Chapter 78: Still a mystery

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 78: Still a mystery

“Just like that!”

Carter firmly lifted both his hands, and couldn't resist roaring tremendously yet again!


“What arcane skill is that! The power is so terrifying!”

“Ah ah ah... How can Ayrin invoke an arcane skill like this! What about the eyeball just a moment ago!”

“The strongest in the academy... captain Ivan, was actually hit so miserably!”

The Holy Dawn students and Divine Shield students in the stands all seemed to become alive again after the explosion of Carter's tremendous roar, all crazily blowing off their tops.

Ivan wasn't merely frozen at this time. Many sharp sword-like icicles punctured his body into a bloody mess.

“Medical teams!”

“Stop the fight!”

The referee in charge of this match shrieked loudly.

Field referees in charge of formal matches like these were all elite arcane masters transferred from various academies. All of them were formidable existences in the kingdom.

Ayrin still worried whether Ivan would counter attack and was ready to strike another blow, but this elite arcane master could already tell that if he didn't immediately stop this fight and provide medical care, Ivan's injuries could well worsen until it became very hard for him to recover.

This referee's silhouette already appeared beside Ayrin at the same time he spoke. He lifted a hand and barred Ayrin's way. A warm flow sending off sparks continuously gushed from his hand at the same time, quickly breaking the ice wrapping around Ivan.

The field's medical teams rushed their way.

Not one, but two medical teams rushed their way at the same time. Light-blue rays of light gushed out from the hands of the two medical masters at the front, before the ice even melted.

“Evil Flaming Eye added to Crown of Ice and Snow... What kind of monster is this little guy! Isn't he a freshman from Holy Dawn Academy, how's that possible!”

Even while stopping the match and rescuing Ivan as fast as they could, the referee and these medical masters brimmed with shock when their eyes fell on Ayrin.

“Evil Flaming Eye! That's instructor Ciaran's secret skill. He actually learned it and even managed to use it!”

“Crown of Ice and Snow, that's an explosive arcane skill with the equilibrium of a symphonic duet.”

There many arcane masters in the stands who already graduated many years ago and only came for the express purpose of watching the match. The expressions on their faces were different now.

Many formidable arcane skills were often considered a certain person's unique secret skill, because all the formidable arcane skills were very hard to learn. Evil Flaming Eye required extreme meticulousness and extremely elaborate control, while Crown of Ice and Snow required a high degree of technique in the outburst of strength. These were two arcane skills of entirely different styles. The vast majority of people would be unable to learn even one of them, even with careful instruction. People like Ayrin who could learn arcane skills of totally different styles were unconventional to begin with. And the most important thing was, he was still a freshman!

At his age, he couldn't have practiced arcane skills for all that long.

Shock, panic, incredulity... all kinds of emotions that could make someone run cold quickly spread out in the stands.

At the edge of the tournament field, the originally smug, strong-willed Payton's mouth twitched faintly, his fists clenching so hard his joints kept crackling.

Such a powerful eruption of arcane particles... In his opinion, Ayrin's level simply reached the stage of two open arcane gates already.

He couldn't possibly be aware of the unique power of Ayrin's bloodline. He could only think numbly, the information about this freshman was no doubt correct. A freshman who only trained for a few months was already close to opening his second arcane gate, what kind of genius was that, what kind of speed! Was it a high-level dragon bloodline!

“Ivan lost? Ayrin directly defeated him?” Charlotte started to tremble; the tremble didn't stop. Her mind was a great blank.

She was one of those who knew Ivan's genuine strength. Ivan was an existence with already three open arcane gates, and he also mastered two formidable secret skills. Moreover, he'd experienced many trials at the edge of life and death. In her opinion, Ivan was a giant beast, while Ayrin was an ant in comparison. But now, the ant instead slapped the giant beast down on the ground all of a sudden. This giant gap was simply too much for her to take.


“Ayrin directly defeated the opponent's captain just like that?”

“The captain of team Divine Shield, the one called the strongest in Divine Shield Academy, even the strongest one in St. Lauren previously, actually lost to Ayrin just like that?”


In the stands, the Holy Dawn students were numb all over. They even had a little trouble believing this giant happiness coming upon out of the blue.

In particular, many people numbly thought, the strongest two persons on the opposite team were down already, while on their side, Chris was still safely standing in the field and hadn't even gone on stage yet. They were so happy their cheeks filled with tears in spite of themselves.

“Holy Dawn's glory will last for ever

“The braves' glory forever etched in the world!

“Fight and fight on, you're our last barrier!

“The light of hope pushing you forward!

“Fight with courage! Brave warrior!”

There was no telling who started it, there was no telling who was the one who had trouble venting their mood and could only use this loud and tearful singing. The majestic Holy Dawn Academy's school song once again resonated inside the Dragon-Battling Arena.

