Chapter 692: A Chance That Absolutely Cannot Be Wasted

Chapter 692: A Chance That Absolutely Cannot Be Wasted


Ayrin suddenly felt a chill.

He instinctively felt he could break through the imprisonment of this Reincarnation Worm, but he indeed needed some time.

He already understood the Evil Dragon’s intention before the Evil Dragon spoke. He desperately shouted towards Stingham, Chris and the others, “Run! Escape!”

The Evil Dragon revealed a mocking and cruel grin. “Can they make it?” The moment his gaze landed on Stingham and Chris, he disappeared from the spot.

Ayrin knew he could not make it. He also knew everyone else had given their all in the battle and could not block this assault.

So, he stopped trying to break free and instead shouted out a name with all his strength. “RINLORAN!”

A thunderous roar rang out from the stomach of the worm, blasting into everyone’s ear drums.


The moment Ayrin shouted, blood sprayed out from Stingham’s chest.

The Evil Dragon had appeared less than ten meters from Stingham. Several grey straw-like roots shot out from one of his hands and stabbed into Stingham’s chest.

His aim was not only to kill Stingham, but also to absorb his power.

The Evil Dragon’s eyes were filled with absolute cruelty. As he saw Stingham’s chest bleeding, excitement and anticipation appeared in his eyes.

He possessed the strongest bloodline in the entire Doraster Continent! His power originated from his ability of devouring and conversion. Hence, he was unable to win this time due to his insufficient arcane level. However, once he devoured Stingham’s power, he might even grasp the Deep Green Domain!

At that moment, a different glint glowed from deep within his eyes.

The glint was like the starry light of St. Laruen’s night sky, the pale and stubborn moon light.

This glint instantly turned into pain within the Evil Dragon’s pupils.

“Ah!” A heart-tearing scream came from the Evil Dragon’s throat.

His brain felt like it was split open. He clutched his head uncontrollably and spasmed in the air.

His expression turned into two people.

One side was menacing from pain, the other side was furious with killing intent.

Stingham collapsed on the ground slowly.

He had long exhausted all his power. He could not even make any evasive movements.

However, seeing his own chest spilling out blood and the Evil Dragon who was about to kill him suffering from intense pain, he revealed a relieved smile.

“Rinloran!” He shouted excitedly.

He was indeed very happy.

This was because he knew that the only person who could save him was Rinloran.

Perhaps Rinloran had been suppressed by the Evil Dragon all this time. However, the moment the Evil Dragon was about to kill him, Rinloran’s power was stimulated.

Even if Rinloran usually despised Stingham and kept calling him an idiot...... in his heart, Stingham and Ayrin were important companions......


The Evil Dragon’s consciousness was hazy.

Even his breath felt like countless grains of sand rubbing his windpipe, which was more painful than not breathing at all.

He attacked Stingham with his right hand. However, the right half of his body had lost all senses now. It was as if his right half had become numb. He could not even feel any arcane particle flow.

Even his right eye was blind.

Meanwhile, the world he saw in his left eye was bloody and twisted.

He could not understand or comprehend what was going on.

As his arcane level and mental strength kept growing, the remnant consciousness of Rinloran which he completely suppressed should not be able to affect him anymore. However, that consciousness actually became dozens of times, hundreds of times stronger all of a sudden.

Since he had never experienced true friendship, love or even family, he could not comprehend that those emotions could sometimes stimulate one to unleash unbelievable power.

However, right now, the sole will in his hazy mind was still one of murder.

He could not see Stingham with his right eye, but his left eye still showed Chris’s figure.

So, he wanted to kill Chris before she escaped. He would kill this god-like girl which could pose a threat to him.

He could not move half of his body, but the shadow surging out from his left half still allowed him to disappear from the spot.


Many people sensed the Evil Dragon’s killing intent directed at Chris.

However, just like before, due to the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skill being too creepy, they did not know what kind of arcane power would befall Chris.

They could also sense Rinloran’s power would be unable to restrict the other half of the body.

Even the arrogant and impulsive Belo turned pale.

Chris deeply frowned.

She stopped moving completely and a determined glint flashed across her eyes.

