Chapter 693: Bone Severance, The Final Rainbow

Chapter 693: Bone Severance, The Final Rainbow


The holy and strong-willed Sacrificial Halo swept over the Evil Dragon. The Evil Dragon’s grey body suddenly started shining like a bright sun.

Each light ray emitted from the Evil Dragon’s body carried away his life force and power.


The Evil Dragon crashed to the ground like a bird with broken wings. Half of his face slammed into the soil.

A sharp shriek came out from his mouth. He had never fallen so ugly before. However, what made him feel even more miserable was that Ayrin had broken out from the worm’s stomach.

He quickly bounced up from the ground mid-shriek. The skin on his left palm burned away and became purplish black smoke, surging towards the other side of his body.

Ayrin appeared right in front of the purplish black smoke.

The silver sword in his hand stabbed deeply into the Evil Dragon’s abdomen.

An even sharper shriek rang out.

The Evil Dragon fell back a hundred meters. A thick trail of blood spurted out.

The purplish black smoke surging out of his hand hit empty air, missing even the vicinity of Ayrin.


Only then did Moss crash into the ground next to Ayrin.

“Do your best, Ayrin!” He shouted with the last hints of his consciousness. His vision was blurring after burning away almost all of his life force. He managed to add one more sentence, “You must save Rinloran……”

The Evil Dragon clutched his abdomen, but blood kept flowing out from the gaps between his fingers. Usually, such a wound did not matter. However, right now, the strong threat and fear of death intensified the pain over a thousand or even ten thousand times, making every strand of his nerves spasm.

Ayrin was completely wrapped in silver flames. He looked like a silver flame humanoid. Even his pupils spewed out flames of rage.

However, after hearing the last words Moss spoke before losing consciousness, everyone saw him nod.

Then, they saw cracks blooming on the ground beneath him.


Shattered earth and rocks blasted out. Ayrin instantly crossed over the hundred-meter distance and appeared right in front of the Evil Dragon.

Rapid syllables came out from the Evil Dragon’s throat.

A deep red flame burned atop his index finger. It became a deep red laser as it shot towards Ayrin’s forehead with a terrifying power.

In response, Ayrin roared like a raging beast.

Then, he simply thrusted his sword forward.

No words could describe the momentum of this thrust.

The silver sword tip accurately met the deep red laser. The silver flames scattered the deep red laser into thin threads.


Blood gushed out of the Evil Dragon’s abdomen as another horrifying wound opened up.

“Ah!” The Evil Dragon’s pained shriek completely turned into fear. He retreated another hundred meters back, a thick trail of blood following him. In the next instant, Ayrin appeared in front of him once again and thrusted his silver sword towards the Evil Dragon without any mercy.

The Evil Dragon raised his head.

Blood flowed out from his mouth and nose. He looked miserable.

A desperate beastly roar came out from his mouth. The dragon crystal in his body cracked and became countless particles. They spewed out from his body as fast as they could.

Grey gem-like particles lingered around his body and burned.


The terrifying power caused Ayrin to jerk his body. A portion of the silver flames covering him was blown away, and he was forcefully pushed back.

The silver sword could not pierce through the burning aura around the Evil Dragon for a moment. However, the Evil Dragon’s left half turned even more bitter.

He sensed Ayrin’s intention.

Ayrin was forcing him to completely burn away his Evil Dragon particles, to burn away everything that invaded Rinloran’s body.

Right now, he could even faintly feel his entire body going numb. He was about to lose control over this body.

However, at that moment, a ray of light flashed across his murky mind.

The name Rinloran, whose body he possessed, suddenly reminded him of a fact.

A trace of hope dwelled in his eyes once again.


His chest collapsed. He rapidly sucked in the air around him. His entire body was rapidly devouring the scattered arcane power in the air.

The air in front of his left hand sensed a terrifying aura and scattered around in fear.


A beautiful sword flash shot out from his left hand and stabbed towards Ayrin’s body.

The beautiful sword flash clashed against the silver sword.


The sound of a drumbeat rang out in the air.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat.

They could see silver flames scattering.