“Why did it turn out like this?”

“How did it become like this?”

The Divine Shield stands collectively lost their voices. Many people sobbed and cried bitterly.

At this moment, the vast majority of Divine Shield students had a subconscious thought: they could endure losing, but their most formidable existence didn't even have the time to put his strength to full use that he was already beaten. This was really too harsh a blow for them, it truly was too much for them to take.

But at the same time, they also clearly knew that the word regret didn't exist in a battle between arcane masters. A win was a win, a loss was a loss.

So, in many people's eyes at this moment, bathed in sunlight, standing in the center of the field, Ayrin was an existence like that of a god.

At least in this moment, he was a god who instantly smashed all the Divine Shield students' pride.


In a corner of the stands, Iron Forest' Wilde was pulling his own hair without a care for his image, shouting like a raving madman, “This guy Ivan died of injustice just like this? The stage was set and the drama about to unfold, how did it turn out this way?”

Even the usually always indifferent-looking Ferguillo exposed a completely shocked and speechless expression.

An existence stronger than Charlotte was definitely a fearsome opponent.

Ivan didn't want to fight before, so he never exposed his strength on an official stage, but this time he clearly planned on thoroughly revealing his power... And now his real level was still a real mystery for everyone.

His tactics and arcane skills were still a riddle.

Especially, before the start of the fight, he told Ayrin that Ayrin would suffer very grievous injuries when fighting someone like him, as soon as he acted.

And now the result instead was, he suffered very grievous injuries as soon as Ayrin acted.

This was supposed to be a fearsome drama, but now it suddenly turned into a comedy.

Ferguillo watched the very heavily wounded Ivan. He very much wanted to laugh, but he couldn't laugh for now.

“There are suddenly so many new people in St. Lauren this year.” Remembering Stingham from before as well as Moss fighting in the match a little while ago, and now looking at Ayrin standing there full of excitement, Ferguillo couldn't resist whispering to himself.

“He actually won!”

“He actually won, teacher Carter, when did he secretly condense arcane particles?”

At the edge of the field where team Holy Dawn was, the long-awoken Moss loudly shouted nonstop.

“No wonder teacher Carter was so confident, no wonder Ender had that kind of expression even at the beginning.” Gerryn, Rogrid, and the others were also shaking from head to toe, feeling as if even the air they breathed had caught fire.

“That's a secret.”

Facing Moss' loud clamor, Carter started smiling.

Then, with a serious expression, he gave Ayrin a thumbs-up.

This guy Ayrin, he was definitely a genius at fighting, a most unpredictable existence!

At first he thought Ayrin would certainly put up an act, then catch him off-guard with his arcane skills. But now that he thought about it, even he had to admit that Ayrin's timing when acting at the very beginning was precisely the best timing.

Because the more blows they traded, the more Ivan would certainly have perceived some of Ayrin's peculiarity, and then he would have been more vigilant.

This was why, the instant the fight officially began was when Ivan was at his most dismissive.

Launching a surprise attack then with Evil Flaming Eye, shocking him with Ayrin's sudden ability to condense arcane particles added to the effect proper to the Evil Flaming Eye, then attacking all-out with Crown of Ice and Snow after that. Ayrin's tactics were simply seamless this time!

Perhaps many arcane masters even stronger than Ivan, if unaware of the ins and outs about Ayrin, would also have eaten this move and been defeated?

“He actually won... This Evil Flaming Eye looks pretty powerful, but no way my brilliant martial godly self would have lost if I were in his shoes. Ferguillo probably wouldn't have lost either.” Stingham stared blankly for a long while, then started muttering again, very narcissistically.

“What is he saying?”

Voice like these suddenly came from the stands. Many people seemed to have heard Ayrin say something.

The stands obediently quieted down.

“Still two to go!”

Then many people heard Ayrin shout, brimming with fighting spirit, “Teacher referee, when's the next fight starting!”

He even yelled at team Divine Shield, “Bring it on! Brave warrior!”

Brook was supposed to be the fourth one to fight for Divine Shield Academy. When Ayrin shouted, this member of team Divine Shield couldn't help but turn around and look at Charlotte and Payton. He was even thinking whether there was still any use in continuing the match at a time like this.

“What are you thinking of? This isn't a mere match for you guys. Don't forget, there are many people testing you watching you in the stands. What you guys can do now is to forget everything and fight with every last ounce of strength!” Charlotte slowly said, after calming down bit by bit.

“Fight then, brave warrior.” Carter looked at an Ayrin waiting for the start of the fight, and said in his heart with a faint smile, “Expose to your heart's content all your strengths and all your current weaknesses.”

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