroes,” the usually taciturn Rui said all of a sudden, watching Ayrin and the others.

Minlur watched him curiously. “What's called the rule of heroes?”

“Senior Ryubodin from Abel Academy came to a conclusion back when he sorted through the lives of many legendary figures.” Ciaran explained in place of a Rui who didn't like to talk too much, “There wasn't any rational explanation for it, but he discovered a very curious rule. Whether before or after the War of the Dragons, there seems to be a unique temperament and aura about all these legendary heroes. They all naturally gathered many partners around them, and all these partners also went on to become extraordinary existences.”

“That's natural. Someone who can become a legendary hero must definitely have a unique temperament. Didn't countless dragons and arcane masters sacrifice their lives even for the Evil Dragon Ned back then? These dragons and arcane masters were all extremely formidable too.” Minlur rubbed his chin and smiled wryly. “Belo, Moss, Chris, Stingham, Ayrin gathered all these people together. It seems this guy Ayrin really has an aura like that.”

“Liszt was right. The more different from others they look, the more different their thoughts, the less constrained by the rules they are, the more idiotic or crazy they look, the more often they will become different existences.” Ciaran turned around and looked at Rui and Minlur. “At least, none of us three would have directly stepped like him on a poisonous snake like that during a fight.”

Stingham never thought that his transfer would have caused ripples across the entire Holy Dawn Academy. He also never thought that so many elite arcane masters influential even in the entire kingdom would come to witness his arrival. He merely fell in step behind Ayrin, clenching his teeth and seething now and then, drawing small circles and cursing Ayrin.

Ayrin was really too much of a freak the way he saw it. He already promised he'd transfer for sure, but Ayrin still insisted on waiting for him outside Golden Lion Academy and on urging him to come as soon as today.

What was this guy's stomach made of though, how could he put so much stuff inside?

He couldn't wrap his head around it even now.

“So many people?”

Stingham became excited all of a sudden when he saw the freshmen's Ivy residence district.

Because he saw at least close to a thousand people densely packed in front of these ancient stone buildings. Many girls even held all kinds of fresh flowers.

“It's really a great academy, of course there are many beautiful girls!” Stingham's gloominess vanished like smoke all of a sudden as soon as he saw these beautiful girls holding fresh flowers. He became happy, and immediately forgot the business about his unwillingness to come here.

“So warm and enthusiastic, there are actually so many girls who came to welcome me. Please don't, I'm going to be shy.”

When he saw these girls rush toward them as soon as they saw their arrival, Stingham immediately hid behind Ayrin's back and fished out a comb, then combed his hair at lightning speed. Then he posed in a very handsome pose and walked in front of Ayrin, about to welcome their cheers and hugs.

“What are you doing! Why are you blocking the way in front of Ayrin!”

“Go away, so annoying!”

“Hurry up and get out of the way!”

However, he was thoroughly struck dumb one second later.

All these excited girls rushed past him and ran toward Ayrin behind him.

“Ayrin, you're really great!”

“Ayrin, you're so powerful!”

“Ayrin, we love you!”

“Look, so cute, let this school sister hug you!”

Shrieks brimming with excitement came again and again.


While someone even stepped on Stingham's foot, and some annoyed girl even kicked him on his butt because he stood in the way.

Stingham stood dumbstruck for a few seconds, then suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs, tears streaking across his face, “Ayrin! I hate you!”

“Let me die already! I'd die before staying in your Holy Dawn Academy, I don't want to live here! Ayrin, I hate you!”

The crowd gathered in the residence district to welcome Ayrin after team Holy Dawn's victory finally dispersed. A mortally wounded Stingham held a small comb and combed his golden hair, all the while clamoring about transferring again.

“You just transferred over though, plus you transferred over to keep your word as a brave warrior and as a man, you want to transfer again already?” Ayrin had no idea how he annoyed him. He carefully educated him, “Don't be like that, our Holy Dawn Academy is very nice. You join our team, our team's very strong, I'll win the championship in the future!”

“You...” Stingham stretched out a finger, about to curse Ayrin, but his sight froze all of a sudden, froze on someone washing their clothes in a water room. His eyes suddenly sparkled with many little stars. “Except if you let me live together with her! That's the only way I might continue to stay in team Holy Dawn and fight for the sake of Holy Dawn Academy!”

“Rinloran?” Ayrin followed his line of sight and saw that the figure inside the water room was Rinloran.

“Rinloran, what a beautiful name.” The stars in Stingham's eyes multiplied. He immediately turned around and threatened, “Teacher Carter, either you let me live together with Rinloran, or else I'll definitely transfer away. Anyway I already kept my word and transferred to Holy Dawn Academy, I wouldn't go against my promise if I transferred away now.”

“Is it possible?” Ayrin looked anxiously at Carter all of a sudden. “Can we let him stay together with Rinloran in the same room?”

“Eh? Should be possible. I remember that because of an excessive love for cleanliness, all those who lived together with Rinloran asked to be moved somewhere else, that's why Rinloran's living alone right now.” Carter nodded.

“Really! It's really possible!” Stingham jumped up out of the blue. “If it's really possible, then I'll never ever transfer again, I'll definitely stay in Holy Dawn Academy!”

“Swear then!” Ayrin cheered. “Otherwise you easily go back on your word!”

“When did I ever go back on my word. I most abide by my own word. I'll swear if you want me to swear!” Stingham lifted three fingers and pledged, “If I don't keep this promise, then I'll never find a wife in the future!”

“Alright, keep your pledge in mind, and comply by it with your life!” Ayrin immediately tapped in his hand.

“Of course I'll comply with my pledge, I'll treat her well for my whole life. What, you should have told me boys and girls were allowed to live together in your Holy Dawn Academy, I'd have transferred over long ago.” Stingham's smile bloomed like a flower as he watched Rinloran inside through the distant windows. “So she very much likes cleanliness then, I most love girls who like cleanliness. I think I'm in love, I fell in love at first sight. Her chest looks a little flat, but I most like flat-chested girls...”

“Girl?” Ayrin looked at him and hesitated. “He's a boy though.”

“Wha, what did you say!” Stingham instantly turned to stone, just as he thought he was sinking deep into the river of love.

“He's a boy.” Ayrin chuckled, “Heh heh, how is it, he's even more good-looking than many girls right? Me and Moss feel the same, that's why we also made the same mistake back then at the registration.”

“Ah!...” Stingham screamed miserably yet again. “Ayrin, I hate you!”

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