Chapter 682: Reversed Situation, The Evil Dragon’s Servant Captain!

Chapter 682: Reversed Situation, The Evil Dragon’s Servant Captain!


Lotton’s chest was hollowed out.

Even a mutated bloodline like Ferguillo would die from such a wound.

Lotton was already a Vengeful Spirit, so he could still stand. However, his body was also a passage for arcane particles to flow.

The wound nearly cut his body into two, and without the support of his spine, the power inside his body was severed.

He could only stand there helplessly.

“Dark Sacrifice huh?”

Ayrin was shocked.

The forbidden skill the Evil Dragon used felt similar to Dark Sacrifice, but the Evil Dragon only sent five fingernails out.

The Evil Dragon turned to the approaching Ayrin, “Next is you.”

His left hand slightly shook.

He had lost the five fingernails on his right hand, but he still had five on his left hand.

Now, those also separated from his fingers.

They became five streaks of lightning.

The Evil Dragon revealed a cruel smile.

He was the strongest in every aspect.

He was the best in using any arcane skill.

This was the strongest version of Dark Sacrifice, Evil Spirit Quintet!

It brought out the greatest arcane power feedback by suffering the least damage to the body!

Chris’s face turned pale.

She was very aware of Lotton’s strength. Lotton was unable to endure the Evil Dragon’s attack despite possessing the Rotten Flesh Halberd. She felt Ayrin would not be able to block this attack either.

Trails of black flames flowed out from her left arm.

However, at that moment, an elegant voice entered her ears, “Have all of you forgotten my existence?”

Fellemang appeared in the corner of her sight.



Ayrin abruptly stopped in mid-air, astonishing arcane energy fluctuations emitted from his body.

He also instinctively felt he would be unable to block the Evil Dragon’s attack. However, he had no choice but to endure through it.


The arcane energy fluctuations brought out countless bright light rays to become a dazzling holy light pillar.

The Evil Dragon narrowed his eyes.

Five streaks of purplish black lightning clashed against the holy light pillar like five claymores.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three rhythmic impacts rang out.

The first three streaks of lightning shattered the holy light pillar.

Ayrin’s body enlarged.

He suddenly became an armored giant with rock and metal covering him.


However, the fourth streak of lightning hit and the arcane resistance armor Ayrin wore was smashed apart and disappeared.

Ayrin flew back.

The fifth streak of lightning rushed towards him.

He yelled as a scaly light emitted around him.

His body suddenly became heavy and landed on the ground.


The fifth streak of lightning hit him.

A terrifying shockwave instantly spread out beneath his feet, turning the ground he stood on into powder.


Stingham and the others held their breath.

Ayrin was falling within the dust cloud.

By relying on Dragon Scale Absorption and Shock Conduction, Ayrin endured that last streak of lightning. However, everyone could see the cuts on his body.

Furthermore, the pressure within his body seemed to be much higher than the atmosphere. Blood spurted out like fountains from the wounds.


“Without the Dragon Slaying Sword...... How do we fight the Evil Dragon?”

Stingham’s body felt cold. He wanted to rush to Ayrin’s side. However, his reaction time and speed were no match against the Evil Dragon. He was unable to help Ayrin even if he wanted to.

The current Evil Dragon’s arcane level was rapidly approaching the seventh arcane gate. All of his abilities were strengthening.

Chris stared coldly at Fellemang.

Fellemang did not attack. He just turned his body slightly to look where Jean Camus appeared.

Moss was not far behind Chris.

One side was the scene of Ayrin falling into the crack, the other side was Chris and Jean Camus confronting Fellemang.

Stingham became even more nervous, cold sweat seeping out from his palms.

He knew Jean Camus was the calmest person amongst them. If Jean Camus did not choose to assist Ayrin and chose to help Chris to confront Fellemang instead, it could only mean Fellemang was that dangerous.

Jean Camus took a glance at Chris.

He did not say anything to her, but in that instant, his gaze told Chris what she needed to do.


Black flames instantly exploded from Chris’s left arm.

Everyone knew the Dark Destruction Dragon was an offensive forbidden skill that ranked within the top ten in absolute destructive force during the Era of the War with Dragons. However, it took real skill to hit the target with this forbidden skill. If you missed the target, it was useless. So, it should only be used when there was absolute confidence in hitting the opponent.

Chris had used this forbidden skill many times before. However, she had never used it from the start like this.

Facing an opponent like Fellemang, how could Chris be so confident about hitting him?


As black flames surged out from Chris’s left arm, a unique domain manifested from Jean Camus’s body.


A terrifying black dragon emitting a destructive aura instantly manifested and shot out!

However, the destructive dragon flame did not blast towards Fellemang, but towards Jean Camus.

Moss held his breath, his heart pounding loudly. A ray of hope flashed across his eyes. He vaguely understood what Chris and Jean Camus tried to do.

“Body Swap Domain?”

Fellemang smiled, “You want to use this domain to swap me to your location and receive the impact from the Dark Destruction Dragon?”

Then, a creepy crystal light shone from his body.

His body suddenly became semi-transparent and did not look real anymore. He even seemed to be melting into the air and ceased to exist in this dimension.

Jean Camus’s domain had already swept past Fellemang’s surroundings. However, Fellemang remained there without any change.

Moss froze.

A chill rose up from his heart that almost made him scream out loud.

The Body Swap Domain failed. It meant Chris’s attack would hit Jean Camus!

However, even then, Jean Camus’s expression remained calm. A pale grey light film appeared around him.

The terrifying Dark Destruction Dragon swallowed him whole. However, the black flame was unable to invade into his surroundings. It appeared as if a pale grey pearl was gliding through the black dragon.

Meanwhile, a strange cluster of light was manifesting below Fellemang.

Countless green light threads rose up and surrounded Fellemang, weaving into a green cocoon.

Fellemang’s expression changed slightly.

He was certain it was Jean Camus’s arcane skill. However, Jean Camus’s arcane level should not allow him to use three different forbidden skills consecutively like that.

This could only mean that this forbidden skill was prepared beforehand.

It was an already activated forbidden skill that even he did not sense!

This hidden forbidden skill was the true attack conducted by the cooperation between Chris and Jean Camus!

Before the black flames whittled out from her left arm, Chris shouted again.


The space in front of her suddenly compressed and an intangible force was drawn to the compressed space. Then, it became a shockwave and hit Fellemang with an astonishing speed.


Fellemang was pressured in space by the impact of the shockwave and the green light threads. A terrifying explosion occurred on his body.

The shattered arcane power and green light threads became a huge light cluster and engulfed him.

So strong!

The cooperation between Chris and Jean Camus...... is actually so fluent!

Is he dead?

Moss marvelled.


Chris narrowed her eyes.

The explosion light cluster from the shockwave and arcane power clash was so blinding she could not look at it directly.

She was certain that the attack hit Fellemang. However, at that moment, she instinctively felt danger.

This feeling was similar to her training in the Rebouncing Blade Cultivation Room. That moment when she was already completely exhausted, but another blade flew towards her.

A tiny black dot appeared within the blinding light.

Her pupils contracted.

The black dot was a hand!

The fingers were long and looked elegant. It was Fellemang’s hand!

It was a detached hand, yet she felt as if it were alive.


Her legs exerted strength out of conditional reflex and pushed her body backwards. At the same time, she crossed her arms in front of her chest.


The broken hand smashed into her arms.

The powerful force fractured her arms and forcefully pushed them against her chest.


She felt as if she was hit by a huge hammer and spat out a mouthful of blood.

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