Chapter 688: The Strongest Force Of Nature

Chapter 688: The Strongest Force Of Nature



Even Ayrin sensed the tremor from this aura. The silver sword in his hand shattered into silver flames.

What was even more shocking was that as the silver flames spread in the air, they became a deep green as if moss grew on their surface.

Ayrin began to feel something and shouted out in surprise, “Stingham!”

Grass grew on Stingham’s head and body.

Seeing this scene, Chris and Moss immediately realized that Stingham had activated the arcane energy in his body. However, recently, he had not done this.

Waves of unimaginably vibrant life energy flowed out from Stingham’s body.

In the past, Stingham looked like a mini forest with grass and weeds growing all over him. However, now, this vibrant life energy made him look like a massive tree.

A tree that towered so high, its branches could reach across the entire forest.

Green color manifested everywhere in the air and drifted down like snow.

“Deep Green Domain!” Someone roared.

This was the Evil Dragon’s voice. His voice contained an unbelievable emotion.

It was a domain even he could not grasp.

He never expected this domain to appear.

“What happened?” Stingham asked in confusion.

He felt his body lose all strength and he could not even move. However, at the same time, he felt more powerful than ever.

The source of this power came from an external source.

It was a conflicting sensation.

Crack crack crack......

While Stingham was confused, the scavenger vine giants fell into panic.

They crouched down and tried to escape by splitting into smaller vines. However, at that moment, the yellowish glow in their eye sockets disappeared.

Countless haunting screams rushed out from their bodies.

A tender green color spread over their yellowish pupils.

Then, popping sounds came from the black scavenger vines. Their black vine skin fell off and fresh green colored vine skin was revealed underneath.

Clusters of tender vines grew out.

It was an indescribable scene.

Everyone was speechless.

The demon-like scavenger vine giants turned into green treants. The kind of treants that only appeared during the War with Dragons. Their heads were full of grass like Stingham. Some even bore bountiful fruits.

The barren land ravaged by arcane power also turned green.

In a few seconds, everyone’s view was filled by green.

The green grass released a fresh fragrance, with countless flowers blooming. The fresh air carried various seeds.

The green treants grew bigger and looked like ancient trees.

The black demonic forest turned into a green forest with a vibrant life force.

“Is this the legendary Deep Green Domain?”

Jean Camus and the others looked at the scenery absentmindedly. This domain seemed to have changed the entire environment. It was beyond their imagination.

“Impossible!” The Evil Dragon roared furiously.

This was beyond his imagination. Not to mention this domain filled his heart with anxiety. He was extremely furious.

His chest split open. A grey dragon crystal released a terrifying breath.

The purest Evil Dragon breath instantly turned into a spear nearly a hundred meters long. It was a spear that contained even greater destructive aura than the Dark Destruction Dragon.

Stingham returned to his senses and his brain started to register the occurrence clearly.

“You bastard!” He screamed.


The deep green forest that was calm and peaceful a moment ago suddenly rampaged!

Countless twisting tree roots plunged out from the soil overgrown with moss and grass.

These roots were several times thicker than normal. They looked like roaring land dragons as they rampaged on the ground.

The air was filled with violence, anxiety and rage, as well as deep hatred!

The treants roared angrily like Stingham.

Not only did they feel Stingham’s pain and rage, they also hated the Evil Dragon’s destructive aura. They recalled the destruction the Evil Dragon carried out here, and the many years of slavery for those who survived.

The treants began stomping towards the spear.

The huge roots at their feet pulled out large chunks of earth.

Their actions looked clumsy, but each step they took covered a large distance. In an instant, dozens of treants clashed against the destructive spear.


The treants were torn to shreds by the terrifying power. However, even more treants rushed in. The destructive spear generated by the Evil Dragon’s dragon crystal was forcefully pressed down and destroyed.

The completely exhausted Auroses felt as if he was dreaming. Only a moment ago, he was the one nearly torn to shred by those treants.

Deep hatred spread out in the air.

Dozens of treant bark, branches and twigs fell to the ground, but immediately generated into fresh new tree saplings.

It was the cycle of life.

It felt as if an air bubble suddenly popped within Stingham’s body.

He recalled his Green Dragon Spear.

The Green Dragon Spear had been broken and was no longer in his hands. However, it felt as if the Green Dragon Spear was shining in his body.

I see...... The secret of the Deep Green Domain lies in the cycle of life.

Stingham finally understood it.


He let out another hatred-filled shout.


The entire deep green forest rampaged.

Within the forest, there were still many semi-transparent figures standing before him and Ayrin.

They were the Evil Dragon Army which received the Evil Dragon’s curse and were turned into Cursed Ghosts. They would recover even if their bodies were shattered into pieces.

During the previous battle, many demihumans, arcane masters and beasts died by their hands. After Belo executed his greatest attack and burned away all the blood staining the earth, they had slaughtered arcane masters and dyed themselves red again.

The raging aura instantly swept the Cursed Ghosts up.

Countless thick tree roots and sharp vines pierced through and tore the Cursed Ghosts to shreds, shattering them into sparkling ice shards.

Even the grass, flowers and moss under their feet turned into an ocean of anger. The thin leaves exuded terrifying power. The dense roots shredded the tiny shards into even finer powder and then absorbed them into their stems.

The Cursed Ghosts fertilized the land.

The powder, all that was left of the Cursed Ghosts, still contained arcane power and tried to gather back together.

As a result, leaves rapidly withered and trees and flowers dried up and rotted.

However, those leaves, trees and flowers returned back to the soil and were absorbed by other plants and trees.

Withering and growing, interchanging endlessly.

This was the most powerful force of nature.

Even the greatest power began to deteriorate under this endless cycle. After countless generations of conversion and absorption, the Cursed Ghost powder turned into real soil.

Everyone was filled with astonishment and exclaimed in disbelief.

The power of the Evil Dragon during his peak, the Cursed Ghost Army, was destroyed by Deep Green Domain and vanished in the raging forest.

The aura of rage was still spreading. At the center of it all was the Evil Dragon.

It seemed that as long as the Evil Dragon did not die, this rage would never cease.


Almost all the treants suddenly disassembled. Then, the countless vines and roots entangled together into a huge fist and swung towards the Evil Dragon.

This fist was too large, it covered the entire sky above the Evil Dragon.

The Deep Green Domain’s power was approaching. It made the proud and arrogant Evil Dragon feel greatly ashamed. He cursed out quietly, “You can never defeat me!”

A piece of the abyss appeared beneath his feet and a Sword of Corrosion levitated up.

However, at that moment, he opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

He believed he could crush the Deep Green Domain because his bloodline allowed him to constantly devour the surrounding arcane power and support him with an endless supply of arcane particles. However, he realized that the entire forest was absorbing and digesting arcane power from him as if the forest was absorbing nutrients.


The huge fist slammed into the ground.

At the center of this attack, ashes corroded by the Sword of Corrosion erupted like a volcano.

The ashes and corrosive aura spread through the sky.

The fist began collapsing from the center.

However, the Evil Dragon bounced up. Many cuts tore open on his body. Grey blood splashed out.

All the while, more plants were growing, returning to the soil and then feeding other plants. An endless cycle.

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