Chapter 75: Innate charisma

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 75: Innate charisma

An arcane medical team came into the field and lifted Moss on a stretcher.

The second fight between Divine Shield Academy and Holy Dawn Academy ended with Charlotte's victory, but, awed by Moss' final desperate attack, the Divine Shield students in the stands didn't cheer very loudly for a little while.

“Teacher Carter!” Ayrin suddenly said, watching Moss being lifted on the stretcher.

“What?” Carter turned around and looked at him.

“Can we let him stay in the field?”

Ayrin looked at Carter and said with a serious face, “What I mean is... If Moss isn't too heavily injured and can stay behind, then can we let him stay here with us? I think he'd very much like to watch with his own eyes our final victory in this match.”

Carter blinked, then immediately smiled.

A fire that he couldn't hold inside, a fire that hadn't appeared in a long time, ignited in his heart.


He nodded with a smile. “He has a serious injury in his foot at most, but it shouldn't matter too much. He should wake up in a little bit. Let's just have him stay here and watch this match to the end!”

“Ayrin against Charlotte!”

“I'm going!”

Ayrin's whole body seemed to be burning at this moment, his person seeming to radiate with light. That was a state of utterly excitement. “Charlotte, here I come!” He immediately shouted out loud at Charlotte standing in the field.

“...” Gerryn and the others were struck speechless.

A situation like this, was it a rendez-vous, or was it a bitter battle?

“Ayrin, do your best! Brave warrior!” Chris shouted at this time, brandishing her fist at Ayrin.

“I'll definitely beat her!”

Ayrin pounded his chest with his fist, just like these Divine Shield students, making a blood-boiling promise.

“Isn't it that guy?”

“Isn't that the Holy Dawn freshman who came to our school gates and challenged Ringel?”

“He can't even beat Ringel. If not for Charlotte stopping them, Ringel would definitely have beaten him if they continued their fight. He's actually the second fighter for Holy Dawn Academy, what are they trying to do?”

“Ayrin? It's really Ayrin!”

“He's going on stage as a representative of our Holy Dawn Academy!”

“It's really Ayrin! Go Ayrin!”

The crowd erupted, with entirely different reactions coming from the stands occupied by Holy Dawn students and Divine Shield students, while people from the other academies were also extremely astonished. Holy Dawn Academy actually dispatched another freshman!

Ayrin slowly walked toward Charlotte.

“When the darkness before dawn twisted and whirled, the Evil Dragon's forces gradually unfurled...”

All of a suddenly, the chaotic stands stilled once again, because, even as Ayrin walked forward, he suddenly started to sing loud and clear!

“A world-destroying crisis, despair uncurled,

“The flickering flame of hope was on the verge of extinction.

“Arise and fight, brave warrior!

“Fight with courage! Brave warrior!”

The blood-boiling, resounding voice of his song reverberated throughout the entire arena.

“It's Holy Dawn Academy's school song...” This thought flashed in many people's minds.

“Arise and fight, brave warrior!

“Fight with courage! Brave warrior!”

As he stepped forward, Ayrin's voice was the only one singing at first, but then all the Holy Dawn students slowly stood up and started singing loud.

The surging, turbulent singing carried a fearsome desire for battle, engulfing the entire Dragon-Battling Arena!

“Who on earth is this guy?”

Even the one-eyed Payton's expression changed faintly. A mountain-like pressure seemed to press on him.

“Bring it on!”

Amidst the blood-boiling singing engulfing everything, Ayrin's steps drummed along the beats of the song and accelerated to his top speed in an instant!


He trampled the ground, the cloud of dust and the rumble born from his dash smashing its way towards Charlotte like a trail of billows!

“Where does such a powerful strength come from?”

“How did he progress so fast!”

Charlotte instantly sensed Ayrin's terrifying physical strength and blanched a little despite herself.

“Earth Bind! Wind Stream!”

It was hard for her to exert strength into her right leg, but the wind born from her arcane particles pushed her out. Her body floated like a feather, even faster than Ayrin's charging speed, suddenly falling behind Ayrin's back. Many arcane particles spread out from her hands at the same time; the dust and dirt lifted by Ayrin's run gathered into several dozen ropes an earthen yellow, wrapping around Ayrin.


However, Ayrin halted violently in the middle of his charge just at this moment. His body ferociously pounded into the ground like a giant hammer.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa...”

Explosive, scalp-numbing sounds abruptly exploded all around him.

“Brute force sonic burst! His physical strength actually reached such a level, how's that possible!”

“He actually calculated so precisely. In a situation like this, he exerted every ounce of strength, and also borrowed the impact from hitting the ground, to make his own body vibrate violently!”

Many people stopped breathing in the stands; their staring eyes couldn't be any wider. Especially, there in the Divine Shield stands, Ringel who once traded blows with Ayrin now had eyes bulging like a dead fish, his face ashen gray!

All the earth-yellow ropes twining around Ayrin's body seemed to crumble and scatter away the moment they came into contact with his skin!


