Chapter 683: The Final Fear

Chapter 683: The Final Fear


Two black dots also appeared in front of Jean Camus.

However, unlike the hand that attacked Chris, these black dots were two broken feet.

Jean Camus had just used his Everlasting Domain to endure through Chris’s Dark Destruction Dragon. He had almost reached his limit. After seeing two broken feet suddenly approaching him and sensing the powerful force contained in them, his expression changed and he squeezed out the remaining arcane particles in his body.

He used his hands to ignite a green crescent flame. However, it was still not enough to block the two broken feet.


His right arm was broken and he was sent flying back.

What is that forbidden skill?

Moss looked at Chris and Jean Camus helplessly. He did not know what to do.

An arcane master actually split into pieces and used a hand to wound a powerful arcane master, while his two feet went on to damage another arcane master!

What shocked him even more was that the broken hand, feet and other parts of the body were rapidly gathering and attaching to each other again, becoming Fellemang once more.

“Undead Body Separation!” Jean Camus spat out.

“There’s such a forbidden skill? Undead Body Separation...... What kind of forbidden skill is that?”

Stingham was only able to see what happened since he was a little distance away. He watched with disbelief as Fellemang’s body parts connected back together. The only reminder of what just happened were the pale red marks on the skin at the joints.

“It’s an arcane skill that allows an arcane master to split their body once to defend against a powerful attack from the opponent. However, this arcane skill can only be used once. He cannot use his physical strength to fight from now on. He can only use arcane particles to gather arcane power. Otherwise, his body will split apart again and never stick back together.” Ferguillo explained to Stingham.

“He cannot use his physical strength to fight anymore?” Stingham was dumbfounded.

“Nice observation.” Fellemang spoke.

He still looked elegant as he took a glance at Jean Camus and Ferguillo, “Your plan is also wonderful. You actually forced me to use this arcane skill...... After using Undead Body Separation, my body has become as weak as paper mache. It’s dangerous to even move around. However, for now, even with this body, even if I’m just a stationary arcane power turrent, it’s enough to kill all of you.”

Hearing Fellemang’s words, Auroses took a deep breath.

It was not just the battle of Ayrin and his companions. The Holy Dawn bunch had already been heavily injured. No matter what the outcome of this battle would be, he had to participate!

Just as Auroses inhaled deeply and manifested lightning bolts above him, sonic booms rang out from behind him.

At least several hundred figures shot out from the two still intact Sky Crystal Ferries. They dashed towards Fellemang and the Evil Dragon.

Although countless strong arcane masters died in the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign and Doa Royal Palace war, the Kingdom of Eiche still had many more outstanding arcane masters.

Meanwhile, Ayrin and the Holy Dawn arcane masters had successfully slain the monsters the Evil Dragon sent, and were now facing the Evil Dragon and Fellemang in direct combat.

In this field, this amount of outstanding arcane master could be considered a terrifying force.

There were still tens of thousands of demihuman and sharkman arcane masters, as well as thousands of Snowfall Forest beasts and Ice Barbarian arcane masters.

Once the brawl truly began, the small islands of ground between the cracks would be filled up by arcane masters quickly. And in a large scale brawl, fear would easily disappear.

However, seeing this scene, the Evil Dragon just sneered and spoke, “It’s a pity, there’s still too few.”

His voice was still sonorous as if countless tornados hummed in the sky.

He did not pay attention to Ayrin who fell into the smoke. He also did not pay attention to Fellemang. Instead, his gaze only focused on the Rotten Flesh Halberd in his hand.

Everyone stopped for a moment.

They all had an ominous feeling.


The air violently shook.

Grey crystal light surged out from the Evil Dragon’s skin. It wrapped around the Rotten Flesh Halberd like tentacles.

Stingham panted with difficulty as he wondered, Will it summon a huge rotten creature?

The Rotten Flesh Halberd was one of the most powerful necromancy artifacts. It could transform all rotten flesh into undead creatures.

However, what happened was different from his imagination. The grey crystal light infiltrated into the Rotten Flesh Halberd. Then, the halberd melted like butter and became murky arcane power before seeping into the ground beneath the Evil Dragon.


Everyone, including the low intelligent beasts and monsters, stopped mid-dash.

The tormented ground began surging again. Within the rumbling soil, countless black vines drilled out with astonishing speed.


Countless clusters of blood bloomed.

“Magus Anger: Scavenger Vine Giant!”



Shocked screams and cries of pain rang out.

The black vines that crawled out from underground were covered in white dots that looked like creepy white eyes. The vines could not be cut by most materialized weapons. They instantly penetrated a large number of arcane masters, demihumans and monsters...... As their blood splattered, they were skewered by black vines like fruits.

Even more unbelievable was that the vines weren’t satiated with a single body. They danced in the air in search for more flesh. As they tore through more bodies, they combined together into enormous giants over twenty meters tall.

The vine giants had glowing yellow eyes. Many black leaves and flowers grew from their head and body.

They were clearly trying to move. Countless vines tore through the ground and turned the ground into a rampaging ocean.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Stingham heard several violent colliding sounds coming from his body.

He was unable to react immediately due to the powerful force. After he was knocked up into the air, he finally saw the scene before him clearly.

It was a picture straight out of hell.

Countless demihumans, arcane masters and beasts were like tiny ants waiting to be squashed before the rampaging forest.

“Chris! Ferguillo!......” He shouted in shock.

The Lover’s Corpse on his body protected him from the vine giants for now. However, he remembered Chris and the others were already heavily injured.

While shouting, he finally spotted Chris jumping around to dodge the vines.

Chris had used up most of her arcane particles. She was dodging around using pure physical strength and evasion techniques.

He did not spot Jean Camus, while Ferguillo was crushing the vines with his right arm.

“In the name of the Dragon God......”

A thunderous Draconic incantation rang out in the sky.

Stingham’s brain turned blank again.

He saw that Auroses had already transformed into his Dragon form. The Lightning Dragon flew up into the sky. Countless golden lightning bolts thicker than barrels kept falling from the clouds. In the next moment, dozens of vine giants charged towards the Lightning Dragon. Many huge arms swung up and Auroses was surrounded by thick vines within seconds.


Panic...... Fear......

The fear deep in your hearts will become the source of my power.

The Evil Dragon slowly floated up above the ground after the Rotten Flesh Halberd disappeared. Satisfaction flashed across his eyes.

Shattered arcane power swarmed towards him from all directions.

At the same time, countless white and grey arcane particles flew out from his body.

Within the air, countless shadows appeared. They were gradually gathering into a huge shadow coffin almost the size as the sky, shrouding the entire battlefield within.

Within the chaotic battlefield, only a small area remained in absolute calmness. At the center of this area, there were Belo and Meraly. The black vines withered when they reached within a dozen meters radius. Belo  pointed towards a location near the Evil Dragon and instructed Meraly, “You can make your move now! Help that side!”

“There? Shouldn’t I help Chris?”

The pale-faced Meraly was confused as her palm was full of sweat due to holding back from making a move.

She could see Fellemang staring at Chris. She was certain that Fellemang would finish off Chris first. And Chris’s current condition did not allow her to block Fellemang’s attack.

Belo just snorted and did not say anything.

Meraly held her breath. She could see a silver flame suddenly rising up from the rumbling purplish black smoke.

“Ayrin!” She shouted out.

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