The Evil Dragon and Ayrin were both knocked back.

However, an eye-catching trail of blood also flowed out from Ayrin’s palm.


Sounds of people drawing sharp breaths rang out.

Every arcane master and monster was shocked to see the Evil Dragon’s attack piercing through Ayrin’s silver sword and leaving a wound in his palm.


The Evil Dragon was also heavily panting.

His condition remained horrible. The wounds in his abdomen kept bleeding. However, as he panted heavily, he felt power and confidence returning to him.

A cruel grin appeared on his face once again.

He looked at the similarly panting Ayrin and commented while coughing, “Luckily, you reminded me...... I can still use such power...... Thousand Storms Sword, what a sword skill! To even leave me astonished......”

Other than an intense heat, a trace of urgency also appeared in Ayrin’s body.

He began to feel fatigued and feeble...... However, what made him worry was that he instinctively felt his power was unable to crush the Thousand Storms Sword.

Now was the moment when the Evil Dragon was at his weakest. Even the dragon crystal and arcane particles in his body were completely exhausted. However, the Evil Dragon could continuously devour scattered arcane power to refine his arcane particles...... If Ayrin could not deal enough damage to stop the Evil Dragon from casting more arcane skills, the Evil Dragon could simply keep recovering.

Ayrin paused for a moment and desperately thought, What method is there to completely crush the Evil Dragon?

The atmosphere of the battlefield froze still. There was only silence and the wind.

At that moment, Meraly’s voice entered Ayrin’s ears, “Ayrin!”


Everyone sensed something and turned around.

Meraly was still sitting limp on the ground.

Although her bones could recover after getting fractured, the damage to her organs was too severe. She could not even stand up.

Everyone naturally thought she was no longer a threat to the Evil Dragon.

However, at that moment, everyone’s gaze froze.

Even the Evil Dragon was startled.

Meraly raised her hands while sitting.

A crystal sword manifested in her left hand.

Meanwhile, crystals also grew from her right hand and became a thick blade.

Then, she bit her teeth and slashed down on her left hand with her right.


The thin crystal sword growing out from her left hand was severed.

It looked like a simple action. The sound produced was not loud. However, this action and sound made many people tremble uncontrollably.

Everyone knew Meraly’s crystal weapons were not made from normal materialize skill.

Those crystal weapons were her bones after integrating the Eternal Crown.

Hence, everyone knew that the simple action she did was in fact cutting off her own bones.

She cut off her own bones!

The strength of the Eternal Crystal was absolute during the Era of the War with Dragons.

Hence, only her own bones could sever her bones.

Severing one’s own bones...... This undoubtedly required great courage. The pain was unimaginable.

Meraly’s entire body shuddered violently. However, she shouted towards Ayrin again.

Everyone realized what she meant.

The Evil Dragon did too. He screamed furiously and dashed towards her at the fastest speed possible.

However, at that moment, Meraly had already used the last ounce of her strength to throw the crystal sword.


A queer vibration spread out in the air.

Ayrin appeared and caught the crystal sword.

Ayrin held the sword and took a deep breath. Then, he asked the Evil Dragon, “Do you still have a chance?”

Then, his entire being turned into a streak of silver flames as he rushed towards the utterly shocked Evil Dragon.


The beautiful Thousand Storms Sword flashed in the air once again.

However, everyone saw the crystal sword Ayrin held formed countless cracks, but did not shatter. The cracks disappeared as fast as they appeared..

The Evil Dragon did not dare to face Ayrin anymore. He screamed and tried to run away. “Ah!”

Ayrin and the semi-transparent crystal sword pursued right behind.

A silver metallic figure appeared below the Evil Dragon.

This place was already outside the battlefield.

The Evil Dragon had already escaped to the outer zone of the battlefield.

The silver metallic figure was Merlin.

She raised her head to look up at the Evil Dragon. Sensing the evil aura and burning dragon flames released by the Evil Dragon, she suddenly remembered something.


Her silver pupils glowed and shot out two streaks of rainbow-colored flames.

The two streaks of flame were very thin, but extraordinarily dazzling. They precisely struck the Evil Dragon.

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