Chapter 691: Ayrin’s Instinct, The True Power Of The Silver Dragon Bloodline

Chapter 691: Ayrin’s Instinct, The True Power Of The Silver Dragon Bloodline


“Make you angry?”

Charlotte immediately became worried. After all, it was not long ago since Morgan’s group had escaped Fellemang and warned them of the dangers if Ayrin’s rage exceeded a certain threshold. Before this war, they discussed and decided that Ayrin had to control his rage.

However, right now, seeing Ayrin’s determined expression and clear eyes, Charlotte decided to trust Ayrin and obey him completely.

But how should I enrage Ayrin?”

Charlotte was at a loss. She hesitated and stuttered, “Ayrin...... I...... I want to break up with you.”

Ayrin was startled and turned to look at her. He did not look angry.

“Not enough?”

Charlotte bit her lips embarrassedly and shouted while shutting her eyes, “I don’t like guys anymore! I like Chris, let’s break up!”


Ayrin’s expression immediately turned sour, “Charlotte, that’s too fake......”

“I really can’t think of anything!” Charlotte called Chris for help, “Chris, make Ayrin angry!”

Chris frowned, then suddenly shouted towards Ayrin, “Ayrin, you must not let the Evil Dragon defeat us! Otherwise, he will eat all the chicken drumsticks in the Doraster Continent.”

A spark of anger burned in Ayrin’s eyes, but his face turned sour again, “Not enough...... If he’s just snatching away the chicken drumsticks, it’s not really a big deal.”


At that moment, the terrifying grey worm opened its mouth again.

Another patch of earth disappeared.

The ground turned grey.

The Evil Dragon began chanting again, “Arcane Master’s Dismay: Backlash!”

Within the grey land, dozens of green light rays shot out and pounced onto Stingham.

A skull numbing shriek rang out.

Both arcane masters and beasts stepped back in shock. The demihumans crouched on the spot and buried their heads in the ground while shivering.

It was an extremely horrifying scene. The Lover’s Corpse on Stingham appeared again, but it was full of holes. The green light rays became ghoul-like silhouettes and desperately bit down on the Lover’s Corpse, tearing countless holes into it.

Everyone could sense it was permanent destruction.

The Lover’s Corpse that boasted indestruction was destroyed by the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skill.

Stingham felt as if countless fingers stabbed into his brain.

It was an indescribable pain.

Stingham arched his body and screamed in pain, “Ah!”

Ayrin’s body jerked.

The rage in his eyes burned to the extreme watching Stingham scream. His two pupils ignited. There was no emotion other than rage.


He faced Charlotte and Chris, yet seemed to be directing his words towards the Evil Dragon.

Charlotte and the others around him felt a stinging pain on their skin from Ayrin’s words. They realized in astonishment that not only did the silver flames surging out from Ayrin materialize, they also began releasing a terrifying amount of heat.

When Stingham was screaming in pain, the huge worm behind the Evil Dragon opened its mouth again. The Evil Dragon’s cruel gaze locked onto Stingham. The huge worm was about to swallow Stingham whole. However, at that moment, his body shook and he turned around to focus on Ayrin.

Everyone now noticed Ayrin’s change.

They opened their eyes wide in disbelief, while their pupils contracted due to shock.

A dense silver aura rumbled around Ayrin. Other than feeling heat and destruction from that aura, nobody could sense any arcane particles.

There was not a trace of any arcane particle fluctuation around Ayrin.

It seemed as if he had become someone who hadn’t awoken their arcane particles.

The spreading rings of silver flames gradually seeped into the soil beneath him.

The silver flames in the soil clashed against the spreading grey and generated a loud booming sound.

Countless pillars of auras gushed out from the center of the clash between silver and grey.

Each pillar contained countless images that looked like shadows of destroyed castles.


Charlotte, Chris and the others became speechless.

They did not understand how Ayrin’s power changed, but they could feel Ayrin was truly enraged.

It’s so easy to make Ayrin angry......

