Chapter 72: Smashed away!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 72: Smashed away!

“Divine Shield Academy against Holy Dawn Academy, start!”

“Sulay against Moss!”

The main field referee's resounding voice reverberated inside the whole arena, announcing the formal start of the match.

“Moss? Our first contestant is actually the freshman Moss?”

“How did he become like this?”

Inside the two stands occupied by Holy Dawn Academy students, almost no one understood yet what on earth happened.

Moss's current enormous body seemed like a small towering hill, making it difficult for them to breathe. Their hearts thumped in their chests on their own accord, bang bang, as if about to leap out of their throats.

“Remember, the probability of your giant bloodline's Multi-Sizing combining with the barbarian bloodline's hidden power is very small. Even I don't know how long you can sustain it, that's why you absolutely need to blitz your way through! Use the fastest method you can to dispatch your opponent!” The very ferocious-looking Moss was hunched down while Carter gave him his final coaching.

“You absolutely can't face him straight on!”

“Don't even think about defeating him before his state of fury ends. You have to drag it on! Run away!”

“Multi-Sizing will double physical strength at least, and Fury will almost double it again. His physical strength is probably at least three times yours! And the most important thing is, once triggered, this hidden barbarian bloodline power will confer a strong arcane resistance! This means you can't rely on these arcane skills of yours to cause him any great harm!” In the Divine Shield camp on the other side, the gloomy and ruthless one-eyed Payton also left his final instructions for Sulay, the first one to take to the field. “You have to wait until his state of fury wears off!”

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

“When the empire needs us, we will certainly withstand everything! The divine shield protects the hope of victory! The radiance of life shall endure without fail! Divine Shield Academy will prevail!”

In the stands, the crazed sounds of chest pounding, together with Divine Shield Academy's singing and cheering, once again overwhelmed everything else.

A frantic fire of war frantically spread out in every corner of the stands, blazing fiercely.

“Moss even had a hidden power like that?”

Ayrin blankly watched Moss step forward and walk to the center of the field. He felt a light tremor in the ground with every step Moss took; a flame also ignited inside him. He breathed in deeply, turned his head around and looked at Carter. The latter's face was lit in a thoroughly peculiar luster: “Teacher Carter, do you think he can win against this Divine Shield guy?”

“Of course.” Carter answered in a soft voice, “There is a huge difference in how much they innately restrain each other, that's the reason why Payton's face became so stiff earlier.”

“Do your best! Moss!”

Only after yelling at the top of his lungs did Ayrin look at Carter and ask, “Teacher Carter, when do you plan on making me fight?”

“Just after him.” Carter smiled faintly, sensing that Ayrin was itching to get a piece of the action. He added in a serious tone, “Since that guy Payton is the one leading their team, then if my guess is correct, Charlotte will come out very quickly... Moss' mission and yours is precisely to beat Charlotte and at least pose a threat to Ivan, then let Chris have a look at Ivan's way of fighting in detail... In this match, you guys are Chris' true divine shield!”

“We will certainly withstand everything... The divine shield protects the hope of victory...” Ayrin saw Chris' firm nod amidst all the singing. She was already seriously focused on the match, her eyes not straying away an iota.


“Using your fists is the only way to shut their mouths!”

“Battle bravely! Brave warrior!”

Moss' legs shook slightly. The fire of his anger and his will to fight pushed away everything else.

The ground trembled. He walked out, like a giant spirit emerging from the shadows of dragon bones!

“Such a powerful pressure... As long as your fury effect disappears, you're dead for sure!” Standing in front of him, Sulay put one hand on his head and pulled a little on his own green hair, letting the faint sensation of pain steady his body.

He braced his legs, and “Ho!” His eyes narrowed abruptly with Moss was still over twenty meters away from him; with a stern shout, he sprinted to one side towards the edge of the field.

The battle started in an instant!

The whole arena suddenly stilled!

Everyone saw that Sulay, the first member of team Divine Shield to come out, chose to run, avoiding a frontal confrontation with Moss at all cost.

But the moment Sulay started to move, a cyclone visible to the naked eye suddenly appeared in front of Moss!

He sucked into his lungs all the air in a space around the same size as himself. The air erupted back out from his chest the next instant, along with the sound waves.


War Blast!

Everyone in the stands seemed to feel wild bulls crashing into their brains, a sharp pain ringing in their eardrums.


Sulay felt as if a huge tangible thing pounded his body. Not only his eardrums, but even his entire brain, even his eyes were in fierce pain. His body stiffened abruptly in the middle of its swift rush, crashing on the ground like a piece of rock.

