Chapter 73: Divine Shield Academy's goddess

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 73: Divine Shield Academy's goddess

“It's Charlotte!”

“They just won a single fight, so what! It's only the beginning!”

“Charlotte, goddess! Defeat him!”

As soon as they saw Charlotte come out, as soon as they heard the referee's voice, the originally shaken Divine Shield students immediately turned crazed again in the stands.

The calm Charlotte seemed to have instantly injected them with strength and confidence.

“It's really Charlotte!”

“Charlotte, Charlotte, it's me!”

Ayrin shouted happily as soon as he realized it really was Charlotte who came out. He waved his hands at her like a madman, and even jumped, as if Charlotte couldn't see him.

“Ayrin, you're very familiar with Charlotte?” Chris, Rogrid, and the others all looked very strangely at him.

“Of course, I'm very familiar with her,”Ayrin answered very naturally

“...” Moss had the sudden urge to beat the ground when he heard him. They only met once and exchanged a couple words, that's called very familiar?

“He really became a member of team Holy Dawn?” Charlotte noticed Ayrin as well, and froze slightly. She subconsciously nodded her greeting, infected by Ayrin's warm enthusiasm. A very strange feeling suddenly emerged inside her.

“What the hell, is this guy from Holy Dawn Acadamy or from our Divine Shield Academy? Why's he so happy that our Charlotte is taking to the field now?”

“He doesn't cheer for his own team but looks like he's very happily to encourage Charlotte, is he a traitor?”

“Why are you shouting Charlotte Charlotte like you're very intimate! Bastard! Don't you dare have any idea about our goddess!”

Many students from Divine Shield Academy very soon pointed at Ayrin one after another, flinging curses his way.

“Teacher Carter, how did you know this one-eyed teacher was planning to make Charlotte join the fray so early?” Ayrin had already turned around and was chatting with Carter at this moment.

“Because he's always been the sort that cares only about results without giving a damn about the process. On top of that, the arcane team we were part of once fought against his team, and they ended up losing to us. That's why, with his temperament, he's definitely going for a crisp and overwhelming victory, rather than try training his troops.” Carter smiled faintly and said, “He was certainly thinking of letting Sulay fight first and get rid of Gerryn and the others, preserving Charlotte's strength as much as possible rather than letting her waste her strength on the others. That way, in his plan Charlotte would have been in her best condition when confronting Chris, so even if Chris proved able to defeat her, she'd probably be unable to handle the even stronger Ivan.”

Ayrin asked after little thought, “Then according to what you said, teacher, Ivan's probably the one fighting directly after Charlotte?”

“Should be, because Chris previously exposed the power of her Dark Destruction Dragon. On top of that, in this side of the brackets, an opponent like Ferguillo awaits them even if they defeat us. So they're keenly aware that they won't be able to qualify for the national tournament if Ivan doesn't fight this time.” Carter looked at Ayrin and nodded. Ayrin was usually very slow on the uptake, but very smart when it came to battles and battle tactics. “That's why, apart from a surprise, Ivan should appear right after Charlotte. The rest of their team members will also be able to go into the next round without any injury if they don't make an appearance this time.”

“That's why I lined up Gerryn and Bora after you.” After a slight pause, Carter said in a low voice, “As long as you guys can beat Charlotte, then Chris should be able to see the distinctive characteristics of this mysterious Divine Shield captain. With her strength, there's a very great chance she'll be able to snatch victory for us in this match!”

“So we absolutely have to defeat Charlotte and fight against Ivan...” Ayrin took a deep breath in, finally realizing the whole plan for this battle. He nodded strongly, but suddenly muttered, “ Teacher, I made a bet with Stingham and also Rinloran. If we win this match, maybe we'll be able to add both of them to our school team.”

“What!” Even though he was called the “Wise Commander” in the world of arcane masters, Carter almost fell on the ground face first when he heard Ayrin's words.

Moss faced Charlotte in the center of the field and roared, “You might be a girl, but I won't show you any mercy!”

Charlotte looked as calm and steady as ever, like a general reviewing her troops. “There's no distinction between male or female for arcane masters on a battlefield,” she answered simply.

“Why are the boys of your Divine Shield Academy so perverted? Why are they undressing when they see you take to the field?” Moss suddenly stretched his hand out and pointed at the stands behind Charlotte. Even his current face that seemed joined together from fiery rocks was clearly brimming with astonishment. “Faint. They finished stripping bare before I even finished talking.”


Charlotte curiously turned around, unsure what craziness had gotten into the people of her Divine Shield Academy. However, she saw, with the first glance she swept past, that the stands were entirely normal, everyone wearing the clothes they should be wearing. “Oh no!” She immediately had a bad feeling; her body shot forward like a whirlwind.