Ayrin twisted his body and threw a powerful, explosive punch.

Charlotte's hands were about to invoke an arcane skill, but she growled softly in shock when she saw the rumbling fist already reaching her. She pushed her palms forward, trying to catch Ayrin's fist and then seize the opportunity to counterattack.


However, Ayrin roared loudly the moment her hands came into contact with his fist.

In his eyes, Charlotte seemed to have transformed into the thirteen giant wooden piles he used to hit during his training.

Every tiny molecule in his body vibrated once again, emitting strength once again!

An oscillating ripple gathered along his body toward his fist, violently quaking forward.


Charlotte's body spiraled backwards and flew out.

“I'm coming!”

Ayrin charged forward once again without the slightest pause. He leaped, unexpectedly caught up to Charlotte, and once again struck a booming punch in Charlotte's direction!

“Heavy Ions!”

Her arms completely numb and unable to move, Charlotte's aura gushed out madly while in the air. Her body became who knew how many times heavier in the space of a single instant and abruptly dropped down from the air.


Ayrin's violent punch chased her and exploded on Charlotte's left shoulder.

Charlotte felt a gigantic strength hit her. She groaned stuffily, and a stabbing pain resembling the prick of countless needles rushed into her mind. Her body was already as heavy as steel, but it still flew backwards.

“So heavy!”

At the same time, Ayrin felt as if he hit a wall, and his body also fell back five or six steps from the reactive force. His fist stung and burned.

“Ayrin went on stage?”

Moss awoke just at this moment and saw the dueling scene between Ayrin and Charlotte. “Ayrin, do your best!”


A stream of air appeared on Charlotte's feet. She flew backwards and widened her distance with Ayrin before even touching the ground.

Her face was pallid, and incredulous shock filled her eyes.

She clearly saw Ayrin's strength before. Back then, she could have beaten him with a single hand, without breaking a sweat. But now, with one leg injured, unable to put the physical strength of her body to use, with only her arcane skills to rely on, she actually felt a mountain-like pressure.

On top of that, even her arms and one side of her body were numb, to the point she needed a moment to recuperate and couldn't launch an immediate counterattack.


A tremendous cry of alarm suddenly came from the stands.

That metallic doll previously reclining on the ground moved all of a sudden. With a steady pace, in rigid yet rapid motions, it dashed in Ayrin's direction from behind his back.

“I have to beat it as fast as possible!”

“It'll be too late once I wait for her to attack me together with it!”

Ayrin made his decision the moment he turned around. He stared tight at the metallic doll charging his way.

The metallic doll's speed was higher than his, higher even than the speed of his reaction. There was only a trail of afterimages in his vision, to the point it was difficult to distinguish which image was the real metallic doll.

However, there was only a burning will for war in his eyes, and no fear at all.


An irregular metallic fist tore through the air and appeared in front of him.


Ayrin roared loudly. He didn't pay attention to this fist at all. His body once again battered the ground and vibrated, exerting all its strength.



Two tremendous pounding sounds erupted at the same time.

The instant the metallic doll's punch struck his chest, his punch also ferociously smashed on the doll.

“Is he crazy or what!”

This thought popped in the mind of almost every spectator in the stands at this moment.

He clearly knew that the terrible thing about this arcane skill was that this doll was devoid of any sense of pain. It simply had no self-awareness, but he still fought it in a way that would cause damage to both of them.


Everyone heard Ayrin's frantic shout of pain.

But everyone's mind went numb when they saw this metallic doll tremble wildly from his punch and fly backward.

Ayrin catapulted forward the next moment, and just when the metallic doll fell on the ground, before it could display its speed, Ayrin seemed to tumble forward, then forcibly grabbed one of the metallic doll's legs in one hand. He ferociously lifted up the doll.

“Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!”

Ayrin was clearly hurting to the point even his face became twisted. Cold sweat flowed all over his face, but the more he hurt, the harder he swung this metal doll against the ground, again and again.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

After lifting this metallic doll up, he swung it nonstop on the ground without the slightest pause, swung it until its body shook nonstop, seemingly on the verge of rupturing, totally unable to retaliate!

All the students in the stands were struck dumb. All of them had the spontaneous urge to madly shout Ah Ah Ah just like Ayrin.

“Arcane particles can't exist forever, their power will be continuously consumed no matter what. I'm going to smash you until you disappear!”

The pain on Ayrin's chest abated a little, and he was finally able to catch his breath. He turned his head around and vigilantly looked at Charlotte.

Charlotte looked back at him. Her face turned extremely harsh. Her two palms suddenly joined together.

“How terrible!”

Ivan, the captain of team Divine Shield, watched the match with a grave expression all along, but his face suddenly turned cold the moment he saw her movements.

“She's finally forced into a corner and has to use her true hidden power?” Chris said to no one in particular, a slight quiver running across her.


Charlotte shouted a deep chant. Countless heavy particles suddenly jolted out of her hands, dispersing in the air around her.

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