“Such a fearsome sound wave attack!”

“Multi-Sizing added to the barbarians' Furious Power actually results in such power!”

Not only the members of team Divine Shield, even Gerryn, Bora, and the others in team Holy Dawn blanched. Only now did they understand why Carter sent him out first without the slightest hesitation, even though he was a mere tag-along.


Sulay forcibly controlled his body as soon as he landed on the ground and maintained his balance. But then the land seemed to shake fiercely all of a sudden. He breath choked inside his lungs, because he noticed that even the stones all flew up from the ground.

“Hiss...” A burst of earthshaking gasps came from the stands.

Moss' hill-like body leaped up, and when his feet fiercely trampled back down, he swung his two hammer-like arms and pounded his clasped hands on the ground.

The moment Sulay saw the stones fly up was the moment he lost his balance. He suddenly fell to the side.

Moss leaped back in the air without the slightest pause, like a small hill flung upward, then smashed from the air down to the ground.

Moss' shadow shrouded Sulay within.

Sulay was after all an important member of team Divine Shield, and not a weakling. When he lost his balance, he didn't make the mistake of forcibly turning his body and controlling his balance. Rather, he flung his hands in the direction of the dropping Moss.

Dazzling arcane particles gushed out madly from his hands. Three half-meter long rotating ice blades cut out towards Moss' chest, slashing mournfully through the air.

This strike was the attack he put his hopes in.

As long as he could drag on for a little longer, he could once again widen the distance between Moss and himself.

But just at this time, Moss let out another wild, earthshaking roar: “Battle bravely! Brave warrior!”


The three rotating ice blades seemed to freeze in the air. Moss clasped his hands together and, without the slightest pause, smashed them down at the three sharp blades.

“Swish...” Some fresh and scorching hot blood splashed down, sprinkling on the soil covered in the scars and glories of battles.

Three bloody cuts appeared on Moss' hands, but, amidst exclamations and cheers exploding like a volcanic eruption, the three rotating blades shattered thoroughly.


Sulay had straightened up moments ago and leaped backwards, his face pallid. Compared to Moss' arms smashing down, his own arms crossed protectively in front of him seemed especially weak.

Along with the cruel sound from the impact, his body shot violently backward, sliding several dozen meters on the grounds, blowing up a cloud of dust. A referee just happened to stand there.

This referee jumped up almost like a conditioned reflex, following the principle of not interfering with the match.

Sulay continued to slide, only stopped when he slided all the way until he crashed with a bang on the wall surrounding the field!

“Where are your curses now!”

Moss's body straightened up all of a sudden, standing tall in the crater his stomp created. He turned around and looked at the stands behind him, raising his blooded arm and saying in a great roar, “Let's hear you curse now!”

Silence reigned throughout the Dragon-Battling Arena.

Countless Holy Dawn students incredulously covered their hands on their wide-open mouths.

On the other side, the stands occupied by Divine Shield Academy students were thoroughly petrified.

“Ah!” Ayrin shouted in this stillness.

“Moss! You're really strong!”

“You won! Brave warrior!”

His voice reverberated in the entire venue.

At the wall on the side, Sulay lay on the ground, completely passed out already.


The next second, the two stands occupied by the Holy Dawn students thoroughly flared up. Many people were overwhelmed by a sudden happiness; they hugged those sitting beside them and jumped for all they were worth.

“Did I cause that myself?”

Moss watched the boiling stands after his crazed roar. He stood a little dazed, but a sense of excitement and pride slowly welled up inside him. “I am a brave warrior! A brave warrior of Holy Dawn Academy!” He brandished his fist at Ayrin, a rallying shout reverberating inside his mind.

In a corner of the stands, several stern musclemen drawn to violence leaned against the wall and said to a Ferguillo sitting upright, “Boss, who would have thought this guy not only had giant blood, he even inherited a little barbarian blood.”

“It's a little unexpected, but it's just proof of what I said. Never look down on any courageous opponent,” Ferguillo faintly said.

“We actually can't implement the battle plan we specifically prepared for you. Were you truly unaware of this freshman's hidden barbarian bloodline, or were you only acting the part?” The one-eyed Payton looked at Carter from far away. He humphing heavily, then turned around and looked at Charlotte.

“Defeat him! Get our momentum back on track! Directly obliterate all their hopes to oblivion!” He didn't brief her with any battle tactics, he merely issued his commands in an extremely icy tone.

Charlotte nodded. She didn't waste any superfluous words, only went forward.

“Moss against Charlotte!”

The referee's resounding voice once again reverberated inside the arena.

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