“War Crash!”

A sudden booming sound blasted behind her back, striking like a deluge.


Charlotte kicked a foot back, bumping against Moss' giant, completely hazy silhouette, suddenly producing the sound of huge waves battering each other. Inside the deafening noise, her body flew out forward, all the way to the edge of the stands, before she finally landed on one knee. The leg that kicked back at Moss just now was clearly a little numb, seemingly unable to prop up her body.


The stands stayed still for less than one second, then suddenly exploded in earthshaking curses.

“So despicable, actually using such a sinister and vulgar trick.”


“How can Holy Dawn Academy's people be so shameless! Actually using a dirty attack like that!”

Charlotte was facing back to Moss just now. So she didn't see that the moment Moss tricked her into turning back, he bent over and walked on his tiptoes with extreme nimbleness and treacherousness, then charged without a trace or sound in Charlotte's direction, with extremely astounding speed, then launched a violent sneak attack the moment Charlotte came to her senses.

It would have been one thing if he were a very wretched-looking shorty, but the current Moss was who knew how many times larger than Charlotte, a giant looking who knew how much wilder and more ferocious!

A giant like him who could only be described with words like “vicious, barbaric, giant, tyrannical,” actually acted so sneaky. This violent contrast, it made everyone feel their scalp go numb from his treacherousness.

Even Chris' and Carter's eyes bulged. “Why did Moss use such a trick? His movements are even so quick, as if he trained them repeatedly. He didn't hesitate at all!”


Ayrin proudly laughed out loud. “Haha, we always fought like that. What could he do, he was forced to. He couldn't beat me even after becoming bigger... After fighting me for too many times to count, he could only think of all the ways he could trick me... After that we fought and fought and just got used to it.”

“...” Everyone in team Holy Dawn was suddenly struck speechless.

“How can you call that a dirty attack! It's not like I broke any rule! You have to leave everything aside in a battle between arcane masters. As long as you can beat your opponent, it's a – good – me - thod!”

Moss charged once again in Charlotte's direction, launching a War Blast at the same time!

There were some upsides to having a loud voice. At least the voice of his one person completely overwhelmed the curses coming from so many people.

“Ack! My stomach really hurts!”

Moss froze all of a sudden when his charge took carried him to a dozen meters away from Charlotte. His hands covered his stomach, and his face filled with pain.

“Rock Smash!”

Just when everything stared blankly, wondering what on earth was happening with his stomach, he bent his waist and pushed fiercely on his legs in a wild jump, leaping high in the air. Then his body smashed down violently, like a giant boulder!

The loud gusts of wind blew on Charlotte's hair and scattered it backward.

Her two hands left her ears at this time. Dazzling arcane particles formed ribbons in her hands, like flowing streams of water.


The next moment, the small falling “hill” completely crushed her body.

Everyone couldn't help but close their eyes. The sight was a little too appalling to endure. They all thought she was going to be stomped into a flat cake.

But the moment they reopened their eyes, everyone saw waves of dust spreading out like a blast wave, with Charlotte as the center.

Charlotte already stood up.

Moss was still on top of her head.

There was a strange metal doll in a barely recognizable human shape, seemingly built from many irregular silver lumps. Its two fists still held an upward striking posture, the two fists smashed on the bottom of Moss' feet.

This metal puppet half again as tall as Charlotte was sunken deep into the hard soil, its two legs buried up to the knees.

But its body seemed like a perfectly straight pillar propping Moss up, painting a strange, still scene.


Moss shouted in pain the next instant. He leaped backwards, curled into a ball, and couldn't help but press his hands against his soles.

“Win as fast as possible!”

Charlotte hesitated a little at this moment, but then she made an immediate decision, a stern light flashing across her eyes.

Countless streams of arcane particles flowed out from her arms and legs, then oddly vanished from the air around her, transforming into silver light that shoot back inside her body.


Like a pile-driver, the earth under her feet suddenly sank downward.

“What a powerful Heavy Ions skill!” Ferguillo faintly narrowed his eyes at this time in a corner of the stands, muttering to himself in a slightly chilly tone.

Charlotte's body jumped up as if in slow motion, with extreme simplicity, yet producing terrifying sound waves and sound blasts. With extreme simplicity, a punch struck at Moss' chest.


Moss couldn't dodge while in the middle of the air. He also punched out. One big and one small, two fists ferociously collided together in the air.

At the same time, that strange silver metal doll under Charlotte suddenly crossed a steady step forward, walking out of the billowing soil!

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