Chapter 74: Fight to the limit, even if you have to die

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 74: Fight to the limit, even if you have to die

Without the slightest fancy, the two fists collided against each other.


An air blast erupted. Two silhouettes, one big and one small, seemed to halt in this instant. Charlotte's body resembled a tiny wooden stake supporting a huge building.

The two figures separated the next second, both falling three steps backwards, stomping deep craters in the ground like pile drivers.

Many people in the stands found themselves suddenly unable to make any sound, as if something were struck in their throats. They looked on, stunned.

In this exchange, the two of them actually seemed to be tied?

Even when using the same amount of strength, the one with the lighter body should definitely have been struck flying out because of the recoil.

Could it be that Charlotte's body had now become as heavy as Moss? A deep shock ran through the vast majority of spectators in the stands.

“Ah! It hurts!” Moss shouted, shaking his hand for all he was worth, his stone-like face distorted once again.

“So this is Charlotte's Heavy Ions?” Ayrin shouted after a short, stunned moment, struck by a flash of understanding. “Oh right, even if they're the same weight, Charlotte's body is much smaller than Moss' body right now, so her fist is of course tougher. It's the same as Moss' fist hitting a needle!”

“This guy, he's not dumb at all about things he really cares about.” Carter slightly turned his head around when he heard Ayrin's shout, such a thought popping inside his mind.


Ayrin yelled as if his life depended on it at this time.

That strange silver metallic doll suddenly accelerated the moment Ayrin shouted and smashed a punch toward Moss' chest.

“You fell for it!”

The miserably shouting Moss suddenly seemed to tumble down. He propped one hand on the ground and started rotating all of a sudden. Like a spinning wheel, his two feet swept the silver metal doll's legs, directly wrenching it into the air.

“Gale Spin!”

“This guy actually used my move!”

In the stands occupied by the Holy Dawn students, sweat pouring from his clenched hands, Kybaver was suddenly struck a little dumb.

“So insidious!”

“His treacherousness actually reached such a level. A giant like this is actually so wretched!”

On the contrary, a storm of protests came from the stands occupied by the Divine Shield students. Actually using such a nefarious counterattack while shouting his pain, this giant was simply insidious enough to make one's hair stand on end. Very soon, the stands occupied by the Divine Shield students erupted in curses, and many people even threw random junk in the field as if their lives depended on it.


While the strange metal doll formed from irregular metal chunks flipped and spun in the air on top of Moss, Charlotte's silhouette cut through the air and arrived in front of him.


Her punch landed on Moss' chest before the Holy Dawn students even had time to shout their happiness.

Moss screamed miserably. He just straightened up only a moment ago, and now this strike lifted his two feet off the ground already.

Charlotte didn't take her fist back yet; it still lay against his chest.

The moment both his feet left the ground, a frightening rumble came from the inside of Charlotte's body.

This rumble unexpectedly carried metal clangs, as if countless giant gears and rods clanged together one by one in this single instant, then finally gathered all the superimposed strength right into her fist.


Moss' enormous body snapped back and flew backwards as soon as it took off from the ground.

“This is...”

“Where does such a powerful impact comes from! She clearly poured all her strength in her punch already, why did power blast out of her body chunk by chunk like a machine just now!”

“You idiots! Did you see that, this is Charlotte's strength, Heavy Ions' impact!”

“Charlotte, goddess!”

Seeing the impact sending even such a huge and heavy body like Moss' flying out, cries of surprise and tremendous cheers and acclaims very soon erupted like earthquakes and landslides.

“Why are her arcane skills so strange, that metal doll has such a powerful strength, and it can even move by itself, isn't that the same as one person fighting against two. Even if he could withstand one of them, there's no way he can handle both of them at the same time!”

Many Holy Dawn students subconsciously cried foul, but they were clearly aware in their minds that that this was merely the opponent's arcane skill, and that there was simply nothing unfair about it.


Moss was still sailing through the air at this moment, but the strange metallic doll already landed back on the ground.

This metallic doll seemingly assembled from irregular lumps of metal, looking as if it could easily fall apart at any moment, immediately bounced up like a spring. It jumped in front of Moss as soon as the latter landed on the ground.


Moss kicked with great difficulty and struck this metallic doll's chest.

This metallic doll snapped backward and flew back several meters, but it bounced back the moment it landed on the ground and jumped back in front of Moss.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa...”

Moss and the metallic doll attacked in a flurry of punches and kicks, like raging squalls and sudden rain.

