Chapter 689: I Will Personally Watch You Die

Chapter 689: I Will Personally Watch You Die


The Evil Dragon chanted in fury.

Getting injured by a weak arcane master like Stingham was more unacceptable than suffering any other kind of injury.

He would counterattack and kill Stingham at all costs!

A terrifying aura surged out from underground as he chanted. However, before the arcane power could be integrated, his body suddenly stiffened and he looked down.

Under his feet, the grey ground corroded by his aura turned green. Vibrant grass and tree saplings thrusted up from the ground.

Not just from the ground, green shoots even grew out from the cuts on his body.

The thin and tiny roots stabbed deeply into his body. As they stimulated the pain, they also hindered his arcane particle flow.


That moment of stiffness destroyed his terrifying aura and scattered the remaining purplish black gales into the surroundings. They spread out in the deep green forest like countless petals of a huge flower.

“This is the same Deep Green Domain, but you are not the same Evil Dragon anymore.”

Seeing the spectacle unfolding before him, Ayrin provoked the Evil Dragon while praising Stingham.

Stingham’s Deep Green Domain damaged the Evil Dragon. This turn of events appeased Ayrin’s rage slightly and cooled him down a little.

However, in the next moment, he was startled as he sensed something all of a sudden.


The Evil Dragon’s hands were getting cold. A bone-chilling astonishment spread out from his heart.

He realized that what Ayrin said was true.

This was the same Deep Green Domain. During the Era of the War with Dragons, he faced this domain too. Hence, he subconsciously believed he could conquer this Deep Green Domain again.

However, he unconsciously neglected that it was him in his peak that could handle this Deep Green Domain, not the current him.

He began to panic and tried to search for various forbidden skills in his memory that could counter the Deep Green Domain.

“Deep Red: Forest Herding!”

The plants deeply rooted into his body were shattered by arcane particles. Powerful Evil Dragon particles forcefully spurted out from his skin and wounds.

Several deep red currents spread out like rivers with him at the center.

Countless deep red thorny vines grew out from the ground and shredded the plants.

This was an elven forbidden skill only high elves were qualified to learn. He obtained it from Rinloran’s memory. Within those few seconds of searching, he had obtained and analyzed thousands of arcane skills in his mind. He felt that a similar endless cycle type domain would be the best choice to counter the Deep Green Domain.

However, his body chilled even faster, as if a bucket of cold water was poured over his head.

A lively green color immediately appeared on the deep red thorny vines.

Then, the thorny vines also became deep green and integrated into the Deep Green Domain.

All plant type forbidden skills had the same source.

The force of nature from the Deep Green Domain was the source.

The Evil Dragon shouted furiously, “Ah!”

Clusters of terrifying flames exploded around him.

His voice shook space itself. However, right now, most arcane masters and beasts did not feel afraid.

Because to them, the Evil Dragon looked like a trapped beast.

From the initial total control to now, he was just running around in the Deep Green Domain and kept casting various forbidden skills to resist the damage the domain dealt to him.


The Evil Dragon kept trying all kinds of forbidden skills. However, the green grass, vines and trees grew taller and taller.

Eventually, the vines and trees joined up into hill-like green currents, pressing down onto the Evil Dragon at the center.


Space shook again.

An explosion made of countless grass leaves, dust and Evil Dragon aura became a huge mushroom cloud. The ground rose up like a wave and then settled back down.

Everyone jumped up and opened their eyes wide.

There was a huge crater at the center of the explosion.

The Evil Dragon was still alive.

He still emitted his powerful aura.

However, everyone held their breath as the Evil Dragon was no longer standing.

He fell!

The Evil Dragon fell in the center of the crater!

Even in the documents that recorded the War with Dragons, the Evil Dragon had only fallen once. The moment before his physical death.

“Jeriya!” The Evil Dragon shouted hysterically.

He forcefully jumped up.

However, the scene of him falling for several seconds was enough to encourage everyone.


Jeriya suddenly appeared not far behind the Evil Dragon.

“Watch out!”

“He can’t hold out and called Jeriya for help!”

“Stop her!”

Warning shouts rang out. Everyone could tell the Evil Dragon was reaching his limit. From his hysterical tone, they could tell he was clearly furious about Jeriya not helping him in this crucial moment.

However, before anyone could react, the Evil Dragon cursed out in disbelief, “You!”

Everyone stiffened.

A grey crystal flash and black crystal flash gushed out from the Evil Dragon and Jeriya respectively at the same time.

The two crystal flashes pierced through each other’s body like two swords!


The Evil Dragon spat out a mouthful of blood. He immediately flew back dozens of meters and fell down again.

Jeriya’s chest was cut open. She was thrown back, grazing the ground. There was no blood coming out of her mouth, only a corrosive aura.

The flesh at her wounds rapidly turned to ash as if it was weathering away.

It took Ayrin and the others a minute to realize what had happened. “Jeriya attacked the Evil Dragon? She didn’t help the Evil Dragon but tried to assassinate him?”

The Evil Dragon did not get up immediately. Instead, he shouted, “Why? Why did you betray me?”

Jeriya’s injury could not be any more fatal. The Evil Dragon’s power was still corroding her body away. She would die any moment. However, her gaze was hollow, like a vessel without a soul.

“Betray you?”

She stared at the Evil Dragon and revealed a horrifying grin.

“I thought I would devote myself to you...... but I was wrong. The moment you killed Nissen, I knew I couldn’t be more wrong. I cannot judge you with a human standard...... Because, in your eyes, anyone is just your food. Even now, you called me over just to devour my power, right?”


Ferguillo sighed. “To the Evil Dragon, Nissen wasn’t his son but a source of food for him to raise his arcane level. However, Jeriya considered Nissen her son. No matter how much she desired power, her heart is still human……”

He released his right hand.

Lotton fell limp next to him.

For a while, everyone focused on the clash between the Deep Green Domain and the Evil Dragon. Nobody noticed when Ferguillo had saved Lotton from the Evil Dragon.


“Anyone who betrays me will die!” The Evil Dragon roared hysterically.

A cluster of Evil Dragon particles surged out between his ten fingers.


The corrosive aura within Jeriya exploded. In an instant, dust gushed out from Jeriya’s body.

However, Jeriya’s expression remained unchanged. She spoke mockingly, “But today, you will also die!”

At the same time, her skin began burning. She turned into a black sun.


Within the Evil Dragon’s body, a black sun started burning. Countless black fire embers drilled out of his body.

Everyone could sense the arcane energy fluctuation emitted by the Evil Dragon rapidly weakening.

Jeriya completely turned into dust.

“I will personally watch you die!”

However, like a curse, when Jeriya’s head turned to ash, a cluster of black light floated in the air. It was in the shape of Jeriya’s head.

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