To Ayrin, who witnessed so many demihumans and arcane masters being killed by the Evil Dragon, any companion’s pain would be the trigger to ignite his rage completely.


Seeing the silver aura spreading out around Ayrin, the Evil Dragon’s arrogance and absolute confidence disappeared instantly.

The Evil Dragon stared at Ayrin without blinking and spoke in a serious tone, “You actually dare to do this...... Looks like you don’t know what consequences there will be after igniting your rage.”


The response was a corrosive aura surging out from underground.

The arcane power emitting a powerful corrosive aura immediately condensed into a sword and stabbed towards the Evil Dragon’s body. It was so fast that the Evil Dragon only reacted when the sword poked into his skin.


A grey dragon crystal manifested beneath the pierced skin and blocked the sword.

The Evil Dragon was flung back dozens of meters and slammed into the huge worm behind him. Blood flowed out from his mouth uncontrollably as he rebounded.

“Sword of Corrosion...... This is one of the Evil Dragon’s strongest forbidden skills…… How did Ayrin?”

The current situation had robbed most arcane masters of their ability to think.


The Evil Dragon did not counterattack immediately. He took deep breaths to calm himself down.

He roared towards Ayrin, “Aren’t you afraid of the terrifying consequences your rage will bring you?”

“I did worry. However, I just realized that even Stingham can calm my anger. I have so many teammates and companions...... So, I’m sure they will make me calm down no matter how far my fury burns.”

Ayrin looked at the Evil Dragon and approached him step by step. Silver currents completely covered his face, making others unable to see his expression.

“So I begin to ascertain...... From the start, sending Fellemang to assassinate Morgan and the others was all your scheme. You wanted to make me purposely control my anger.”

“Until just now, when Stingham’s Deep Green Domain made you despair, my anger calmed down, making me feel my power suddenly weakening. I finally understood that rage is my source of power.”

“The ultimate power of the Silver Dragon bloodline...... is a unique bloodline. It allows me to burn arcane particles under extreme rage...... to completely burn the arcane particles into a destructive power in an instant.”

Ayrin’s voice was becoming sonorous. Each word ended with a Draconic syllable.


Within the silver flames, a terrifying presence manifested.

The silver flames split into two.

Everyone could see Ayrin making the sword drawing action.


A silver longsword appeared in Ayrin’s hand.

Countless streaks of silver lightning, each containing a destructive aura, began bouncing on the sword tip.

He succeeded?

Everyone was in awe. Even Stingham forgot his pain for a moment and looked at the scene absentmindedly.

It seemed to be different from the Dragon Slaying Sword’s aura, but it was similarly powerful.

The Evil Dragon’s expression turned grim.

The moment Ayrin manifested that sword, he stopped speaking and poured out his Evil Dragon particles.

The worm behind him instantly enlarged several times.


The worm only opened its mouth and the area Ayrin was in soundlessly disappeared and reappeared within its stomach.

Ayrin was swallowed by it.

Without any hesitation, Ayrin thrusted his sword from inside the worm’s stomach.

Everyone saw Ayrin’s action.


The enormous worm the size of half of the forest jerked violently and bounced up. Countless streaks of silver flames spread out within its stomach.

The spot Ayrin stabbed the worm became more and more transparent, as if it would shatter any moment.

The Evil Dragon’s gaze was filled with fear, fury and lamentation.

However, in the next instant, they were replaced by cunningness, despicableness and cruelty.

“I never imagined this generation of the Silver Dragon bloodline successor would be a fearless monster like you...... I admit I cannot defeat you when a mutation has occurred to me...... However, I can still escape...... You still cannot get out of this Reincarnation Worm any time soon. Before you get out, I can escape.” He then slowly continued word for word, with an evil expression on his face, “I can even change your rage into frustration and helplessness. Because I can kill those who will fuel your anger by getting hurt before I escape.”

“Even if it’s the real Dragon Slaying Sword, so what?”

“I can still use this forbidden skill to trap you.”

“As long as I have enough time, once I regain my peak level, none of you will be my opponent.”

While talking to himself, his gaze fell onto Stingham, Chris and the others.

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