“With Fury added to Multi-Sizing, even his body's resistance is indeed at least one time stronger compared to simple Multi-Sizing. Otherwise he'd already have lost all his fighting strength after taking Charlotte's heavy strike just now.” Still doing warm-up exercises, Chris talked to herself at the same time. “No wonder Charlotte immediately used her strongest moves... Giants and barbarians were once irreconcilable enemies during the era of the dragons. The barbarians and giants from back then probably never imagined the emergence of a descendant with both their bloodlines.”

“I'm screwed!”

Such a thought suddenly popped inside Moss' brain while he frantically resisted the metallic doll's attacks.

Because he already had trouble regaining his breath, and couldn't follow the metallic doll's attacking tempo.


A metallic punch enlarged bigger and bigger in his vision the moment this thought popped into his head, then ferociously smashed on his forehead.

“Pa Pa Pa ¨Pa...”

Everyone saw him lose all strength to retaliate when this punch landed. His body crashed on the ground under this blow, then bounced up nonstop, while the metallic doll used every kind of move, punches, foot stomps, body charges, knee strikes, raining all kinds of attacks on him like a storm.

“How did it turn out like this?” Ayrin anxiously shouted at Carter beside him, “Teacher Carter, why does this metallic doll never stop moving?”

“Because this metallic doll is formed by the combination of arcane particles and arcane power, so of course it won't feel any pain. Before the power of the arcane particles disappears, it will naturally move without ever pausing, while maintaining an alarming momentum.” Carter glanced at Ayrin. “That's why you absolutely can't handle it like you would an arcane master. I think you should get ready to go out and fight.”

“He's already at his limits?” Ayrin nodded, his vision once again falling on Moss.

“I can't do it anymore, I'm simply not her match.”

“Charlotte is really too strong. Her physical strength is so powerful already, but she still has a strange metal doll like this, there's no way I can win.”

“She's so strong though. Will Ayrin and the others be able to withstand her?”

“Even if I die... I still have to do my utmost!”

Moss thought about directly throwing in the towel for a short instant, but soon he remembered he wasn't fighting against Ayrin, but fighting against Divine Shield Academy as the vanguard. Boiling blood once again surged inside his body.


He screamed miserably under the metallic doll's crazed beating, and lifted a hand up.

“It's the end!”

The one-eyed Payton let out a sigh.

“He's finally admitting defeat. Charlotte is really strong, no one can resist attacks like these.” Almost every spectator in the stands thought this way.

The referee inside the field also lifted his hand, ready to declare the end of this fight, believing that Moss was admitting defeat.

Charlotte naturally thought the same. Her faintly knitted brows loosened. The metal doll's movements also stopped.

“I admit...I admit I'm going to throw you!”

What exceeded anyone's expectation was, a wild, violent roar erupted explosively from Moss at this time, and his other hand abruptly grabbed onto one of the metallic doll's feet stepping on his chest.

With an explosive “Huh!”, he unexpectedly swung and flung this metallic doll in Charlotte's direction.

At the same time, his consciousness a little hazy, he jumped up with a crazed roar and leaped in Charlotte's direction!

“This guy... he was faking it?” After staring blankly for a moment, the Divine Shield students one and all shouted loud curses at the top of their lungs.

“That's pretty useless. Time to end it.”

Charlotte shook her head. Facing the the metallic doll thrown her way, she merely lowered her body a little and allowed it to sail past above her head before crashing heavily on the ground.

She leaped up the moment her body straightened back up, and landed a punch on Moss with alarming speed.

Within an instant, every sound disappeared from the venue.

Moss' body halted in the air.

Sounds resembling metallic clangs once again spread from inside her body.

However, what made her breathing slightly pause at this moment was, Moss suddenly laughed like a madman and vaguely said, “Fight even if you have to die! Brave warrior!”

At the same time, all the strength inside him seemed to gather on his foot; he kicked at Charlotte.


Charlotte also swept her leg, blocking his kick.

Strength continued to charge out from inside her body, erupting out of her fist, producing a series of vibrating, transparent ripples spreading from Moss' chest.

All the strength and tension went out of Moss. He fell down, unconscious. His body started to shrink.

In a silent arena, Charlotte landed back on the ground, a fine layer of cold sweat emerging on her back.

Some of the muscles in the right leg she used just now to block Moss' attack were clearly strained. The tearing was very painful, and she couldn't put any strength in that leg.

When using “Heavy Ions,” there wasn't much of a difference between her body and steel refined by metal-casting arcane masters, but now she actually still became injured. Moss' final desperate attack, how much strength was in it?

She breathed in deeply, her eyes falling of their own accord on the passed-out Moss' leg.

What made her heart shake fiercely was, she saw Moss' leg already swelling, and perhaps even his bones sustained a heavy injury.

“This guy...”

Charlotte took in a deep breath, sensing a bitter atmosphere diffuse inside the field. It seemed like the field of a tournament, but rather a genuine battlefield.

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