Chapter 687: Deep Green

Chapter 687: Deep Green


A crisp sound rang out in front of Stingham.

He could not even see what kind of arcane power hit Meraly before he felt an intense pain spreading from his chest to the rest of his body.

Meraly knocked into him.

Crack crack crack......

He could hear crystal shattering inside her body.

Then, the same cracking sounds came from his own body, but sharper.


Stingham and Meraly fell limp to the ground, digging out a deep trench in front of Ayrin.

The Evil Dragon sneered.

The wind raged and a transparent wind blade shot towards Ayrin’s head.

Meraly was dyed red with blood. However, the Eternal Crystal’s properties allowed her bones to rapidly recover despite being broken. Seeing the transparent wind blade about to pass her, she screamed, forced herself up and extended a crystal sword.

Sharp edges clashed in the air.

After another crisp collision, Meraly was blown back past Ayrin and fell to the ground again.

“Moss!” Chris shouted.

Moss already appeared behind her. After a loud boom, he pushed Chris with both of his hands and charged towards the Evil Dragon.

It was an assault method they had practised together. By making use of his speed, Moss could bring Chris in close range of the opponent, which was her specialty. However, Chris's two arms could no longer move. Even if she rushed to the Evil Dragon, she could only buy a little bit of time.

Those who saw this scene respected the courage of the Holy Dawn students. However, bitterness filled their mouths. The war was lost in their eyes.

After Fellemang, who was part of the Evil Dragon, reintegrated with the Evil Dragon, the Evil Dragon greatly increased his power. His current casting speed was already much faster than normal six-gate arcane masters.


The Evil Dragon watched the approaching Chris and Moss and revealed a contempt grin.

Moss’s speed was extremely fast in other people’s eyes, but to him, they were very slow.

His pupils changed. His irises became a straight grey line.

He neglected Chris and Moss and chanted a few mysterious syllables.

The calm ground beneath him became a violent ocean again.

The lifeless scavenger vines that fell on the ground began growing madly. Within the dust, countless scavenger vines thicker than barrels burrowed out from the ground while the broken ones were regrowing. Their numbers were even greater than before.

“This place was once the most important outpost forest of the Yalf Kingdom. I buried their final hope here. And today, all of you are fated to be buried here as well.” After regenerating the scavenger vines, the Evil Dragon turned his eyes to Moss and Chris.

After the first syllable came out, the air turned viscous.

Everyone could see Chris and Moss again as they slowed down dramatically.


Chris felt an impassable wall of air pressing against her. Her face turned purplish red due to pressure and she spat out a mouthful of blood. Each blood droplet floated backwards.

Moss yelled out and generated a new surge of energy. However, he still could not move forward. The moment he landed on the ground, his leg muscles bulged up as if they were about to explode.


Stingham stood up wobbly.

His breath was heated. He was certain he could not block a second nonchalant attack from the Evil Dragon. However, he still stood up.

“Idiot!” The Evil Dragon spat out unconsciously.

This word came out so fluently as if it was by instinct.

A grey breath splashed out from between his lips. It looked like a leaf at first, but immediately enlarged into a grey scythe over dozens of meters long.

The air remained viscous as if tons of seawater gathered around. Stingham could not even dodge after barely standing up.

However, at that moment, a sharp shriek stabbed into everyone’s ears. “Don’t...... hurt him......”

The voice was strange. It was Doraster’s common language, but the owner of the voice seemed to be unfamiliar with it. The pronunciation differed from most people.

Hence, the voice gave them a feeling as if countless witches scratched a hard object with a sharp blade and screamed hysterically.

Countless grey light rays shot out from behind Stingham and clashed against the grey scythe along with the creepy shriek.

Stingham turned around.

His brain still felt groggy. He did not even care if the grey light rays could block the Evil Dragon’s attack, because he had no strength left to do anything.

The voice sounded strange and weird to him, but he could tell the owner of the voice...... definitely cared about him.

A tall and dark-skinned female arcane master appeared in his sight.

Her face was unfamiliar to him. A black fog thinly shrouded her figure.


The grey scythe suddenly shattered just a few meters in front of Stingham.

“Hmm?” The Evil Dragon muttered, his eyes filled with astonishment.

He was not astonished about the power of the female arcane master’s arcane skill, but rather that he could not tell her origin.

The female arcane master clearly possessed a dense arcane power of the darkness corrosive property. One that even he could not devour.

He shook his head and spat out with a frown, “What is that? ......No matter who you are, you are still too weak.”

A streak of white light surged up from below the female arcane master.

“Ah!” she shrieked in her ear-stinging voice.

However, this shriek sounded more out of fear.

The white light turned into a skeleton hand and contracted like a cage, forcefully squeezing the female arcane master.

A cave-like domain appeared around the female arcane master. A black crystal floated in front of her chest and shot out countless light rays.


After a violent clash, the bone hand turned into countless twisted streaks of white light and vanished completely. At the same time, the female arcane master fell limp as if all her power was spent.

A naturally generated grey water splash scattered at the spot she fell. Blood seeped out her skin from the place the bone hand squeezed.

“So that’s what you are.”

The Evil Dragon showed a contempt and enlightened expression.


The moment the cave-like domain and black crystal appeared, Stingham already knew who this female arcane master was.

She was his girlfriend.

Teacher Rui had really fulfilled his promise and turned the Dark Queen Mermaid into an arcane master! He even taught her Doraster common language.

Stingham had tried to rush back to the Holy Dawn Academy in order to visit her.

However, after Shanna died, he had neglected her existence. As a result, he never visited her after returning to the Holy Dawn Academy.

So, she has been waiting for me...... She has followed Teacher Rui and the others to this battlefield.

“Ah!” Stingham suddenly shouted painfully.

Countless images appeared in his chaotic brain.

The figure of the bleeding Queen Mermaid overlapped with Shanna’s dying figure.

He did not see his surroundings. However, the death throes and screams in the distance clearly made him understand countless demihumans, arcane masters and monsters were being skewered by the scavenger vines and torn apart by the vine giants.

Rings of a unique chilling aura scattered amongst them.

Those were the Cursed Ghosts, the Evil Dragon Army’s arcane masters and War Beasts who would reform after shattering into ice shards.

We will all die...... Ayrin, me and the others will all die......

Stingham clutched his hair in pain.

Can you be more useful......

Please...... be more useful in future......

Shanna’s final words echoed in his brain.

“Ah!” Stingham shouted in an even louder and pained voice.

Shanna’s figure and the bleeding Queen Mermaid’s figure were becoming clearer in his head...... Ayrin, Chris, Meraly...... everyone fighting desperately became clear in his eyes.

Shanna’s final words took root and germinated in his mind like vines.

He felt even more pain.

The vines in his mind became greener and greener. His mind was dyed a deep green.

“What happened?”

Everyone, even those on the verge of death, could sense a new aura appearing.

The vibrant aura swept across the entire battlefield!

The Evil Dragon trembled.

His gaze fell onto Stingham in disbelief.

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