Chapter 685: Blood Reincarnation!

Chapter 685: Blood Reincarnation!


“You are not perfect, you also have weaknesses!” Ayrin did not despair. Flames of anger burned stronger and stronger in his eyes. While Auroses lowered his head, he raised his and shouted towards the Evil Dragon, “You are too arrogant! You are no different from Nissen, just that you’re stronger than him!”

The Evil Dragon frowned and pondered.

He realized what Ayrin said was true. Due to his arrogance, he would feel as if everything were in his control. He would give the opponent chances on many occasions. There were even times it affected his judgement a little.

However...... A powerful sneer spread across his face.

“You’re right. But it’s pointless. In this world, the strong reigns supreme. This is a world where strength determines all.” He looked at Ayrin in disdain, “The arrogance of the weak is called foolishness. However, the arrogance of the truly strong is a symbol of power.”

“Bullshit!” Someone coldly retorted.

Everyone was shocked.

In this despairing moment, such a cold retort only left people shocked and confused.

The Evil Dragon and Fellemang were also confused.

It was not because the person retorted without hesitation, but that that person’s tone did not contain a trace of despair. He sounded even more arrogant than the Evil Dragon.

“Belo!” Stingham immediately recognized Belo’s voice. He turned towards the direction of the voice, but did not see Belo.

He only saw countless ice crystals dyed red with blood.

Meraly had already crashed into the ground.

She was violently coughing out blood.

She suddenly noticed that her blood, as well as the blood from those around her, disappeared instantly.

Her condition was dangerous. Although the Eternal Crystal’s power allowed her skeletal structure to remain unharmed, her organs were almost torn into pieces from the impact.

A few scavenger vine giants were closing in on her.

However, all fear left her body.

This was because she had given it her all...... and Belo finally made his move.

She knew that Belo had been waiting for an opportunity. He told her he would be saving the best for the Evil Dragon.

That could only mean that Belo would definitely execute his greatest strike right now.


Crack crack crack......

An ice crystal of pure blood rose up from the ground.

The intense fluctuation staggered the scavenger vine giants. They lost balance even after stabilizing themselves with countless roots.

In the next instant, the ice crystal suddenly collapsed and revealed Belo.

Belo’s entire body had turned grey white, with only his eyes retaining a faint red glow.

At this moment, everyone realized all the blood on the battlefield had completely disappeared.

All blood seemed to be condensed into that ice pillar. However, the shards generated by the collapse of the ice crystal became ashen dust.

The Evil Dragon’s pupils contracted again.

“This is......”

The arcane masters desperately resisting the scavenger vine giants noticed that even the emotionless scavenger vine giants were afraid of the ashen dust and crouched down.

The ashen dust contained an unimaginable necromancy aura.

“What is this forbidden skill?”

Meraly opened her eyes wide in disbelief as she looked at Belo.

The arcane skill Belo used did not feel like a beastman’s blood forbidden skill, but more like the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skill.

What shocked her even more was that the floating ashen dust did not fly towards the Evil Dragon, but towards the immobile Lotton instead.

“This is?” Jean Camus turned to look at Ferguillo next to him. Even he could not determine what arcane skill that was.

“Blood Reincarnation.” Ferguillo muttered.

“Blood Reincarnation?” Jean Camus was startled for a moment. Then, he recalled this skill.

It was a legendary beastman forbidden skill. By using the soil soaked with blood, he could summon the comrades who had already fallen. It would even strengthen the summoned comrade.

Is Belo using this forbidden skill now?

And he actually used it on Lotton...... Can this forbidden skill also work on Lotton?


Moth-like ashen dust swarmed into Lotton’s body.


A loud humming sound suddenly rang from Lotton’s body.

Due to his broken neck, Lotton’s head had been hanging down. However, right now, he raised his head up.

His body still exuded a dense deathly aura. However, a strange life aura also filled his body at the same time and rapidly repaired his body.

The huge hole in his chest immediately closed up.

At the same time, slime-like grey particles kept seeping out from his back.

The grey particles amalgamated with the shadow behind him and rapidly became a grey worm dozens of meters long.

The worm which looked like a semi-transparent grey jelly had no eyes or nose, only an enormous mouth.

The Evil Dragon’s expression turned serious.

He had witnessed Blood Reincarnation during the War with Dragons. The ancient beastmen tribes back then would preserve the corpses of the powerful warriors within their tribes. Then, they would offer the power of their ancestral blood and use Blood Reincarnation on those corpses in desperate battles.

Each time Blood Reincarnation was completed, the situation would become extremely dangerous. It was no different this time.

Lotton originally possessed the Evil Dragon bloodline. However, after becoming a Vengeful Spirit, his Evil Dragon bloodline had mutated. Now that he received the power of Blood Reincarnation, his bloodline mutated again.

Even the Evil Dragon could not determine what the worm manifested behind Lotton could do.

To a powerful being like him, the danger of an unknown power was extreme.

However, having lived since before the Era of the War with Dragons, it only took him a second to think of a countermeasure.

A dense killing intent was released by him and shrouded Belo.

Then, he realized something and became enraged as if he were looking at a lunatic. He shouted hysterically, “You crazy bastard! You actually let someone else take hold of your life!”

Everyone was shocked. They did not understand why the Evil Dragon suddenly shouted.

“So what?” Facing the Evil Dragon’s shout, Belo snorted, “You will have to find him, and I can tell you that he isn’t far from here.”

Meraly and Chris vaguely understood the situation.

When Belo killed his father to obtain the Ice Lich Bone Case, he used a certain secret skill to establish some sort of unit connection with Buel, his retainer who wore a deer head cap.

Now, the Evil Dragon tried to kill Belo to stop the Blood Reincarnation. However, the Evil Dragon realized that he could not stop the skill even if he killed Belo.

As long as Buel remained alive, Blood Reincarnation would not be stopped.

Buel was weak...... He did not even have the power to protect himself. Belo’s other retainers could easily kill Buel.

If killing Buel would also kill Belo, it was indeed too crazy for Belo and Buel to establish the unique life connection.

However, right now, Belo’s incomprehensible madness became effective. It started to look like his every action was in preparation for this battle.

So, even if the Evil Dragon killed Belo, he could not stop Lotton from mutating in the Blood Reincarnation!


The Evil Dragon roared with even greater rage.

Even if he could not stop the process, he wanted to pulverize Belo.

However, right at that moment, the worm behind Lotton completed its transformation.


The worm made a strange sound as if it was chanting.

Along with that sound, the Evil Dragon abruptly stopped in his track.


The Evil Dragon’s body rapidly backed away as if he could not resist at all. He was sucked into the mouth of the huge worm!


A thunderous sound rang out in the worm’s stomach.

The Evil Dragon could be vaguely seen vibrating inside. Grey crystal light and purplish black smoke kept rumbling inside, but the Evil Dragon could not get out.

The arcane power emitted by the Evil Dragon was slowly disintegrating.

To the worm, the Evil Dragon seemed to be a cluster of food that it would slowly digest!

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