Chapter 680: Successful Explosion, Ayrin’s Scheme

Chapter 680: Successful Explosion, Ayrin’s Scheme


Although the Evil Dragon still felt everything was within his grasp, the constant problems Ayrin gave him caused his moral to drop.

This was something the Evil Dragon could not tolerate.

Especially since this war would forever be recorded in the history of the Doraster Continent. His majesty would not allow any insolence!

He looked at Ayrin and spoke with cold flames burning in his eyes, “I will give you one more chance to strike me.”

“What do you mean?”

Ayrin did not understand what the Evil Dragon meant. However, he instinctively felt the Evil Dragon was about to use some powerful move. So, his body tensed up on reflex as he stared at the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon’s gaze landed on his bleeding hand.

Trails of grey blood wriggling like snakes suddenly flew up in the sky and disappeared.

Then, grey raindrops started falling down from the sky.Most arcane masters and beasts stepped back and exclaimed in shock.

The grey raindrops not only contained a terrifying corrosive aura, but also a disease and deathly aura.

This was definitely a horrible forbidden skill. Nobody would want the raindrops to touch them.

Ayrin did not dodge the raindrops because the arcane power from the Dragon Slaying Sword pushed them away. His instinct told him a dangerous presence was approaching. This presence did not come from the Evil Dragon, but from behind the Evil Dragon.

His gaze turned to the Tree of Life behind the Evil Dragon.

Fellemang stood atop the tree.

Ayrin suddenly became alert because Fellemang had stopped maintaining the Sky-Land Compression Domain.


At that moment, a strange domain connected Fellemang and Ayrin like a bridge.


Stingham held his breath.

He was different from others as he kept his gaze on Ayrin. What he thought was that if there was any fatal or unstoppable force attacking Ayrin, he would rush in and stand before Ayrin like a shield.

Hence, he was the first to notice Ayrin disappear and someone else appearing where he stood.

Ayrin’s figure changed into Fellemang’s figure!

Ayrin and Fellemang had actually changed position!

Jean Camus held his breath. A chill surged out from his heart.

It was one of his greatest trump cards...... the Body Swap Domain. However, not only did Fellemang know this domain, Fellemang’s domain was also far stronger than his. Fellemang could swap positions with the opponent from such a long distance away.

Ayrin appeared behind the Evil Dragon.

The moment he appeared, the Evil Dragon turned around.

They faced each other, with only a few meters separating them.

Everyone was stunned and speechless. However, Ayrin did not hesitate at all. He did not even think about the situation and reacted instinctively.

Since the Evil Dragon was in front of him, he would thrust his sword towards the Evil Dragon.

Under the guidance of the Dragon Slaying Sword, his potential was awakened to the limit. This thrust surpassed his consciousness. It could not be any faster. Even if Chris thrusted this sword, she would not surpass Ayrin in speed.

The sword instantly arrived before the Evil Dragon.

The silver lightning emitted from the sword scattered the purplish black aura around the Evil Dragon. However, facing this thrust, the Evil Dragon revealed a cold smile.

He stretched out his bloody right hand.

The silver longsword stabbed into his right palm and went deeper, stabbing into his arm.

However, at the same time, the Evil Dragon’s left hand suddenly extended and landed on Ayrin’s body at an astonishing speed.


Ayrin was thrown back like a meteor.

His silver longsword slid out from the Evil Dragon’s right arm and brought out a long trail of blood. There were even bits and pieces of bones and bone marrow.

This scene caused everyone to hold their breath. The entire forest became silent, only a humming sound echoing in the air.

The front half of Ayrin’s arcane robe was completely tattered.

Several radiating wounds showed on his chest. Silver blood seeped out.

The Evil Dragon’s entire right arm was hollowed out by Ayrin’s thrust. That wound would make anyone who saw it shudder and lose all strength. However, the Evil Dragon stood firmly. He seemed to have used some method to completely isolate the pain.

He sneered. A never felt before chill and powerful aura radiated out from his body.

