Chapter 695: The Most Glorious Sunrise

Chapter 695: The Most Glorious Sunrise


Dawn, the morning sun was yet to rise above the horizon. The sky was still dark.

The surviving arcane masters, demihumans and beasts were waiting quietly for Ayrin to wake up.

After exhausting all his strength, the heavily injured Stingham had also fallen asleep. However, just a trace of the remnant Deep Green Domain’s power could already fill the Yalf Kingdom’s outpost forest with life.

Many fresh seedlings poked their heads out of the soil. The black scavenger vines no longer existed. The holy light swept away all the gloominess and impurities. It could be imagined that after this place settled down, it would once again become a lively elven forest.

A cluster of black light in the shape of Jeriya’s head floated in a corner.

Everyone ignored it.

Not only because it was just a cluster of grudge without life, but also because Jeriya fought against the Evil Dragon in her final moments.

Displeasure and hatred were washed away by kindness and sympathy.

Chris, Ferguillo and the others were the most quiet right now. They understood Ayrin well. So, if Ayrin said something did not matter, they were certain he was right.

Sounds came from Ayrin’s body.

They were the sounds of bones and flesh regenerating. Hearing that sound while looking at the sleeping Ayrin, more and more anxious arcane masters began to believe in Ayrin.

Although Ayrin’s recovery ability was astonishing, the fracturing of bones and breaking of nerves was still extremely painful.

Yet, suffering all this pain, he slept so peacefully...... Other than not fearing pain, he should also be absolutely confident and relaxed!


The first ray of the sun shone from the horizon.

The cluster of black light in the shape of Jeriya’s head shrieked in a low-pitched voice and floated towards Ayrin.

It was only her remnant consciousness, the final trace of her will. Hence, it did not possess proper thinking ability.

In the conversation between Charlotte and the other arcane masters, she only had a vague concept that she had to wait for Ayrin to wake up in order for him to wipe out the final trace of existence left of the Evil Dragon.

Right now, she was the first to sense Ayrin waking up.

Ayrin’s eyebrows twitched a little.

Then, he opened his eyes. Just like the time he enrolled into the Holy Dawn Academy, he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“Are you ready?”

Belo looked at Ayrin with his usual impulsive expression.

“Almost. But, all of you still need to help me.” Ayrin shook his head and stretched his body.

Liszt and his team took a glance at one another and nodded, “Then let’s begin.”

Waves of arcane particles flew out from their fingertips and landed on Ayrin.

Countless dazzling arcane particles shone. They did not convert into arcane power but rather stayed as streams of pure arcane particles, revolving around Ayrin.

Ayrin’s exhausted arcane gates were rapidly filled up by the dazzling arcane particles.

“Holy Gate of Life!” He loudly chanted. The seven arcane gates deep in his body hummed and opened up.

The arcane particles generated in his body spewed out from all parts of his body.

His body shone brightly.

Light bloomed from his body and became an unimaginably huge pillar of light, rushing high up into the sky.

This pillar was not the holy light pillar, but a deep purplish black. It released a terrifying evil aura.

Everyone raised their heads to the point their necks almost broke.

It was an unimaginable scene. A huge magic eye was born from the purplish black light pillar and slowly floated up, reaching the top of the light pillar.

The moment the huge magic eye which looked like a living creature manifested, countless streaks of fiery lines appeared in the sky. Within the fiery lines, there were countless chunks of ice which fell down densely.

Not only this forest, but as far as they could see fire and hail rained down.

It was as if the weather of the entire world was split into two extremes, becoming ice and fire.


High above the sky, the huge magic eye raised its eyelid. Countless streaks of black and yellow flames bloomed from its pupil.

At the same time, the red sun rose up above the horizon.

For a moment, two suns hung in the sky.

The cluster of Jeriya’s remnant grudge became quiet.

The hazy consciousness of Jeriya recalled the dream she once had.

A huge magic eye opened in the sky.

The Doraster Continent was showered in ice and fire.

She once thought it was a sign that the Evil Dragon would defeat all his enemies and dominate over the Doraster Continent.

Only now did she realize it signified the fall of the Evil Dragon. It represented that everything the Evil Dragon left behind would be completely wiped off the face of the world.

Appeased, a voice spoke in the depths of her soul, “I finally get to witness your true extermination.”

“I said I will personally watch you die.”

The cluster of black light in the shape of her head gradually faded away into nothingness.


Silence Glacier.

Within an ice-sealed island extremely far away from the Doraster Continent, the Master of House Baratheon anxiously looked at the dark green cage in front of him.

After getting burned by the thin dark green lightning bolts, the Evil Dragon’s consciousness was finally purified.

A yellow crystal turned into powder in the Master of House Baratheon’s hand. The light rays blooming from it extracted the purified consciousness out of the cage and dove into the Master of House Baratheon’s forehead.


A strange rumbling came from deep within the Master of House Baratheon’s body.


He deeply inhaled.

After remaining silent for several minutes, he exhaled even deeper.

The Master of House Baratheon opened his tightly shut eyes.

An extremely satisfied expression appeared on his face.

He could feel countless images spinning in his mind and settling down, eventually becoming images of various forbidden skills and their casting methods.

Just this small portion caused his heart to tremble.

This was the wealth the Evil Dragon left behind.

After obtaining the Evil Dragon’s experiences and forbidden skills, he would eventually stand at the peak of the Doraster Continent!

A glitter of red light rose up from the eastern horizon. He narrowed his eyes to welcome the sunrise, to welcome the most glorious sunrise in his life.

However, his satisfied and powerful expression suddenly vanished. His face turned pale white, his eyes opened to the widest, while his pupils contracted to the extreme.

What rose along with the sun was a huge magic eye.

The magic eye coldly swept both heaven and earth. Excitement and cruelty eventually shone from its pupil as it locked onto the Master of House Baratheon.

The Master of House Baratheon realized what this meant.

His robust body immediately collapsed. He fell to the ground in despair.

A unique humming sound caused by a spatial passage manifesting rang out not far from where he was. To him, this was the sound of death approaching.

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