Chapter 684: Similar Rage, Lighting Dragon’s Despair

Chapter 684: Similar Rage, Lighting Dragon’s Despair



The Evil Dragon who just started to feel satisfied sensed danger.

His expression stiffened.

The Storm Kingdom’s King, Auroses who had already transformed into a Dragon, was pressed down by dozens of scavenger vine giants.

This type of scavenger vine giant created from the Evil Dragon’s arcane power and the Rotten Flesh Halberd was no different in terms of fighting strength from the Elven Guardian Giant Treant. This was a monster that had gone extinct during the Era of the War with Dragons.

Being pressed down by the scavenger vine giants, Auroses’s scales were almost shattering. He could not even gather lightning arcane power.

However, even so, Auroses desperately raised his head. No matter how many vines pressed onto his head, he would not be pushed down!

This was because Ayrin was the sole hope.


At the same time, Stingham’s body jolted. It seemed to wake him up as his hollow gaze was lit with the flames of hope.

Ayrin appeared from the purplish black smoke.

His body was covered in large and small cuts and he looked in tatters. However, countless streaks of silver flames materialized under his feet.

It gave Ayrin the image of standing above a boundless silver castle as he slowly floated up.

Ayrin would normally be shouting while swinging his fist with burning fighting spirit. However, the current Ayrin did not make any sound.

He did not even look at the Evil Dragon.

Instead, he looked focused and in deep thought. He was making a slow sword drawing motion.

The Dragon Slaying Sword was destroyed at the cost of the Evil Dragon’s only son. However, an aura similar to the Dragon Slaying Sword was overflowing in front of Ayrin right now.

His hands were empty. However, as he slowly made the sword drawing motion, a glowing sword handle started taking shape in his hand.

It was definitely not a materialize skill. But at the same time it looked as if he were pulling out a sword from nothing.

“Ayrin...... he’s actually trying to imitate the Dragon Slaying Sword’s arcane properties with arcane power like creating a new arcane skill?”

Meraly’s brow twitched. She finally understood what Belo meant.

During the process of using the Dragon Slaying Sword and its destruction, Ayrin had already perceived some arcane properties from the sword. He was currently using an arcane skill to recreate the power of the Dragon Slaying Sword!

Meraly did not know if Ayrin could succeed. However, she could tell this process was very slow. So she had to prevent the Evil Dragon from harming Ayrin during this process.


A pair of crystal wings spread out from Meraly’s back.

She flapped her crystal wings and spun. The rotation force carried her body and she clashed against the Evil Dragon like a spinning bullet.

She did not try to intercept the Evil Dragon’s arcane skill, because she knew she would not make it.

She only hoped to catch the Evil Dragon’s attention and distract him.

Her action was too slow to any six-gate arcane master. However, right now, her plan succeeded.

The Evil Dragon’s body stiffened.

He even turned his body slightly. Even the unimaginable shadow in the sky became still.

His chilling and cruel gaze fell onto Meraly, and then onto the crystal wings on her back.

He spat out, “It’s you...... You destroyed the Eternal Crown!”

The Eternal Crown held a special meaning to him.

It was related to his wife, the woman he truly loved and also the person who single handedly caused his failure in the War with Dragons.

He had put so much effort into creating this crown. It would help him win the war. However, in the end he lost the crown, and the war too.

So, his rage right now was extraordinarily intense.


The huge shadow coffin that shrouded the entire sky and pressed down on the arcane masters with their own fear collapsed. It became countless pieces of poisonous flames emitting sulfuric gas. They fell down like raindrops.

The intense rage left the Evil Dragon unable to sustain this grand forbidden skill which exhausted a large portion of his power.


Many pieces of poisonous flames twisted madly together into dozens of huge hands. They instantly pressed down towards Meraly.

Simply killing Meraly was unable to appease his rage. He would slowly tear her into pieces. He would make her cry echo throughout the Doraster’s sky!

“Belo!” Meraly shouted in fear.

She was really afraid, especially without Belo next to her. Without him, she felt something was missing, including her confidence.

However, she also knew she had to be firm.

This was not a fight just for her own life. There were also Belo, Shanna, Stingham…...

I want to fight alongside all of you!

