Chapter 694: It Does Not Matter

Chapter 694: It Does Not Matter


Psst Psst!

Two soft sounds rang out from the Evil Dragon’s body. The two finger-thick light rays pierced through his body and left two tiny holes. Then, they bloomed in the sky and became two real rainbows.

The Evil Dragon stiffened.

He did not see the rainbow piercing through him. However, he felt blood rushing up his mouth and nose.

He opened his mouth and tried to say something. However, only blood came out.

Everyone held their breath.

The two streaks of rainbow were the final straw that crushed the Evil Dragon.

Beneath the bright rainbows, the Evil Dragon completely stiffened up and fell to the ground like a block of wood, kicking up a dust cloud.

A dazzling tear fell out of Meraly’s eye.

“Ayrin!” She shouted loudly.

Stingham tried to open his mouth, but no sound came out. Similarly, tears filled up in his eyes.

These were no tears of pain. They were tears of joy. For they knew, this war was over. And victory was theirs!


Ayrin’s body let out a humming sound.

The moment the Evil Dragon crashed into the ground, the silver flames wrapping around Ayrin scattered, becoming countless streaks of steaming currents.

Ayrin let go of the crystal sword and pushed his two hands forward.

Countless dazzling light rays spread out from his hands.

A golden holy grail levitated in front of him. A red glow spilled over the cup mouth, falling like a waterfall onto the Evil Dragon with the starlight in the sky.

Everyone stood still and did not dare to blink.

They knew this scene would be recorded into the Doraster’s history.

A heavenly melody rang out in the sky, as if countless celestial maidens and holy priestess were singing a choir.

An even more despairing scream came from the Evil Dragon. “Ah!”

The holy starlight and waterfall-like red glow turned into a huge hand and grabbed a twisted silhouette out of Rinloran’s body.

It was a grey silhouette with a dragon horn and dragon tail. Its facial features were similar to Fellemang. However, in the next instant, his face became blurry after a violent twist.

Only fear and despair emitted from the grey silhouette.

This was the Evil Dragon’s consciousness and mental strength...... The final remnants of the Evil Dragon.

The twisted grey silhouette screamed as the holy grail sucked it up.

Everyone felt touched.

The end of an era. The shadow looming over the Doraster Continent, the existence at the top of the food chain, was no more.

However, at this blissful moment, Ayrin’s calm expression suddenly turned stern. He raised his head and shouted coldly, “What are you trying to do?”


What’s happening?

No one was able to react.

Is there still an Evil Dragon Bishop that can save the Evil Dragon and kill all of us?

But how is that possible? The Evil Dragon’s son, queen and even Fellemang, they have all died.

The moment everyone raised their head, a yellowish wind tunnel opened up in the sky.

The expressions of Liszt, Carter and the others immediately turned chilling.

They realized that there was one party missing in this war.

An existence strong enough to threaten the Evil Dragon, the Master of House Baratheon.


The yellowish wind tunnel abruptly disappeared. Creepy, dark green lightning fell down, and from it the Master of House Baratheon appeared.

Pzzt...... Pzzt......

It sounded like whips were repeatedly striking the air. The dense lightning strikes swarmed towards the twisted grey silhouette as if they were attracted to it. In the next instant, the dark green lightning bolts became a dark green cage, imprisoning the remnant consciousness and mental strength of the Evil Dragon and then flying up.

At that moment, many arcane masters exclaimed in shock, “He wants to bring the Evil Dragon’s remnant consciousness away. He wants to integrate the consciousness to obtain the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skills and abilities!”

“We must not let him succeed!”

Many people began trembling. This was falling into a nightmare after almost reaching a perfect ending.

Even if the Master of House Baratheon could completely erase the Evil Dragon’s ego...... after obtaining the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skills and abilities, he would very likely become a new Evil Dragon.


Ayrin did not show any hesitation.

Astonishing power filled his body somehow and silver flames covered him again.


He jumped straight up and slashed the deep green cage with his silver sword.

This was the flame of destruction which contained a power on the same level as the Dragon Slaying Sword. Apart from the Evil Dragon, no six-gate arcane master could withstand its power.

However, at that moment, the Master of House Baratheon sighed, “What a pity...... I originally prepared this attack for the Evil Dragon. I never imagined all of you could defeat him.”

The sky turned bright.

Burning clouds spread across the sky.

A huge pillar of flames rushed towards Ayrin with a terrifying dragon breath.

Everything burned. The scattering heat currents turned into countless flaming red dragons.


Ayrin was instantly swallowed by the huge flame pillar.

Everyone saw Ayrin getting pushed to the ground and knocked away by the flame pillar, leaving a deep and long crater.

Bone fracturing sounds kept coming from his body.

Jean Camus looked at the bright red sky and the fading figure of the Master of House Baratheon. He shouted angrily, “What use is there in doing this?”

Extreme anger twisted his usual calm expression.

He could sense it was the power of a high level dragon crystal.

However, that dragon crystal had completely exhausted its power after that one attack.

After losing the dragon crystal, the Master of House Baratheon did not even dare to get close to the battlefield, because the anger from the other arcane masters would be enough to kill him.

The Master of House Baratheon heard Jean Camus’s criticism and said, “The current me is certainly not strong enough, but I have sufficient patience.”

The dark green cage reached the Master of House Baratheon. A sense of power made his breathing more fluent than ever. He felt as if he had become insurmountably large.

He did not immediately step into the storm passage behind him to leave, but exclaimed, “I will patiently hide...... I am already a six-gate arcane master. Perhaps, all of you will only sense my existence when I am opening the seventh arcane gate. However, by then, none of you will be my opponent.”

“Although my House Baratheon has always claimed that every other arcane master is an enemy, only now am I able to achieve the feat of opposing the entire Doraster Continent.”

Having said this, he stepped into the storm passage.

The storm passage vanished as he disappeared in the passage.


Jean Camus could not say anything. His face turned pale and finally spat out a mouthful of blood.

All the efforts, all those sacrifices, are they going to become the stepping stone for the Master of House Baratheon in the end?

Everyone despaired.

Because they knew what the Master of House Baratheon said was the truth.

However, at that moment, an extremely feeble voice rang out, “It does not matter......”

“Does not matter?”

“It does not matter even like this?”

If anyone else spoke that line, they would definitely be cursed and scolded. However, right not, everyone first became startled, then quiet.

This was because the person who spoke was Ayrin.

Ayrin had many of his bones fractured and lay miserably in a massive crater. Even his hair and the ground beneath him were dyed red by his blood to the point the original color could not be distinguished anymore.

However, he confidently looked at the crowd and nodded, “It does not matter.”

“Why does it not matter?” Many people asked.

At the same time, various medical masters started tending to Ayrin’s wounds.

“Because I still have the forbidden skill the Radiance Priestess taught me. He cannot hide from me......” Ayrin smiled while looking at Chris, Charlotte and the others.

“No matter how fast he cultivates...... I will recover faster...... Rinloran and the others should be safe now...... I will sleep first......”

“What forbidden skill?”

“What does he mean by 'cannot hide’?”

“He can even sleep in such a situation?”

The arcane masters who wished for their questions to be answered shouted in disbelief.

However, Ayrin started snoring. He had really fallen asleep while the medical masters were still taking care of him.

Suddenly, relieved voices shouted out, “Rinloran is still alive!”

A bunch of people surrounded Charlotte and asked, “What forbidden skill is it?”

“Is what Ayrin said true?”

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