Even if she could not block the Evil Dragon’s attack, she would make sure to add another wound to him.

However, at that moment, a cluster of black flames...... or more accurately speaking, a cluster of lightless light that devoured all light, appeared above her head.

At the center of the cluster, there was a female arcane master who was about the same size as her.


Endless arcane particles surged out from that female arcane master. The entire cluster unleashed an unbelievable suction strength.


A loud sonic boom rang out.

The figure of the half paralyzed Evil Dragon was suddenly pulled out from the void and flew towards that cluster.

“Black Jasmine...... Even you are betraying me?” A furious roar mixed with shock rang out.

Despite having a hazy consciousness, the Evil Dragon could identify it was the Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine who blocked him now.

“Black Jasmine?”

Chris raised her head in astonishment.

She knew Black Jasmine was strong, but she never imagined Black Jasmine would attack the Evil Dragon. Despite having half of his body paralyzed, Black Jasmine was still unable to oppose the Evil Dragon’s power. Especially when Black Jasmine was an Evil Dragon follower, her bloodline power and Evil Dragon’s forbidden skills would be disadvantageous against the Evil Dragon.

“If I don’t even have the courage to face the Evil Dragon, wouldn’t I be even weaker than you compared to before? Plus, you are my rival, the target I vowed to defeat. Before I defeat you, how can I let you get killed by someone else?”

As if hearing Chris’s thoughts, Black Jasmine smiled towards Chris as she poured out all of her arcane particles.

The Evil Dragon fell into complete panic.

He could sense he was running out of time.

The moment Ayrin broke out of the worm, he might not even be able to escape anymore in his current condition.

Hence, he did not want to waste time killing Chris or Black Jasmine. He only wanted to escape.

A ring of black glow surged out from the left half of his body, repelling the black arcane power surrounding him.

However, at that moment, a pair of pitch-black hands grabbed his feet.

Black Jasmine raised her head and laughed while staring at the panicking Evil Dragon, “You can repel my arcane power, but can you struggle free from my physical strength?”

She had experienced countless thrilling battles in her life. She even joined the Evil Dragon followers to experience even more thrilling battles by challenging the righteous arcane masters without being bound by rules.

However, the thrill from all those battles added up could not match the thrill of stalling the Evil Dragon from escaping right now.

This was the strongest existence in the Doraster Continent.

Making such a guy completely panic…… fighting against the strongest guy...... It’s worth it even if I die, isn’t it?


Almost on reflex, a corrosive aura thrusted out from the Evil Dragon’s left hand and pierced Black Jasmine’s chest.

Blood spurted out from behind Black Jasmine.

Black Jasmine let out a groan and forcefully swallowed the blood rushing up her throat. She laughed maniacally and refused to let go.

“Do you really want to die?”

The Evil Dragon screamed hysterically. The left half of his body was shrouded in purplish black smoke. His left hand extended and clawed into Black Jasmine’s body.


Black Jasmine finally lost hold of the Evil Dragon’s legs. She spat out a mouthful of blood and fell limp to the ground.

“Black Jasmine!”

Hot tears spilled out of Chris’s eyes.

She could feel Black Jasmine’s life force fading away.

“Ah!” The Evil Dragon roared, venting his fury.

Then, as he was about to fly up again, his entire body stiffened.

A hill-like shadow appeared above him.

Moss, who was covered in flaming magma-like skin, appeared above the Evil Dragon.

The one who was forgotten on this battlefield, so nobody noticed how he rushed to that spot.

Moss’s chest was heaving up and down.

His breathing was urgent and his heart beat violently.

Nobody noticed him rushing next to Stingham. However, he was unable to follow the Evil Dragon’s speed. It was only thanks to Black Jasmine that he was able to catch back up.

To him, this was a chance Black Jasmine gave him at the cost of her life.

Hence, he absolutely...... could not waste it!


A dazzling halo spread out from his body and rushed towards the Evil Dragon.

“Ah!” The Evil Dragon screamed in fear. In that instant, he did not check the halo that hit him, but turned to check on the worm.

The moment the halo hit his body, a crack opened up on the stomach of that worm and rapidly expanded!

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