A shiny, semi-transparent crown was in his left hand.

At that moment, he did not even care about Ayrin, he only looked at the transparent crown in his hand.

Even his face revealed a reminiscent and emotional expression.

After all...... this crown brought back the memories of his true queen.

After all...... this crown was the key reason he lost the War with Dragons.

As long as he had this crown, even if all the powerful opponents in the War with Dragons revived, he would not be afraid.

“A kid is just a kid.” The Evil Dragon raised his head to look at the heavily panting Ayrin and showed a mocking expression. “You actually dare to keep such an item with you. With this crown, even if there are ten Dragon Slaying Swords...... what could you do?”

He laughed. He laughed in satisfaction.

“Hehe.” However, he did not expect Ayrin to laugh as well.

Stingham realized why Ayrin laughed. His eyes brightened and he also laughed, “Hehe!”

“Hehe!” Moss also laughed excitedly.

Belo took a glance at the Evil Dragon and the others and snorted, “Idiot!”

The Evil Dragon was dumbfounded.

He suddenly felt something amiss.

He noticed a crystal clear shard falling off from the crown in his hand.

How is this possible?

The Eternal Crown is crafted from the Crystal Dragon’s dragon crystal and many other powerful materials. Even with my current strength, I can’t destroy it. I did not even use my full power, how can a shard fall off from the crown?

He instantly felt something amiss.

The moment he returned his focus onto the crown, he saw countless cracks spreading out from within the crown.

Along with the expanding cracks, countless light particles manifested inside the transparent crown. They clashed and burned as if a galaxy was taking shape.

He immediately realized what happened and roared angrily, “You!” Then, he threw the crown away with his full strength.


However, it was already too late. The crown had completely shattered.

Everyone felt a deafening pain in their eardrums, as if tons of seawater were poured into their ears.

In the next instant, everyone felt their eyes blinded by the light.

The Evil Dragon and his surroundings completely vanished from their sight. A dazzling explosive cluster scattering various particles replaced the scene.


Ayrin jumped back. The aftershock of this explosion would hurt even him.

Stingham tried hard to stare at that light cluster and mumbled, “Is he dead? With such an explosion...... is it going to blast Rinloran to pieces?”


A heavy crashing sound rang out.

Jeriya and Nissen appeared from the dust cloud.


Jeriya spat out a mouthful of blood.

She and Nissen were a distance away from the Evil Dragon. Hence, they were only affected by the shockwave and were blasted away.

Jeriya stood back up and ignored her own injuries. She just looked at that light cluster absentmindedly.

At that moment, nobody cared about her or Nissen. Everyone was watching that dissipating light cluster. They cared only about whether this attack killed the Evil Dragon or not.

“You all dare......”

A furious roar suddenly rang out from the center of the light cluster.

Everyone trembled.

It was the Evil Dragon’s voice. Being able to roar angrily like that meant the Evil Dragon was not blown to pieces.


The light cluster split into pieces and became flowing flames.


Sounds of people drawing sharp breaths rang out like a tide.

The Evil Dragon stood within the dissipated light cluster.

His body was in tatters as if sharp objects of various sizes had cut into him, after which the wounds were burned by fire.

Especially the left half of his body looked bad. The sight was so horrible it could not be described with words.

“The Tree of Life!” Chris and Meraly shouted in surprise. When they saw the Evil Dragon still standing, they were a little disappointed. However, they then saw the Tree of Life behind the Evil Dragon burned down into charcoal. The biggest piece left was only the size of a stool.

Ferguillo gave a plain but sincere praise, “Great job!”

He saw the Evil Dragon’s wounds closing up.

The Evil Dragon’s regeneration ability was greater than any bloodline...... Ayrin’s scheme did not incapacitate the Evil Dragon, but it solved the problem of the Tree of Life.

Without the Tree of Life, even if the Evil Dragon’s regeneration ability was overwhelming, he would no longer be able to fight without being concerned about getting injured.

It was similar to a super powerful medical master supporting the Evil Dragon being killed.

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