Chapter 686: Fellemang, The Final Secret Unraveled

Chapter 686: Fellemang, The Final Secret Unraveled


Auroses raised his head.

They actually trapped the Evil Dragon?

A flame of hope was ignited in his despaired heart.

Right at that moment, another force pressed down on his head as the black vines tightened around him further.

The scavenger vine giants did not collapse and became more violent instead.

There was no longer any arcane power of the Evil Dragon transmitting out from the worm. However, grey crystal light and purplish black particles swarmed out of Fellemang’s body.

Fellemang seemed to have suddenly become an erupting volcano, spewing out a terrifying amount of Evil Dragon aura.

“What’s going on?” The arcane masters shouted in shock.

The Evil Dragon aura pouring out of Fellemang was so pure it was no different from the Evil Dragon himself!

Ferguillo looked at Fellemang and asked, “What exactly are you?”

Even his right arm gained a strange resonation with Fellemang.

“Do you know a gecko’s tail?”

Chris and the others were astonished as they thought of a possibility.

Ferguillo looked at Fellemang and calmly asked, “Just like this arm of mine, you were once a part of the Evil Dragon? Like a tail the gecko broke off?”

Fellemang...... is actually a part of the Evil Dragon’s body?

This mysterious servant captain is actually something like a gecko grown from the fallen tail of the original gecko?

Moss and Stingham were speechless.

“Then, why didn’t you replace the Evil Dragon? Why are you willing to be his servant?” Jean Camus asked.

“Because it’s a little different from what you’re thinking.” Fellemang smiled, “In a certain sense, he and I are the same. We are a part of each other.”

“A part of each other?”

Most people could not understand what Fellemang meant.

Ferguillo’s calm voice became chilling, “We must kill him! We must not let him provide power to the Evil Dragon anymore!”

“He and Nissen are the same in essence! They are fruits prepared by the Evil Dragon. Fruits that accumulated power for him which he can devour any moment! However, where Nissen had his own will and was an individual existence, Fellemang’s will is the Evil Dragon’s! He is like a spirit clone that can return to the main body whenever he wants!”


“Moss, kill him!” Ayrin shouted angrily.

Ayrin’s body was burning hot.

The demihumans, Snowfall Forest barbarian arcane masters, and even the beasts and monsters were important to him. In his eyes, they were comrades who fought alongside him.

However, these comrades were slaughtered by the scavenger vine giants!

So, the flames of fury burned endlessly within him. The intense anger caused his body temperature to keep rising, giving him a strange sensation.

Everything within his body seemed to clear up. However, his judgement to external sensory reception was blurred.

When Ferguillo shouted, he still did not understand what Fellemang was. However, he knew he had to kill Fellemang immediately.


Ayrin wrapped himself in a layer of dazzling holy light. At the same time, the Lunar God’s Domain also spread out.

A cluster of blinding flames shot towards Fellemang.

The Lunar God’s Domain began pulling in Fellemang’s body. However, at that moment, Fellemang shook his head and smiled.

“I am more cautious. All of you have revealed your trump cards. There’s nothing else for me to anticipate......”

His body turned transparent, like a shadow melting into the air.


Sharp shrieks came from the mouth of the worm behind Lotton. A terrifying wave of grey particles suddenly gushed out from the empty space.


The particles hit the worm.

The worm desperately shut its mouth, but the particles forcefully pierced open a hole in its mouth.

Countless grey particles dove into its body.

Lotton raised his head. His lifeless face had been expressionless. However, right now, it showed a rarely seen fear.

Countless pale white particles and dust instantly gushed out from his body and seeped into the worm.


The worm trembled. A pale white coffin appeared around the Evil Dragon.

In just an instant, the grey particles swarmed into the worm.

The entire space shook.

Then, the worm exploded.

The explosions that occurred during the battle before were astonishing.

However, compared to this explosion, those explosions were nothing.

A wall of light appeared in everyone’s eyes and pierced through the clouds in the sky. Sunlight showered down and looked dazzling. It was as if a god stretched its leg and stepped onto the ground.

The light wall came into contact with the scavenger vine giants first and instantly tore them into pieces.

After that, no one could see what happened next.

They were all swept away by the shockwave and gales.

The dust and shards caused by the explosion rained down.

After an unknown number of seconds, when the arcane masters and monsters stood back up with some difficulty, they shook off a thick layer of dust.


When they saw the scene before them, they held their breath.

Most of the scavenger vine giants were torn to pieces.

With the worm as the center of the explosion, the pieces of land were covered by dust and fragments, becoming a bowl-shaped island.

At the center of this island, the Evil Dragon stood with a grim expression.

His aura was stronger than ever. Trails of grey aura in the shape of worms faintly danced around his body.

Several tube-like black vines grew out from his left hand and stabbed into Lotton.

Lotton was like a rock, unable to move.

Gulp gulp......

The straw-like black vines made horrifying sucking sounds.


Stingham opened his mouth. He called out to Ayrin on reflex, but his vocal cord seemed to be stiffened up and the sound came out strangely.

He could see the seventh light cluster in the Evil Dragon’s body again.

It was infinitely close to opening! And the Evil Dragon’s arcane particle strength was still growing!

The current Evil Dragon could devour even Lotton’s arcane power and use it to raise his own arcane level!

The moment Stingham called out Ayrin, he turned to search for his friend.

He found Ayrin standing at the edge of the bowl-shaped island.

However, Ayrin’s appearance shocked him.

Ayrin’s entire body had turned red. It was not just the heat from the arcane power emitting from his body, but his body itself that was emitting an incredible heat.

Even the earth beneath Ayrin’s feet turned red from the heat, and silver flames rumbled on the surface.

Ayrin’s body was like a piece of burning red steel!

There was only the Evil Dragon in Ayrin’s eyes.

I must...... must think of a way!

He started drawing out a sword again in the air.

He did not even notice his body condition. He just instinctively felt...... when other forbidden skills could not deal fatal damage to the Evil Dragon, only this forbidden skill which imitated the power of the Dragon Slaying Sword could completely defeat the Evil Dragon.

“Want to make a final struggle? How childish......”

The Evil Dragon took a deep breath as if he had just gained a new life. He smiled elegantly as he looked at Ayrin with satisfaction.

Right now, everyone realized there was a grey dragon tail behind him!

Fellemang had disappeared.

The Evil Dragon in human form after possessing Rinloran’s body actually grew a dragon tail!

Fellemang was really like a tail with an individual ego!

While everyone was shocked speechless, the Evil Dragon looked at Ayrin desperately creating the arcane skill and snorted, “Die while carrying this eternal curse!”


Countless greyish white dust particles flew up from him and Lotton, instantly becoming a greyish white halberd in front of him.

Stingham immediately appeared between the halberd and Ayrin.

He could finally shield Ayrin.

However, he suddenly noticed a dazzling crystal figure who was even faster than him.


Meraly who was still coughing out blood appeared in front of Stingham.

Stingham was able to move fast because his thoughts were simple, he just wanted to be Ayrin’s shield. As for Meraly...... She received Belo’s instruction to protect Ayrin, so he could finish recreating that sword.

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