I must not remorse like Stingham after Shanna’s death!

If I’m going to die, I will die fighting!

“Come at me!” She screamed out in a tone she never used before.


The moment those flaming hands pressed down onto her body, the crystal wings on her back immediately disappeared. Then, a dazzling crystal surged out from her hands.

Her hands suddenly grew.

A crystal claymore appeared in her hands!


Mearly’s scream abruptly stopped. The flaming hands were cut apart by her claymore.

Blood flowed out from her mouth.

She was coughing out blood, but her body kept moving forward. The sharp crystal sword flashes were approaching the Evil Dragon!

Everyone’s gaze froze. They were filled with disbelief.

How did Meraly’s sword become more shocking than the Dragon Slaying Sword?

Time seemed to freeze.

Ayrin was slowly drawing a sword. The Lightning Dragon forcefully raised his head while being pressed down by dozens of black vine giants. Countless arcane masters, demihumans and beasts were skewered by scavenger vines and hung in the air with blood splashing the ground. The horrifying flaming hands were cut apart, and the sharp crystal sword flash reached in front of the Evil Dragon.

Stingham’s pupils suddenly contracted then expanded.

At that moment, he discovered a secret of the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon was originally about to open his seventh arcane gate. However, right now, he could not see any light dot representing the seventh arcane gate.

After the continuous usage of arcane skills, each costing an astonishing amount of arcane particles, the Evil Dragon’s seventh arcane gate seemed to have suddenly withered.

This was an astonishing secret that caused Stingham to tremble.

Hence, in this moment when time seemed to have stopped, Stingham instinctively shouted out, “The Evil Dragon is different from normal arcane masters! If he exhausts too many arcane particles, his opened arcane gates will close!”

The Holy Dawn group, including the likes of Ayrin and Stingham, were the key figures in this war. In the current battle, they were like a sharp blade which cut apart all obstacles and forced the Evil Dragon out.

At this moment, Stingham’s shout became clearer than ever.


Jean Camus and Ferguillo brightened up in expectation.

They knew Stingham was idiotic most of the time, but they trusted his eyes.

If the Evil Dragon had truly fallen back to the stage of a new six-gate arcane master due to an overexertion of arcane particles, he might not be able to stop Meraly’s attack!

This attack might signify the end of the war!


The Evil Dragon narrowed his eyes on reflex.

He certainly felt the true danger of death. His heart felt a stinging pain on reflex.

A cruel sneer appeared on his face. 

“Dream on!” he shouted.

A layer of dense sword flashes suddenly covered his body.

Then, with his right hand as the center, the dense sword flashes stacked up and became an unimaginably beautiful sword flash.

Countless ice crystal-like beams shot out in the air.

Then, countless sharp cutting sounds that pierced the eardrums rang out.

The wind raged and howled.

A loud boom sounded out.

Meraly dropped down from the sky.

The beautiful sword flash became a waterfall in the air.

Ferguillo and Jean Camus looked on grimly. Not only because the Evil Dragon defeated Meraly with a single sword flash, but also because they recognized the sword flash.

It was Rinloran’s Thousand Storms Sword!

The Evil Dragon possessed Rinloran’s body and had learned the Thousand Storms Sword!

A furious roar rang out, “Bastard! You actually used the Thousand Storms Sword!”

It was Ayrin.

He had completed his sword drawing motions.

There was only a section of the sword in his hand.

Countless twisted silver flames shot out from this section as he roared furiously.

Everyone could tell he had failed.

After all, creating an arcane skill during battle was too difficult. Especially when it was a materialize skill that tried to imitate the power of a sword that was crafted from countless types of Dragon blood and other precious materials.

The Evil Dragon sneered, “How can you defeat me? I’m a perfect being!”

He looked at Ayrin and made a sword drawing motion as well.

His motion was faster than Ayrin. He drew out a sword that looked similar to the one Ayrin wielded.

Countless twisting streaks of silver flames over several hundreds meters long clashed against each other in the air, generating numbing noises.

Auroses hung his head in despair.

He knew that the Evil Dragon’s action was to prove he possessed all of Ayrin’s abilities and was stronger than Ayrin.

It undoubtedly made everyone despair.

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