Chapter 690: Make Me Angry

Chapter 690: Make Me Angry


The Evil Dragon was so furious that smoke came out of his eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Smoke was literally coming out from him.

The uncontrollable black smoke and Evil Dragon aura spewed out from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

The forbidden skill he taught Jeriya was actually used against him!

I will watch you die even after I die!

The Evil Dragon knew very well that this forbidden skill which originated from the black witch belonged to a strange mental power type curse. Unless he truly died and fulfilled the wish, that cluster of black light in the shape of Jeriya’s head would forever stare at him. A true eternal curse.

The Evil Dragon stared at that cluster of black light with smoking eyes and vowed ferociously, “Want to watch me die?”

“Too bad you won’t get to see it!”

“Since you used this forbidden skill, I will treat you as a sigil. When I dominate the Doraster Continent, I will seal you on my staff!”

The projection of Jeriya’s head closed her mouth tight and did not make any sound.

Not only because the consciousness she left behind was incomplete and did not have much thinking ability, but also because she clearly knew that the Evil Dragon was still the Evil Dragon.

He was the one closest to god. His bloodline reigned above all else.

Before he truly died, nobody could be certain of his failure.


After the Evil Dragon integrated Fellemang’s power, the dragon tail he grew began burning, becoming countless particles and swarming into his body.

The Evil Dragon trembled and jumped up.

Even more intense black flames and smoke spewed out from his face, becoming a black sun-like sphere in front of his head.

However, in the next instant, the aura within the Evil Dragon’s body calmed down completely. He spewed out no more black smoke.

His injuries were mostly recovered and he stood on the battlefield again.

In the distance, Ciaran who was desperately treating some heavily injured arcane master showed some respect towards the Evil Dragon.

Despite being enemies and hating the Evil Dragon to the core, she had to admit the Evil Dragon’s astonishing achievement in arcane skills.

It was clearly a Dark Sacrifice type forbidden skill. However, compared to the usual Dark Sacrifice which could only use generated arcane power to damage the enemies, the Evil Dragon’s Dark Sacrifice burned away the life force of his dragon tail to convert it into healing power.

This was a method not recorded in any medical document.


Jeriya died and turned into a cursed spirit. There was no one else who stood next to the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon stood up.

Green color continued to spread out.

The Evil Dragon and the Deep Green Domain clashed again.

The entire battlefield quietened down.

The Evil Dragon sunk deep into thought. He began chanting seriously. Each syllable was slow.

“Hell Glacier!”


Countless deep blue ice chunks grew out from the ground beneath his feet and spread out like a tide.

All the plants were frozen.

It was a terrifying ice type forbidden skill. Its chill was even more frightening than Ayrin’s Destroyer Ice Crown!

Large patches of green turned deep blue and were imprisoned in the sapphire-like ice.

This was the forbidden skill the Evil Dragon decided to use after careful consideration. Since he could not prevent the Deep Green Domain’s growth, he froze all the flora to prevent the Deep Green Domain from constantly damaging him. Then, he could shift some of his attention towards defeating his enemies.

However, a chill spread out in his body once again.

Crack...... Crack......

In an instant, countless ice chunks began cracking.

The ice chunks shattered layer by layer. A rich green color blossomed out again.

The Evil Dragon realized...... There were many plants which could grow in extreme cold environments. Furthermore, the tinier the plants, the greater the force they could exert when imprisoned.

His newfound confidence shattered instantly.

Ferguillo’s expression turned cold. His heterochromatic pupils began glowing as he shouted, “Be careful, he wants to escape!”


Two white air currents surged out from beneath the Evil Dragon’s feet. At the same time, black rays of light shone up into the sky. His figure split into a thousand shadows and nobody could tell which one was the real one.

“Ayrin!” Charlotte shouted in reflex.

If the Evil Dragon escaped, the sacrifices made in this battle would become meaningless. The Evil Dragon would continue to grow stronger. They would face the danger again.

However, Ayrin did not move.

He was not nervous at all. He instinctively felt the Deep Green Domain had not shown its true power yet.

Stingham looked up into the air.

There were countless seeds floating in the sky.

Each seed stuck onto an Evil Dragon’s shadow and began growing.

The shadows popped one after another like bubbles, revealing the Evil Dragon’s real body.

Even more seeds landed on the Evil Dragon. His body bulged, becoming a green hill in the sky, and fell down. Roars of shock and fury rang out.


Another shockwave spread out.

Countless green plants fell off from the Evil Dragon’s body.

However, countless vines and roots rapidly pressed down on the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon managed to stand. This time, he prevented the plants from taking root inside his body. However, countless roots and vines entangled and bound his body, making it impossible for him to escape through the air.

Countless gleams of different colors flashed through the Evil Dragon’s eyes. They were the casting processes of various terrifying forbidden skills. However, it ended with him in absolute fear.

His arrogant attitude completely disappeared for the first time. He also felt the threat of true death for the first time.

This threat caused his teeth to clatter.

He began to admit that with his current power, he could not defeat the Deep Green Domain.

An aura similar to his appeared in his senses.

Like a drowning person who would grab any straw, he looked towards the source of the aura instinctively.

His eyes landed on Ferguillo. On his right arm.

A pained and despaired groan came from the Evil Dragon’s throat.

He knew it was once his arm, an arm from his peak state. However, he was also clear that the arm had mutated. Even if he could cut it off from Ferguillo, he could not devour it to regain a portion of his power from his peak state.

He was filled with despair.

At that moment, another figure entered his eyes.

It was Lotton who stood next to Ferguillo.

The current Lotton could barely stand. Almost all of his power was devoured by the Evil Dragon. After the Deep Green Domain manifested, Lotton was no different from an abandoned sack to him.

However, right now, Lotton’s figure caused the Evil Dragon’s desperate heart to beat faster again.

Countless images appeared in his brain.

Countless images of arcane particle flow rearranged in his mind.

Countless particles rumbled in his body.

They eventually condensed into one image. A huge worm with only a mouth that once trapped him inside.

“I am still the dominator of the Doraster Continent! You can’t destroy me. I am still the strongest being in the Doraster Continent!”

Arrogance and confidence returned to him. Fear disappeared from his face and turned into a cruel smile.

“What does he mean?”

Everyone had an ominous feeling.

“All of you are indeed opponents with great creativity. Even during the War with Dragons, I rarely encountered opponents like you...... However, your creativity eventually became my inspiration, allowing me to grow stronger.”

The cruel smile on the Evil Dragon’s face widened. He swept his gaze across Stingham and Ayrin.

A loud sucking sound rang out.

A huge shadow manifested behind the Evil Dragon.

A huge grey semi-transparent worm grew out behind him.


The worm opened its mouth to devour. In one bite, the green plants within several hundred meters disappeared.

The layer of earth in that area was devoured by the worm.

Everyone opened their eyes wide in shock.

Most of them turned pale.

The arcane power of that worm was too strange. It seemed to be at the pinnacle of the food chain. It only ate and never excreted. The Deep Green Domain’s power devoured by it could not be recycled.

“Ayrin!” Stingham shouted in panic.

He instantly felt that the strange worm created by Lotton’s forbidden skill was the bane of his Deep Green Domain. It directly drove a wedge in his Deep Green Domain.

Ayrin took a deep breath and whispered to Charlotte, Chris and the others around him, “You all must make me angry, make my flames of rage completely burn.”


Charlotte and the others could not comprehend it.

Ayrin stared at the Evil Dragon and urged them, “Yes, make me angry, enrage me! Otherwise, it will be too late!”

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