Chapter 681: The Source Of Premonition

Chapter 681: The Source Of Premonition


“It really worked!”

Charlotte and the others were elated. By destroying the Tree of Life, the Evil Dragon could no longer fight without a care about getting injured.

“What happened?”

“Why did the Cursed Crown suddenly explode?”

However, to the other arcane masters, especially the giant arcane masters from Snowfall Forest, the current scene was incomprehensible.

“Bastard!” The Evil Dragon roared.

His body shook from the overwhelming rage.

He despised Ayrin for being a naive child, but his own temper was also childish right now. He even knew so.

However, he also understood that because he was unable to completely destroy Rinloran’s soul, it caused him to be a hygiene freak. It caused him to roar childishly in frustration.

This enraged him even further.

The important Tree of Life was destroyed. But in return, he had snatched the Cursed Crown from Ayrin, which would allow him to hold the entire Doraster Continent in his hand. All the things he had lost over the many years would return to him. Or so he thought...... The crow wasn’t the Cursed Crown, but a trap.

This great turbulence of emotions and pent up anger was indescribable.

“Hehe!” Ayrin laughed idiotically.

He did not care how the Evil Dragon was feeling right now. What he was thinking was —— Cut the Evil Dragon down, incapacitate him, then extract the Evil Dragon’s mental strength with an arcane skill.

So, while laughing provocatively, he charged towards the enraged Evil Dragon like a gust of wind.

The Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand spewed out countless blood red particles and vanquishing silver lightning.

Facing Ayrin’s attack, the Evil Dragon shouted, “Do you think I will be killed twice by the same weapon?”

The charred skin on his body fell off. The wounds were beginning to close up, pieces of new skin covering them. The new skin looked white and tender. It became a creepy sight when mixed with the charred skin.

His voice still carried the unique Draconic incantation. The arcane power generated made his body instantly disappear. In the next moment, he appeared next to Jeriya and Nissen.


Before anyone could react, a trail of grey crystal light grabbed Nissen and threw him towards Ayrin.


Chris and the others were dumbfounded.

Nissen was thrown towards Ayrin’s Dragon Slaying Sword like a javelin.

The Evil Dragon actually used Nissen to clash against Ayrin’s Dragon Slaying Sword!

“He actually?”

Ayrin also opened his eyes wide and shouted in disbelief, “Is he really your son?”


A heart tearing scream entered everyone’s ears.

It was Jeriya.

She clutched her hair and screamed like a lunatic.

She’d been feeling an ominous feeling for a long time now.

It did not come from the threat of Ayrin’s group, nor did it come from the forbidden skills she practised. She was unable to comprehend it until now. However, she finally understood the reason she had that ominous feeling now.

“......” Nissen who was still wrapped by grey crystal light also opened his mouth in shock. He wanted to scream, but he could not even make any sound.

Jeriya’s scream caused everyone’s heart to shudder, but the Evil Dragon did not feel any emotion other than rage and cruelty. He calmly and emotionlessly chanted, “Forbidden Zone of Life: Destruction!”


Along with his incantation, a pure dragon crystal aura shot out from his body.

The dragon aura rapidly entered Nissen’s body. The moment Nissen clashed against the Dragon Slaying Sword, his body ignited.


A strange tremor.

Nissen’s body became a cluster of lightless particles.

A strange, deathly voice that sounded like two dried leaves rubbing each other shouted, “Let go!”

It was Lotton’s voice.

Lotton would never show up or speak usually.

However, before he shouted his warning, Ayrin’s body had already instinctively sensed the approach of death.

Ayrin yelled and let go of the Dragon Slaying Sword.

The Dragon Slaying Sword didn’t move as it hovered in mid-air, while Ayrin flew back like a fragment from an explosion.


The Dragon Slaying Sword was hit by the lightless particles and trembled. Within a second, it shattered into countless particles.

The Dragon Slaying Sword is destroyed?

Many people witnessed the scene. Especially to people like Auroses who knew what the Dragon Slaying Sword meant, they could not believe their eyes.

“He actually used his dragon crystal power and sacrificed his son to destroy the Dragon Slaying Sword!”

Stingham was less knowledgeable. The astonishment of the Dragon Slaying Sword was not as deep for him as for the others. Hence, he was able to react faster than the others.


A terrifying sucking sound suddenly came from the Evil Dragon.

The scattering particles had a strange, horrifying power. However, at that moment, the Evil Dragon sucked them in as if his body had a vacuum hole.

The particles swarmed into his body while many others flew out of his body.

The particles useful to him rapidly melded with his body. After continuously casting forbidden skills and suffering heavy damages, his aura did not weaken but became stronger instead!

Ayrin heavily landed. The deathly aura still lingered around him. He cursed out while being alert, “So despicable! So cruel!”

Jeriya clutched her hair. She plucked out large locks of hair and looked at the spot Nissen vaporized. Turning towards the Evil Dragon, she shouted, “WHY?”

The Evil Dragon turned to take a glance at her but did not respond. He only revealed a cruel smile.

Jeriya ceased screaming.

All signs of blood drained away from her face.

“So that was the reason......” Her gaze became hollow.

Not only did she understand the source of her ominous feeling, she also understood why she had that premonition.

A cruel and heartless existence like the Evil Dragon only wants to dominate the Doraster Continent forever. There is no way he would pass his rule to his son. Why would he allow an existence with a similar bloodline as him to grow stronger?

From the start, Nissen’s birth was a fluke the Evil Dragon had prepared for. An artifact he could use, as well as a target that could be devoured any moment!

He doesn’t care about the once in a lifetime chance of creating an offspring!


At that moment, the remaining bit of the Tree of Life shattered, becoming countless streams of pale blue light and swarming into the Evil Dragon’s body.

The Evil Dragon recovered to his prime condition immediately.

“He actually devoured his son to grow stronger!”

Stingham felt numb. To him, it went completely against morality. The cruelty was beyond his imagination. What caused him to tremble was seeing a faint and weak light dot appearing in the Evil Dragon’s body.

That would be the Evil Dragon’s seventh arcane gate!

After devouring Nissen...... If the Evil Dragon was able to continue developing, he would soon reopen his seventh arcane gate!

“Ayrin!” Stingham shouted.

His voice was trembling.

Originally, everything seemed to be going smoothly for them. However, now that the Evil Dragon cruelly had devoured his son, everything changed as the Evil Dragon rapidly grew in power.

Ayrin already sensed something wrong by now.

He began accelerating at full speed and charged towards the Evil Dragon.

The recovered Evil Dragon raised his head and turned to the side slightly. He stared at  a patch of land and coldly spoke, “You are the greatest traitor. You betrayed me despite possessing my power. I will start with you!”

The moment he finished speaking, countless pale white particles suddenly surged out from the empty patch of land that stood like a pillar.

Shadow and sand surged up from the ground and became a huge coffin.

The Evil Dragon snorted.

The five finger nails from his right hand flew out.

Each nail seemed to be generating a streak of lightning. The five nails became five streaks of purplish black lightning.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When three streaks of lightning fell onto the coffin, it was smashed apart and disappeared.

Behind the coffin, a huge halberd emitting a yellowish glow slashed towards the remaining two streaks of lightning.

The Evil Dragon’s gaze flashed.

The remaining two streaks of lightning disappeared and became two small marks that touched the halberd.

The huge halberd flew out from Lotton’s hands.


A yellowish beam swept out from the halberd and hit Lotton.

The Rotten Flesh Halberd flew back to the Evil Dragon’s hand. At the same time, Lotton looked down at his body which did not seem to receive much impact.

There was a huge hole in his chest.

He could see the scenery behind him through it.

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